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  1. One animal fat plus 0.20kg string of cloth. it makes a 0.20kg candle if the animal fat used weighed 4kg and a 0.15kg candle if the animal fat used is 3kg. Making a candle uses all of the animal fat.
  2. I'll post that here: Candle (unlit): Candle (1x) (lit) (Deer fat candle): Candle (2x) (both lit) (1 Deer fat candle 1 Pig fat candle)
  3. There is no question mark icon. Only for animal fat. Pictures of candle:
  4. Thank you for implementing these into the game! INFORMATION: How to create a candle: You create a candle by using one animal fat (whatever weight, 3 or 4kg) and use it on 0.20kg string of cloth. This will create various weight candle and all of the string and animal fat is used. If you used a pig fat (3kg) or any other fat weighing 3kg it will create a 0.15kg candle. Deer and bull fat (4kg) or any other fat weighing 4kg it will create a 0.20kg candle. (Thanks to Wossoo for seeing the weight difference) If you fail to create the candle, the animal fat and the string of cloth dissapear and 0.20kg of rags is left behind. Can I paint my candle? Apparently, you cannot paint a candle. I will definitely try this later, to be 100% sure, but for now, we can be 99% sure this is correct. Candle Quality Thanks to Madt for noticing this. Both of my candles have decreased in 3 quality in about 10 minutes from 20.54ql to 17.54ql and from 14.54 to 11.54. Candles can not be improved once made, see the first screenie for what it says when you examine them. It also appears that the quality of fat used will determine the % chance to create the candle; and the string of cloth will determine the candle quality. It also appears that a candle's quality is no more than the quality of the string of cloth used. ( Thank you Roxana for finding that out ) Will a candle go into a candelabra? No, a candle will not fit into a golden candelabra. Neither the 0.20kg candle or the 0.15kg candle will fit into it, and there is no option to put it in. Thanks to wossoo for giving me the idea to try this. Skill for candles There is no new skill for candles; but I think it is under natural substances. Will confirm this or change it. Confirmed; making candles improves the skill 'Natural Substances' Under Alchemy. Animals you can obtain animal fat from: Also note that it is possible to obtain animal fat from starving animals. I obtained pig fat this way, but either I had worse luck or it was harder than off fat or normal animals. Also note that I have obtained animal fat from the below animals so they definitely give animal fat. -Deers. Animal fat weight: 4kg -Pigs. Animal fat weight: 3kg -Bulls. Animal fat weight: 4kg -Wild Boars (Apparently. Will confirm) Animal fat weight: kg (Will try finding more) Animals that do not give animal fat: - Black wolves - do not. - Hens - do not - Roosters - do not - Brown Bears - do not - Unicorns - (Apparently) do not - Mountain Lions - do not - Crocodiles - do not - Wild cats - do not - Trolls - (Apparently) do not - Dogs - do not - Scorpions - do not - Mountain Gorillas - do not (Will find more) Pictures of candle: I have made a candle from deer fat and one from pig fat. They do not stack to Candle (2x) They remain in my inventory as candle and candle. On the ground, both candles when they stack into a pile do not give off light. Candle brightness: Candle (unlit): Candle (1x) (lit) (Deer fat candle): Candle (2x) (both lit) (1 Deer fat candle 1 Pig fat candle) Candle Brightness (Between Quality) 1.00ql candle: 41.52ql candle: Conclusion: There is no brightness difference between candle qualities. Miscellaneous screenshots on fat and candles: Some Animals I killed trying to find out which gave fat. The previous image but with one new animal, guess which one? The previous image again but with a new face, I wonder which one it could be....
  5. I've only had enchantment decay on one item, my enchanted pickaxe. But strangely enough, it's 92 WoA turned into 91 WoA and it's 62 CoC turned into 63 CoC, unless I wrote it down on my pickaxe wrong.
  6. This letter looks just like the letter 'A'! Let's ebay it!
  7. I don't think many people want to go to the bottom of the mine shaft to elevate; so I am wondering how you could apply this to some mineshafts; minus being able to do it with climb on one-tile at a time; as that is the only way I can think of doing it without having some sort of option to throw it onto the ground and automatically raise that tile.
  8. Well, a couple of flaws. 1) This will not need happen with premium players and therefore this would be irrelevant 2) If non-premium players put all their money in a chest before being in-active for 3 months, their account would be shut down and the point of having that money in the first place would be pointless; what is the point of having wurm money if you have no wurm account to use it on?
  9. New and different uses, and perhaps while we get these new cooking additions, we could get to place them on tables maybe? Edit: It would bring decorative tables and cooking to a whole new use and level.
  10. 3 months activity and you lose 5 silver to keep your wurm account up and running. Simple as that.
  11. Yes, I have a cornflake shaped like abraham linken! They don't look anything alike to the human eye, but they are identical really! $300,000 anywhere?
  12. Then get a digging job, earn some silver, buy referrals. 8)
  13. Eurovision.

    Come on! Everybody knows that the countries will vote for their neighbours, we're an island, we have no neighbours! besides, England won't put any creditable artists into Eurovision because "if we put a good band in and they lose it will damage their career." Which is why we had "We're flying the flag for England!" last year... load of utter ..... That's like saying "All our good actors never perform because if they mess up, their acting career is over." "We never use any of our driving instructors to actually teach driving because if they mess up the teaching it may affect their career." Load of utter .... is right,
  14. role-play

    Danny re-gains consciousness from behind a large boulder, with his shovel and mallet lying on the ground next to him. Danny can't remember much, and cannot find anyone around, so he goes looking around for anyone at all. Danny takes a sharp rock and engraves "Danny" onto the handle, and leaves it in the ground; perhaps for others to stumble upon.
  15. Eurovision.

    Just because I'm English I'm going to say England. It has to get better! xO
  16. New GM

    gratz to both lex and zero! but I know zero alot more than lex, and just like when FT was elected a GM from CM, I can't think of anyone more deserving of a 'promotion'
  17. No, that's waterskins. Satchels are made out of cloth, and are can hold a much larger volume than waterskins. I can't get a mallet into satchels, so I doubt I can fit saws or bricks into them. Ah, I was referring to those satchels but I thought they were made out of leather, especially under the influence of the image.
  18. Sorry, Reality and wurm are very different things Would be interesting to see the result however.
  19. By satchels, we are talking about the leather ones yes? Well, I find they hold bigger objects than backpacks. For example, I'm probably wrong about this, but my satchel holds 2 stone bricks. I don't think one could fit in my backpack.
  20. seems in all this we forgot poor old RMT Nice Edit Lol And not my list
  21. Here comes the List (no order) Daash Drago Hacking Ironfist Madboy Mistertwelve Pacer Tunes Metaldragon (shortly) Dannyiron (Was going to come but had difficulties with a champion spider on the road to this place.)(Does fighting and trying to cage a champion spider which could have been from that cage count?)