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  1. given I do not see the butcher option with the butchering knife on a log, I see no reason why we should see all spells on specific items or characters that we cannot cast on them. It feels just annoying having a longer than neccesary list of unusabel spells presented there.
  2. yes pls, the old nymph statue Looked much better stance wise. nd it was a nice asset to put in the middle of a fountain. The new one isn't actually bad looking but it is design wise strange. it looks upwards, so technically away from the person standing in front of it. and the arm stance is oddly nothing saying to me. The old one had a sort of graceful look downwards to the player. maybe overhaul the quality and details of their models. So they don't look too "old" from a technical point of view.
  3. Well, Wemp is our FLAX, it just made me wonder why we never got the chance to make wemp cloth. Yet we cannot even use a spindle to make Wool into strings. sooo wogical I m also totally for more visual rugs also, tapestries.
  4. Erupt is cast on cliff/rock, so you need to expose the surface first. And then it replaces ore veins as well. So not very practical if the dirt layer is pretty deep.
  5. Small ones for hens and chicken, cats That we even can put in our inventory. Medium ones for sheep, pig, maybe lions and cavebugs. would also help to transport higher quantities of smaller animals around.
  6. I still would like to see a short question short answer thing with Rolf where he answers some pretty simple questions we ask in a thread and some moderator gathers them. Like: why do we have green apples as item but red visually on the trees? Neither changing the tree model nor renaming the green apples to red apples (or just apples) would be much work. So why is this? An oversight? Just fun, is Green red and red green in he Wurm universe? What's the answer to such a simple discrepancy in the game. Why do we need breadcrumps in sausage? (really that's bad english cuisine that just tries to ruin perfectly amazing meat with inferior rubbish food).
  7. I would prefer a sort of booskshelf where people then gat a book for that settlement and can store them in the Bookshelfs for a classic library style of an archive. But it should be able to hold quite some more books than those puny Bookshelfs we currently have. Those books then would be named: History Book of <settlement name> and contain al sorts of information one gathers about it from the archeology.
  8. Goblins and Trolls are pretty much intelligent creatures since they have cloth and tools. So instead of mounds they should get better and a proper "camp" they spawn from. Maybe some sort of small palisade fortress 3x3. we would then also have some purpose to use siege weapons on PvE servers. And the camp should randomly spawn some traps around it as well. + make playermade traps work on Trolls/goblins.
  9. I found an unknown fragment in one. so, yes they are pretty strange little things.
  10. yes fish traps could also be a thing. But I do not know how this would work with fishing skill. Technically there is no skill involved since it is a passive action every derp could do it. And fishing tools so far do not utilise fishing skill in their creation and improvement. On the other hand, maybe it would be cool, if fish traps, Scoop net and fishing nets then utilise fishing to create and improve. Given smithing is divided into so many subskills I see no reason why these should not be in a different skill, since fishing nets were usually made by the fishers and Harbour workers not by clothiers. And then this way the fishing skill influences the traps ql and therefore catch ratios based on it's ql. The game could even add different traps for various kind of fishes/sizes I like minnow traps for example, because they are so easy to make they are the most easiest way to get fish than even the scoop net or spear fishing methods. And the "skill" involved is extremely low. there are tons of videos out there here people just dig a hole, at the edge of some water body, throw in some bait and crabs and fish get in and be trapped. Tbh. I do not really like the fishing rod at all, the way it works is really very much like fishing as a hobby than serious ways to get fish for food.
  11. I would like the rarity staged to get entirely differently and better looking armor instead of just a glow.
  12. So aside from being the naturally easiest way of fishing it looks like it is quite complicated compared to the skill needed to even succeed reliably. But then, yeah, stabbing your own feet. Hooray, derpling And then those funny things like catching that 20Gramm perch. Like for real, how exactly does one spear fish and catch a 20g fish. I really wanna see Rolf dot hat in a barrel with a 20gramm fish and a spear (that's like a 11cm perch). Why does this not even automatically catch as "chopped fish"? But hey logic gets even better from here on. I "catched" a small perch that was thrown back for being too small. This obvious little artifact of the pole fishing area really made me laugh. Too small? ok net fishing grants me fishes down to 0,01weight. So actually if this is a valid enough to keep, this means I just spear fished a fish below 10gramm. Yes now I wanna see Rolf spear fish for a 8gramm fish. And When i really just successfully thrusted a spear into such a poor tiny fellow, what's the point of throwing it back? That one surely won't make it to become big one day. Also why does my spear take such a huge amount of damage? is the character trying to stab earth or fish in the water? or is wurm water like stone?
  13. Rename fishing net to Scoop net Let us get a real fishing nets from hemp or cotton made fishing net ropes. Let us use them for fishing surface fish on special fish tiles at the "top" fishes of seas and shores on lakes. Should grant a much better weight yield than the Scoop net to act as a better version than the scoop net. Gives a bit more use for the lurker in the deep spell.
