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  1. Weight isn't the issue, as opposed to the volume of each object. I don't know what it is for ropetraps, but it could possibly be large enough that only 5 fit in a large cart. Hard to believe when 20 odd felled trees do, but it is possible.
  2. I would vouch for Prezes, I have dealt with him before and it has been very pleasant, and from what I have heard of him, he's a valuable member of the community.
  3. Might want to fix that. Is there a buyout this time? Bearing in mind it went for 55s last time. Oops, thank you! There is no specific buyout, but I will consider any and all offers made.
  4. Hahaha Well thanks very much Bump, I modified the OP to an auction that I think works slightly better.
  5. The Academy is being relisted. The deed and all the writs have been returned to me, as Eyesgood has realised that he doesn't have the time to manage the deed, and believes it would be better in someone elses hands. A very honourable sentiment, and I thank him for the (albeit short) period that he took care of the deed. I am, of course, now looking for somebody else who would like to own the deed and carry on it's legacy. Also please note for this Auction, that the upkeep now contains an additional 10 silver coins. Starting price: 25s Minimum increments: 2.5s / 1.75E (Eg, 35s = 24.5E, minimum increment would be up to 28E) CONVERSION RATE OF 1s = 0.7 EUROS. Start time: 1250 GMT, 7th August. End time: 1250 GMT, 25th August. (2 week 4 day auction) Reserve: Yes, Hidden. PM offers: Accepted. Sniper Protection: 24 hours. Buyout: Offers Accepted. Some information is the same as previously. However, some information has also changed. Expansion IS possible to the East/West from the Academy. It is only on the North-South border that we cannot expand, due to the large perimeter held by the village of Laus Deo. One of the animal pens now contains 25 enchanted grass/tree tiles (2 of them are trees, oak and cedar). The token is under enchanted grass, the garden to my house has 2 enchanted tiles, and an adjacent animal pen to the first has an enchanted oak in it. Good luck bidding! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -The "Academy of Enlightenment" is a 37x33 deed. -The perimeter is 5 and has 0 hired guards. -The Village has 13 silver, 63 copper and 85 iron in its coffers. -The monthly cost is 2 silver, 44 copper and 20 iron. -The upkeep will last approximately 156 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes more. -This settlement has aquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 1.75% -There is plenty of terraforming that has already been done but not been used with the academy. Please see photos for further viewings. Key: RED = general unspecified buildings PINK = SPECIAL ITEMS. This includes GUARD TOWER, LARGE MAGICAL BIRCHWOOD CHEST and a TRADER! LIME GREEN = Pen areas! YELLOW = Most Important Buildings! Contain most/highest quality stuff etc. So here is what comes with the academy: -Off deed Inn: 5x2, Stone, 23-57ql walls, no more than 20dmg. Comes with 4x beds, 1x large chest, 1x 10ql oven, 1x large barrel, 2x rectangle tables, 3x stools. -Off deed Inn garden: 24 tiles. Contains a Birchwood Dog Hole, at 5 dmg. -Off deed fighting facilities [unfinished]: 17 tile long building, stone, outer walls completed 23-57ql. Wall damage at ~<12ql. 13 interior tiles inside building (Ideal for dualing/fighting arena) -Off deed fighting facilities garden: 12 tiles, cobblestone. Fences 30-55ql, damage 25-50 (one at 78) -Off deed 3 corner entrance building [unfinished by 2 walls]:stone, 20-58ql walls, damage <17 on all walls. (Constructed facing Northwest, so could be used to make a troll cage) -[slightly]Off deed 2x1 entrance building:stone, 50ql walls (One wall on-deed is 13ql), <6dmg (13ql wall is 28dmg) -Off deed 4x2 building: stone, 16-50ql walls, <20dmg. Large Chest, 25ql Forge, Square Table, Chair. -Unfinished Sailing Boat Decoration. (Needs finishing, too heavy to pick up!) -Off deed 3x3 building [unfinished by 2 walls]: stone, 35-50ql walls, <2dmg, 1 bed, 1 BSB, 2 large chests, 1 33ql forge. -Off deed 2x2 building: stone, 50ql walls, <8dmg. Leads onto Treefarm which has lots of trees, not entirely finished fencing. -Off deed, 19 buildings, 2x2, Various stages of delapidation. Containing various items, generally low quality (beds, forges, ovens, large chests, large anvils etc.) -On deed 4x2 stone building [unfinished], walls 25ql, <2dmg. Comes with 1 bed. -Backing off Above building, on-deed, is a small 2x2 animal pen. Currently contains Venerable Lion, which will come with it if desired. -On deed [Centre] 3x3+1 building, stone + wood, Layed with wooden floorboards, 2x large barrels, 2x coffins, 2x BSBs, 1x FSB, 3x large chests, 1x maplewood vynora altar, 1x bed, 1x rectangle table, 1x circle table, 1x chair, 1x 70ql loom, 1x container fountain, 1x 90ql forge. 