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  1. I'm 6 going on 7 (28 med skill so I need the points, not the time) path of love
  2. I think your prices are a bit steep, especially on the 75c per troll, I mean I killed about a dozen trolls the other day and wish I had been paid 9s by mother nature for doing her a service! Anyway, good luck!
  3. [close]

    Sounds like something I would be interested in! I'm like ~47.50fs at the moment and hopefully 50+ by the tournament
  4. Went hunting for the first time in ages, and was pleasantly surprised! With earlier hunting of mine, and a later hand from Borderland, individually, and with his help, I came across/killed 58 creatures, all within ~10 minutes of my home. In descending numerical order: 17x young black wolf 12x young brown bear 6x young troll 5x young scorpion 4x young huge spider 4x young diseased troll 3x young fierce lava spider 1x young large rat 1x young angry black wolf 1x young alert black wolf 1x young goblin 1x young greenish brown bear 1x adolescent huge spider 1x aged goblin this with a total of 1.104942 fightskill gain to 47.309. Awesome :-)
  5. Brb, off to kill 1000 cows/pigs/deer/rats/cats so I can get a special prize ;D
  6. If you want premium priviledges, you have to pay premium rates. (Pun intended) Ie , 5 euros a month. No other way to it.
  7. Still finishing an item, as previously suggested. Many things would need to be altered if wurm were to pursue a logical path - how can you cut flowers off with a sickle, and replant them and they suddenly have roots again? Either way, I'll say -1
  8. Or any of the other animals we already get hides from..? (Horse, crocodile, deer etc.)
  9. Well, I'd classify a 3x3 as a pond and 10x10 as more of a lake but yes, it's all about aesthetics beyond 3x3 and your own wants
  10. I've seen huuuge horse farmes before, 150+
  11. Thank you very much Rolf! Good to hear a bug could be fixed also Attempting to contact you in-game again Mystecore.
  12. Ping: Blackout

    Send him a PM in-game, if that doesn't work, over the forums. He's not very likely to see it here, and such a seemingly urgent matter is likely not to be for discussion over the forums. So try sending him a forum PM buddy.
  13. Please send Oracle a forum PM so that the issue can be resolved.
  14. Well, I sent an item via Mail to the value of 8s 50c, COD, which Mystecore verified he has paid and everything, has not been credited to my bank account. The item was received 1 hour and 11 minutes ago now (I know he received it, because he was also able to tell me about the damage on the item which you couldn't without accepting the mail). I have asked around to see if there was a mailing issue but nothing apparent has been found. Just to verify, no event message has appeared and my bank balance remains unaltered. Thank you for the time.
  15. Would be very useful, I see no downside. +1
  16. Us freedomites only have one affinity, shield bashing
  17. Hey, you were all warned ;D
  18. Sounds to me like you spent 4 weeks working on flattening an area, and then it was deeded. Although it isn't smiled upon, there is no exact rule infringement. I don't think anything can be done to help you but take your gained skills and move on somewhere else. I'm sorry for your lost efforts.
  19. Oh the irony [see Wolfs avatar ] But I agree with Wolf, if indeed it's impossible to just walk anywhere to try and get height advantage (see no reason not to believe it), that spot is death. Sounds like there's good loot in the bottom of the pit Also a few animals I hear