  14. I kinda dislike this idea and already find butcher and bury via horse pretty wrong. if we do that sort of step, then we should also, allow farming from horse, fishing from horse, even walking while fishing (especially net and spear fishing logically make no sense to have us stand still). Why no forage or prospecting from horse? Just where is the line and for what reason? None of these actions should be able to be done by not standing on the ground. or all. And if all, then it gets pretty weird. Somewhat logical would maybe picking fruits from TREES, not bushes. pruning and taking sprouts form trees. But many activities done from the horse make no sense in whatever way. And QoL is not a reason here to make them acceptable, because then we would have to add a lot others tot hat list too. Well it would be nice if we had a better method to prune overaged trees back to early overaged stage, similar to the way pruning of very old trees. This could give foresters more active means to avoid slipping into the shriveled phase.
  15. and let us pick a variety of fruits without a sickle, no one in RL picks lemons, cherries apples and so on with sickles. that should be a feature for bushes like camelia. Also make apples be red apples or visually green apples at least.
  16. just make priets be able to do soem subactions of specific skills. Vynora totally likes pottery, yet their priest cannot dig, but pottery comes from clay. And surprise surprise, clay needs to be digged. So Vynora priests should definately be allowed to dig up clay. No, can't even pick an apple with your hands. But they surely are magically apples because their model is red and you get green apples fro them.
  17. It is not consistent. in fact many things in wurm aren't consistent. Mining has 2 caps, the natural resources own ql cap, and the skills cap. Is Wood consistent with this? Gathering any sort of stuff (butchering, forage, botanize) or fishing is not acting based on the skill, it's outcomes can be purely random. If you mix herbs to make a healing cover, the ql of the resulting healing cover is not capped with the skill level. It's based on the consumed items ql. If there would be consistency, food or fileting meat, would also end up like healing covers, not utilizing the skill as a cap. Or healing covers would have to be capped ql wise by the skill as well. Yes the game could make the burnt pizza from above, if it treats cooking like healing covers, Because then your skill determines success chances. If you make a proper dish, or burn it. That had consistency with SOME other Wurm mechanics, but it isn't. Wurm is pretty inconsistent within it's mechanics. The current issues with low ql food is probably more obvious if we would transfer it over to kindlings (as you used them as example) A kindling fuels a fire for a decent amount of time, much better kindlings heat things up faster. If the current extreme low ql effect of food would be applied for kindlings a ql1 kindling would probably only heat for 10secs. because that is how bad the low ql foods efficiency is. Every ql1 tool does it's job, but I do not need to use a ql1 hatched 20x on a tree to chop it. So no the inefficiency that the low ql early food creates is a massively too steep drop into uselessness (unless you get ql 1 meat). And worse is, the proper efficient alternate option would be just eating the food raw. Which just creates an artificial efficiency gap between unprocessed and raw material. But I cannot cut a log with iron ore. or build the wheel with a log. So other areas in wurm do not have this sort of artificial counterintuitive efficiency gap. All they have is some sort of hard skill gaps for some items. Yet that COULD also be an alternate for a more consistent cooking method. (but be pretty boring). Like between 0 10 HFC you can only make wrapped meat and cook it, from 10 on you can make casseroles, from 20on you can make stews, from 30 on meals …. This would again follow some sort of logic that is consistent with some other aspects of the game. yes there are RL examples where creating waste in the learning process is part of that, cooking however wasn't ever. Unless you ruined it's taste massively, but then you surely didn't do that like 200x in a row and throw that away. That is why the usual wurm logic for cooking is really bad and why the old cooking system did not have that issue, because proper quantities stuffed you well there, but the nutrition bonus was low and the major effect of food. And well, 100 meals (just make them) do not bring you to a decent cooking skill. So when I have to imagine my wurmian to be some clone without previous knowledge, he must be a pretty retarted one if he screws such simple task up that often without significantly increasing his skill.
  18. Would be nice people not having the possibility of being online daily would be able to utilize those skills better. Further when someone wants to buy enchanting you can "sell" a batch and buy a batch without the enchanter having to travel there daily or stay at that location for serveral days. Maybe, we could also get the possibility to create charged "enchantment scrolls" or gems that store this. That way the enchantment could also be stored or even mailed. "you break the enchanted gem on the tree/grass and it's enchantment aura is absorbed by it"
  19. This wording implies I cannot make it work, which is wrong. Working =/= making sense. A vital difference that's concept you not seem to understand. Cooking in general is such primtive basic task that nearly any human can do it and most humans even did it since humanity knows how to make a fire. And none of these were highly trained (skilled) cooks. Making ql 1 cooked food resembling ruined meals is kinda creating a nonsense addition to any. Further it makes people waste good resources to create quantities of bad resources just for the sake of one day outclassing that good resource. And this is a bad concept or processing, in RL as well as in any game having such a concept. but none of this has anything to do with "not being able to make it work" you can hammer a nail in a plank with a stick, because that works too, but somehow someone for some reason decided it's not the standard way to go. mostlikely because it makes no sense even if it works.
