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  1. Settings UI disable default action.
  2. New UI is being released on the 24th also. might need some changes/fixes for that.
  3. Just found another interesting thing for the login Inventory. On Old client you inventory would be open 1 level, however the Body was never open one level. Now everything I log in I get 1 level open on everything including containers ..
  4. I noticed on the fight screen today that you get a shield bash Icon even if you do not have a shield equipped this was not the case before:
  5. You can disable the default action Key in the UI settings
  6. Crafting window needs some tweeks, 90% Scale on UI
  7. How can we remove old character names from the startup of WA? Since the removal for RMT and account selling/sharing/trading, I find I have a lot of old character folders that I have removed from my wurm folder, however WA still looks for them.
  8. I completed a mission on Pristine for - Slay the Champion Octopi Traitor - I killed it and it got a window saying I did the mission, however it counted towards the other Mission that wants us to slay 23 champion Octopi. Screen showing both missions, the traitor still needing to be complete but was by me. Mission window here are the log lines:
  9. And the winner is: Fairyshine I will PM you to confirm who to COD it to.
  10. A fantastic cooking recipe found on a Goblin. Starting bid: 3s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  11. can you doa pic of the template not pMK JK wagon?
  12. no server crossing so lots of people stuck