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  1. WTB - RARE scythe - 70+QL 60+ Life Transfer PM or post with price
  2. Archaed - This is happening now. There is nothing preventing anyone from saying anything about anyone else. Nor is there anything preventing people who actively grief from getting away with it. Tracking is nearly useless. And as far as being vigilantes, what kind of reprisals are we talking about? What recourse does someone have (without, themselves, being in violation of the CoC or the rules) other than telling the GMs? This would just give people the ability to access data to enable them to put a name to an action. It is information, nothing more. It removes the anonymity of actions that are encouraging antisocial behavior. The first thing they teach you in loss prevention is that the majority of thefts are perpetrated by people that are normally law abiding citizens, but only steal because they think they can get away with it. Well, this would serve the same purpose as surveillance cameras in the real world. Just give one more option to help people protect their investment. We're talking about people paying actual money here, after all. I find the whole notion that this would increase slander and such ridiculous. There's nothing you could do with the information other than say "hey, Joe touched my stuff". Either he did, or he didn't, and he knows if he did or he didn't. Nothing to stop you from saying that now, except, with my suggestion, there would be proof.
  3. Luckily, there's a place for PvP. Unfortunately, it's not Freedom. Do the GMs really have the time or inclination to deal with every theft complaint thrown their way? This just empowers the community instead of forcing them to resort to pestering the GMs. In my experience, giving people the tools to be self sufficient is far more successful then telling mom or dad. Conflict resolution 101. Besides, the GMs will only get involved if there is a clear rules violation. This is more of a "pass the word, John Doe stole my stuff" kinda thing between members of a community. Like telling your neighbor that you saw someone rooting through their trash.
  4. FreeTineen - True, it's not yours. But how many of us have been building, or chopping trees or anything, only to find someone has taken everything just because we made a mistake? This isn't a "let's code thieves out of Wurm" thing. This is information. Sure would be nice to know who touched your bsb last so you can warn your neighbors that they took your things. It's not against the rules, just nasty playing. Tracking is iffy at best, because it can be obscured. I agree that helping neighbors is a great defense (and I often do). But that doesn't help with wandering griefers, deeded halfway across the world, out to screw with people because they're bored.
  5. FreeTineen - This isn't an enclosure rules thing. This is information on who touched what. No lying when you (or a GM) can call up skill text. It would deal with theft or general lousy behavior all around. Someone nicked stuff from your bsb on your perimeter? At least you would know who did it and could tell your neighbor. It doesn't make it unnecessary to protect your stuff or deed, just lets you know who was touching your stuff. Arronicus - Part of the problem with tracking, is that it can be obscured and only gives information on who was in that area, not who directly interacted with an item.
  6. There have been a lot of posts and discussion about some very antisocial gameplay on Freedom servers and a lot of people that are getting away with shady behavior because it's a loophole in the rules or the CoC. They're clearly not worried about the "just because you can doesn't mean you should" stipulation. Part of the problem is that these people know how to circumvent tracking and are able to do these things anonymously. So. Here's my suggestion. Implement a skill or it Residual Aura (if a spell) or Forensics (if a skill)...or some such. Allow this skill or spell to be used on any item or structure in the game and list the last X number of individuals that interacted with that object or structure (say start at 2 including the user and scale up to 10 or so). Could list more with skill scaling or channeling. In the case of things like catapults that interact with structures from a distance, and can destroy their target utterly, maybe tag the tile that the destroyed object stood on. That way, if someone logs in and finds a missing fence tile, they can inspect the wrecked area and determine that a catapult fired by whomever destroyed the fence, etc. This would in no way unbalance gameplay, or remove the necessity for protecting your things, just provide information. If the individuals are not "breaking the rules" then it still allows the community as a whole to pass on warnings about them, much like would happen in real life. If they ARE breaking rules, or griefing, then it removes the anonymity and allows aggrieved parties to put a name to the person who set out to ruin their experience. Just a thought.