  20. "getting more virbant easier with better skills" that's exactly skill base mixed in it and then the ql still matters for the RGB values so no you can not make reliably the same color, you can only make reliably similar colors. And when under many attemps my one Piece of cloth breaks due to enchantments and I need another one of that color, there is already the next issue. it's neither a good nor fun nor pretty well working system. A System where randomness is nested in randomness. Wurm changed so much in a few areas, and it is just time to rework this pretty bad system as well.
  21. This pretty much describes the Problem. What exactly is PvP in wurm? PvP is in most games with open PVP, the harder grinders win. because they have more time, raid others while their opponents are at work, and amass much more stuff to destroy other stuff. Luckily, Wurm is somewhat more difficult in these regards, because it isn't that easy to destroy laods of stuff with a hand full of people in a short amount of time. But the issues Wurm has is, Time. Skill differences have a massive impact on your efficiency, and getting skills up requires a Huge amount of time. And this creates two sides: the one side that grinded faster than the others not wanting others to easily come to their level and losing their advantage. Then there is the Side that want's to have fun in PVP, but being just plain out worse will hardly generate fun because the outcome is very clear. So the question is what do you people value: wanting pvp or keeping superiority. Tell me what use would a new character for the pvp server truly have? And what would that little and useless player get in terms of joy? The Time gap between him and the established players is separating them way too much to ever catch up properly. And if you do nto want "savety" high grinded players joining the server. What do you want exactly? What except pointless opponents would you get if it isn't people of at least equal skill coming over? And oh stop, next to the skill grind there is still items, which, especially with enchantments will be another HUGE factor that is heavily time related. So even if they keep their skills, they may need a buttload of time gearing up while during doing so they might be freely raided by the established people. So I could ask, what bad stuff would it do to your pvp server if people could bring a copy of their current character and equip over? Sow hat about more attractivity in pvp vs linked pve servers? Technically, give people higher skillgain on the pvp servers, and higher possible settlement boni. because the ultimate question is, why do people go back to freedom instead of staying? Because risk and rewards as well as economical reasons seem not to favour the pvp servers. or the reversed Ultimate Question is: What would people of freedom make come over to chaos and stay there? yeah time is a valuable resource and that's why freedom is rather well populated. No fear to get your stuff destroyed that you took so long to build. The people having the commitment in general aren't that many. Next lifetime period I have "commitment" to the required decree is retirement in a few decades ahead.
  22. Ok, so it seems the dye System hasn't changed at all and is still heavily a random System. So what about improving the dye system. Let us grind dye related items (iron ore, woad …) with the mortar and pestle to get color pigments. So we do not get dye immediately, instead we get dye pigments. Pigment quality no longer affects the color code, it will instead affect chances to crate a liquid color. An specific amount of pigments can be combined with an specific amount of color. To crate that specifics colors pure liquid. lets say 0,10 red pigment goes into 1kg water. and this will generate 1kg of pure red (red Code: 255). Natural substances as a skill could now affect the yield successfully create. Either during creating the liquid or the pigments. But not influencing the shade of the resulting color anymore. Then get us another crafting station called color mixing station. Similar to the alchemy table. it can hold 6 containers of liquid. One container to be filled with each pure color ( red, blue, green, white, black) and a result container Now in this container we can have a menu saying: create color. from here on, the player can select, similar tot he measuring jug, how much of each color is supposed to go into the target container. This way the player will have full control which colors mix to which degree. So when a player now mixes specific colors they will always look the same if he uses the same amounts. And black color could substract as a multiplier form the RBG code of the target containers color, while White should multiply. it should that way be possible to create dark tones and lighter tones from all colors available and their mixed tones. While this new system would not be skill related anymore to define colors available, skill would influence how easy you get bigger amounts of the pure colors to work and mix with. With such a system you could also scrap the new clothing ideas of making own specific colored cloth, because people can reliably dye cloth.
  23. oh, ok thx. well it is not about a house, it is about a project in WU of living underground where the attempt would be making a pseudo reinforced cave wall utilizing house walls. But the stone house structures to not very well match the color of the regular cave walls, so the only way to do that would be colorizing those walls. but this would definately need making color multiple times. I think I make a suggestion about colors.
  24. Ok, there is one specific thing why I never went into dyes much: bigger structures. If I do not want to make one huge barrel of color, but need the same color shade multiple times made, because I just can not make a huge one at once. How do i get the same shade of color reliably? the way ql affects the color values really screws that up and I couldn't find a way or guide telling me.