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  1. I would want to thank Hellspawn. He is not a well-known player by any stretch of the imagination, and has been on Wurm on an on-off basis. However, when I started out on JK-Home goodness knows how long ago now, I started out in Newtown, lost and confused, not knowing what to do with myself. (I can still picture the entire area now), and I remember wandering all around the area - up the hill leading to the west, down to lake cove around Dottie, and lurking on the deed to avoid a notorious brown bear. However, I was setting up a small area of my own, and little did I know I found a neighbour. My first ever neighbour, Hellspawn. He owned a large forestry area just adjacent to my area. He was extremely kind and well mannered, offering me supplies, knowledge, and above all, friendship and support. I had very little in the way of skills or knowledge, so he taught me many of the basics (This is back in the days pre-tutorials) and even after I set up a rubbish basic area, without me knowing he came around and improved all of my walls and housing for me. Before knowing me for long, he allowed me access to everything he had, and we trusted each other. Anyway, I started to develop my skills and grow my own mental wurm encyclopedia, and I was expanding. I demolished my first area, built a larger house. Soon got bored of it, expanded the area, rebuilt a new house. I ended up developing and being in the area bordering Newtown for a long while, and ended up making more and more friends, becoming more well known. Before long, I met Danypos, who would preceed to set up alongside myself. We worked together on everything, he built a large U-shaped stone house, and we worked together. I constructed a guard tower, and after a while he left, entrusting me with his house - I worked from there and lived there, and constructed the first fight arena (as far as I'm aware) on the shore of Newtown. I still remember the competition I held there, a grand time indeed, with MD, Hellspawn and everyone. There's so many more fine details that could go into this story, I could talk about Fathertime over at Whitehill, I could talk about Dottie down at Lake Cove... great memories from a long time ago. (Starting to feel old here!) and I have far too many people to thank from over the years, the Wurm community really is a fantastic one on the whole. However, my foundations, the basis of my character, Dannyiron, all originated from that coast alongside Newtown, and the basic knowledge and skills that enabled me to do everything I have done in my Wurm career - much of it came from Hellspawn. I haven't spoken to him in years, don't know his real name, or where he comes from, and I'm fairly sure he does not play anymore, but even though he doesn't know it, I owe him a great deal, and I am very grateful for everything he did, all that time ago.
  2. Thank you for all the kind messages everyone, it's great to hear from you and I'm glad to hear my stuff is still of some use. I did hope that I could sell the whole lot on to someone who could use it and look after it, but much searching came to little fruition I'm afraid, so at least this way my stuff is still getting use. When I started way back in the day (5 years ago now roughly?) I had a lot more time for Wurm, but unfortunately these days I barely have enough time to relax, let alone play games, and hence the maintenance of the deed and such became more of a chore to fit into small spaces of time, than an actual game. When I do finally regain the time to play, I'll see if I can make a return appearance. (I think I still have some unused referrals too maybe?) I'm not actually sure what items are still in my possession on my account, I do remember selling a few of them before my absense. I'll check if I still own those personal merchant contracts, and I can disband them if you so wish. But I'm glad some of the projects I aspired to fulfill like the colossi have come to some sort of reality. Do you know if the one on my pedestal is the one I created whilst I was there? I believe I'm still logged off at where the old settlement token was. I wish you all well too. Can't complain, life has been throwing me lemons and the lemonade has been flowing, plenty of opportunities, plenty of experiences, and plenty planned for the near future
  3. Glad to hear from you Proph I hope so too. In typical fashion, I've missed wurm.
  4. Hello everyone, it's been a while. How's everything going and how is everyone doing? I have been inactive for quite an extended period now due to increasing real life commitments, and still will be for at least a while. But I thought I would still check in and see how everyone is and all the changes that are going on!
  5. When I sold my 95ql farwalker, I got 120s for it. This was a couple of months back. Hope this helps!
  6. White Dragon

    Female dragon = Eggs But yeah, I doubt you'll be able to keep it penned, but GL either way!
  7. sniper protection applies to 24 hours after the last bid, and if after that 24 hours another bid is added, it becomes 24 hours after that and so forth, so the auction is still active until 3pm tomorrow by sniper protection extension.
  8. I'm surprised nobody else was more interested, but Elite still wins, congratulations!