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  1. Slaying of the not so angry red dragon hatchling

    i will be there
  2. Goblin Leader

    will be there
  3. also novus inceptio uses same skill trees but have 2d/3d view... wurm wins
  4. Jimbean's Paypal Guest Book

    i trust you Jimbean
  5. Trade Channel tweaks

  6. server off?

    we all doomed. no wurm, no fun
  7. two suggestionsto help players

    yes for action end timer bong or whatever sound it is
  8. [Fixed] Rift bracelets can't be worn

    Necklaces are bracelets, that is the problem.
  9. KFC and Watermelon.

  10. Servers Unavailable?

    yep, tho it updated client and says incompatible client atm so.. dunno how it goes
  11. Grats Gary!

    Grats, Gary the Man!
  12. Forest Giant Kill

    Im there if i can
  13. Refused connection

    grats to devs, i try to log in every 10 minutes,just why you nailed it again, good work waked up and wurm is not available, i gonna be so grumpy now coffee tastes good anyways.. nomnom:)
  14. Forum downtime and security update

    Good to know