1x4 Garden, containing trash heap + gate onto main area. 1x2 patio area -On deed [Centre], 1x 65ql mailbox, 76 power courier cast -On deed [Centre], 4x3+1 building, stone, up to 70ql walls, 2x large chests, 1x FSB, 2x large barrels, 2x BSBs, 1x bed, 1x 70ql oven, 1x 70ql forge, 1x gold magranon altar, slabbed -On deed [Centre], 2x2 building, wood, 7x BSBs, 2x large chests -On deed [Centre], 3x2 building, stone, ~60ql walls, 2x ornate fountains (container), 3x forges (61ql, 58ql, 58ql), 1x BSB, 1x large chest -On deed [Centre] 3x2 building, wood, 1x 58ql oven, 1x FSB, 1x 27ql loom, 2x large barrel. -On deed, 4x2 building, wood, 19-25ql walls, <20dmg, 4x BSBs. -On deed [Centre], 4x2 building, wood, ~40ql, 1 bed, 1 large chest, 1 BSB, 1 60ql forge, 1 40ql large anvil. -On deed [Centre], 3x2+1 building, stone, LARGE MAGICAL BIRCHWOOD CHEST, 1x FSB, 1x 80ql forge, 1x coffin, 1x large barrel, 4x large chests, 2x BSBs, 1 bed. -On deed 1x1 stone gatehouse, ~58ql. Entrance to deed. -On deed 1x 65ql Palisade gate beside entrance gatehouse. Makes mounted carts easily ridable into the deed area. -On deed [Centre] 1x1 Gatehouse, stone, 72ql walls. Leads onto 59 tile pen ((5x12)-1) and 46 tile pen ((12 x 3) + (3x2) +2x(2x1) quarantine pens). ALL PENS ARE ON-DEED. -On deed, 1x1 wooden building leading onto 23 tile pen. -On deed, 1x1 wooden building leading onto 150 tile pen, +3x4 pen, + 5x (2x1) quarantine pens. -[Mostly] on deed, 1x1 wooden building leading onto 83 tile wooden pen. Fences slightly delapidated, 1 missing. -On deed, 3x4 wooden building, 1x large chest. -On deed, 4 buildings (2x2), containing various items (ovens, forges, large chests. Reasonably low quality) -On deed, TRADER! in a 3x3 wooden building, no windows. Trader in centre. -On deed, 1x1 stone gatehouse [unfinished] leading onto 4x3 pen area. Ideal for animal. -THERE IS STILL HUGE AMOUNTS OF LAND ONDEED THAT ISN'T CURRENTLY BEING USED, SO YOU CAN USE THAT FOR WHATEVER YOU PLEASE! -On deed, large tall wall perimeter (see photos) -Off deed, 1x1 stone gatehouse, 60ql, exceptional quality lock, 8dmg, leading onto VERY large mine. Contains iron and gold veins. Gold ~ Average quality, iron veins vary from bad quality to utmost. has frequent animal spawns (cave bugs, fiends, spiders), and is quite pathy. It is straight onto the water table, and unfortunately due to misconduct by previous "mine users" the entrance is uncomfortable for use without climbing. this could potentially be fixed by shaker orb etc. -Off deed, Academy Docklands. (see photos) -Off deed, 58ql Guard Tower (Close to the Inn) -9 large carts, 4 small carts. (Found in outside storage area leading off smithery), plus other various carts that do lurk in other buildings. For example, one in my house. With the Academy of Enlightenment, you also gain it's reputation. I hope the new owner will keep this to a high standard. The whole area is general academy influence, and there is plenty of room to expand and build within. I will give a total writ count once I have collected all the writs together. They are held between Elwood and myself due to the nature of how we used the village, and I will be collecting all the writs he owns very soon. All writs and necessary keys will come with the deed (Will be in "Dannyiron's House" beside the token, in one of the large chests) Special items that come with the deed are: Guard Tower, Trader, Large Magical Birchwood Chest. Thank you for looking! There was alot to write down, if you think I've forgotten something, please tell me and I will upload! Please see the following post for pictures! Many thanks, Dannyiron, proud owner of the Academy of Enlightenment.
  6. Of course you could, no problems Elite in the lead at 120s!
  7. Ahh yes, sorry this is my mistake. Lowered the starting price to a reasonable figure, thank you guys! And thank you for the complimentary bump
  8. A fair point actually, I didn't think of that. Thanks. I will update the original post. Starting prices have been lowered to something I would still accept
  9. Sorry chilly, I was distracted. You may contact Eyesgood, because as of 10 minutes ago he now owns the deed and he may accept you. However, I cannot, sorry. Please close this thread, thanks!
  10. Starting price: 120s / 84E Minimum increments: 2.5s / 1.75E (Conversion Rate of 0.7 Euros per Silver) Start time: 2225 GMT, 4th August End time: 2225 GMT, 25th August. (3 week auction) Reserve: None PM offers: Not Accepted. Pickup: Academy of Enlightenment (27x 8y) Sniper Protection: 24 hours. Have fun and happy bidding!
  11. 1) 60ql wand - starting price 12s - Felthanne Leading at 20s! 2) 60ql wand - starting price 12s - Felthanne Leading at 20s! 3) 60ql wand - starting price 12s - Felthanne Leading at 20s! 4) 57ql wand - starting price 11s - Felthanne Leading at 20s! Minimum increments: 1s Start time: 1610 GMT, 4th August End time: 1610 GMT, 25th August. (3 week auction) Reserve: None PM offers: Not Accepted. Pickup: Academy of Enlightenment (27x 8y) Sniper Protection: 24 hours. Have fun and happy bidding!