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  1. given I do not see the butcher option with the butchering knife on a log, I see no reason why we should see all spells on specific items or characters that we cannot cast on them. It feels just annoying having a longer than neccesary list of unusabel spells presented there.
  2. yes pls, the old nymph statue Looked much better stance wise. nd it was a nice asset to put in the middle of a fountain. The new one isn't actually bad looking but it is design wise strange. it looks upwards, so technically away from the person standing in front of it. and the arm stance is oddly nothing saying to me. The old one had a sort of graceful look downwards to the player. maybe overhaul the quality and details of their models. So they don't look too "old" from a technical point of view.
  3. Well, Wemp is our FLAX, it just made me wonder why we never got the chance to make wemp cloth. Yet we cannot even use a spindle to make Wool into strings. sooo wogical I m also totally for more visual rugs also, tapestries.
  4. Erupt is cast on cliff/rock, so you need to expose the surface first. And then it replaces ore veins as well. So not very practical if the dirt layer is pretty deep.
  5. Small ones for hens and chicken, cats That we even can put in our inventory. Medium ones for sheep, pig, maybe lions and cavebugs. would also help to transport higher quantities of smaller animals around.
  6. I still would like to see a short question short answer thing with Rolf where he answers some pretty simple questions we ask in a thread and some moderator gathers them. Like: why do we have green apples as item but red visually on the trees? Neither changing the tree model nor renaming the green apples to red apples (or just apples) would be much work. So why is this? An oversight? Just fun, is Green red and red green in he Wurm universe? What's the answer to such a simple discrepancy in the game. Why do we need breadcrumps in sausage? (really that's bad english cuisine that just tries to ruin perfectly amazing meat with inferior rubbish food).
  7. I would prefer a sort of booskshelf where people then gat a book for that settlement and can store them in the Bookshelfs for a classic library style of an archive. But it should be able to hold quite some more books than those puny Bookshelfs we currently have. Those books then would be named: History Book of <settlement name> and contain al sorts of information one gathers about it from the archeology.
  8. Goblins and Trolls are pretty much intelligent creatures since they have cloth and tools. So instead of mounds they should get better and a proper "camp" they spawn from. Maybe some sort of small palisade fortress 3x3. we would then also have some purpose to use siege weapons on PvE servers. And the camp should randomly spawn some traps around it as well. + make playermade traps work on Trolls/goblins.
  9. I found an unknown fragment in one. so, yes they are pretty strange little things.
  10. yes fish traps could also be a thing. But I do not know how this would work with fishing skill. Technically there is no skill involved since it is a passive action every derp could do it. And fishing tools so far do not utilise fishing skill in their creation and improvement. On the other hand, maybe it would be cool, if fish traps, Scoop net and fishing nets then utilise fishing to create and improve. Given smithing is divided into so many subskills I see no reason why these should not be in a different skill, since fishing nets were usually made by the fishers and Harbour workers not by clothiers. And then this way the fishing skill influences the traps ql and therefore catch ratios based on it's ql. The game could even add different traps for various kind of fishes/sizes I like minnow traps for example, because they are so easy to make they are the most easiest way to get fish than even the scoop net or spear fishing methods. And the "skill" involved is extremely low. there are tons of videos out there here people just dig a hole, at the edge of some water body, throw in some bait and crabs and fish get in and be trapped. Tbh. I do not really like the fishing rod at all, the way it works is really very much like fishing as a hobby than serious ways to get fish for food.
  11. I would like the rarity staged to get entirely differently and better looking armor instead of just a glow.
  12. So aside from being the naturally easiest way of fishing it looks like it is quite complicated compared to the skill needed to even succeed reliably. But then, yeah, stabbing your own feet. Hooray, derpling And then those funny things like catching that 20Gramm perch. Like for real, how exactly does one spear fish and catch a 20g fish. I really wanna see Rolf dot hat in a barrel with a 20gramm fish and a spear (that's like a 11cm perch). Why does this not even automatically catch as "chopped fish"? But hey logic gets even better from here on. I "catched" a small perch that was thrown back for being too small. This obvious little artifact of the pole fishing area really made me laugh. Too small? ok net fishing grants me fishes down to 0,01weight. So actually if this is a valid enough to keep, this means I just spear fished a fish below 10gramm. Yes now I wanna see Rolf spear fish for a 8gramm fish. And When i really just successfully thrusted a spear into such a poor tiny fellow, what's the point of throwing it back? That one surely won't make it to become big one day. Also why does my spear take such a huge amount of damage? is the character trying to stab earth or fish in the water? or is wurm water like stone?
  13. Rename fishing net to Scoop net Let us get a real fishing nets from hemp or cotton made fishing net ropes. Let us use them for fishing surface fish on special fish tiles at the "top" fishes of seas and shores on lakes. Should grant a much better weight yield than the Scoop net to act as a better version than the scoop net. Gives a bit more use for the lurker in the deep spell.
  14. I kinda dislike this idea and already find butcher and bury via horse pretty wrong. if we do that sort of step, then we should also, allow farming from horse, fishing from horse, even walking while fishing (especially net and spear fishing logically make no sense to have us stand still). Why no forage or prospecting from horse? Just where is the line and for what reason? None of these actions should be able to be done by not standing on the ground. or all. And if all, then it gets pretty weird. Somewhat logical would maybe picking fruits from TREES, not bushes. pruning and taking sprouts form trees. But many activities done from the horse make no sense in whatever way. And QoL is not a reason here to make them acceptable, because then we would have to add a lot others tot hat list too. Well it would be nice if we had a better method to prune overaged trees back to early overaged stage, similar to the way pruning of very old trees. This could give foresters more active means to avoid slipping into the shriveled phase.
  15. and let us pick a variety of fruits without a sickle, no one in RL picks lemons, cherries apples and so on with sickles. that should be a feature for bushes like camelia. Also make apples be red apples or visually green apples at least.