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  1. If you're any good at a skill, it will be able to earn you 10s a month if you work for it easily. Blacksmithing - 80ql tools. Carpentry - 80ql tools. Plate armour smithing, cloth tailoring, leatherworking, masonry... lots of general skills and work demand will earn you that money.
  2. You have a total of 2599.55 skill points. You have played for 165 days hours and minutes. (roughly...) You have gained 15.75 skill per day.
  3. You lose the items in your bank account when you transfer. I found that out after losing 3 easter eggs and 2 star gems in my bank.
  4. A massive thank you to all the teachers I've had at the Academy over the years, that have helped me educate roughly 100 new players in my time, through the deed It means alot guys!
  5. Ah, I thought that it had to indicate [x3] whenever a skill had been reduced to tell you that the skill value is lower than the maximum it has been, although I figured it would appear on fightskill, just not be applicable or do anything. Thanks guys
  6. After my premium ran out, all my skills of course reverted to 20, displaying the [x3]. However, Fightskill did not.
  7. How so? You only get 5 meditation attempts per day, normally only 1 of those is successful for me, maybe 2, with an exquisite rug 70ql 70coc. At this, I gain in sleep bonus, 0.16 roughly experience. So in a week I perhaps get 7 successful meditations. 0.16 x 7 = 1.12 roughly; if the cool down timer is 24 days per level, which is being 3 weeks 3 days, I should only gain 3.84 skill in that time. How can I possibly get to the skill in that time? By the way, I'm 37 meditation.
  8. Vynora is usually regarded as the crafter. However, all of the deities are being balanced with each other constantly, and what I would do, and did when I became a priest, was follow the deity you'll have the most fun following. For me, that's magranon.
  9. Wurm Baby

    Congratulations Dizzy!
  10. Many a tear will be shed for you FT Thank you for being an amazing GM and an awesome mayor (The good old JK-Home days!) Good luck with everything! See you around in-game still
  11. Comfortably set up, wouldn't want to lose my stuff. Also, skill loss, no thanks. Also, alot of awesome people on Freedom.
  12. Sometimes helps when people have different forum and in-game identities to have the in-game name listed at the side.
  13. Alright, thanks. Yeah, found that everyone is in different time zones, not just haven't been on.
  14. Bump. Unfortunately, Kole has left us to move onto other things. Good luck in Wurm! I'm also wondering where all my citizens have gone as I haven't seen anyone on in best part of a week...
  15. Ah Okay, thanks. I didn't see anything else on it so I posted a new thread heh.
  16. 100 HFC

    That's beastly... I know what you mean though, in 2 days with about a couple hours of SB grind as well, I was able to go from 37 to 55, congratulations mate!
  17. The bottom of iron fences is transparent. Not a huge model bug or anything, but when placed on higher levels it is slightly irritating heh.
  18. I would like to welcome Umbriago as a new Resident. Welcome!
  19. Would like to welcome Plinx (Freckleskitty from the old Academy) back as a new Resident. Welcome back! ;D
  20. Would like to welcome Xdaedalus as a new resident. Welcome!