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  1. any update on this being fixed, being a bug, or working as expected?
  2. Any update on this being a bug, as intended or anything else?
  3. TY, I put the numbers i listed in the site you priovided and anywhere from 0-100 produced almost the exact same color. so Giving you a range I thought would be the easiest Next order I will be a little more exact.
  4. This is not just with the UI scaling. It has been off by almost a whole slot since the UI came out. Forum post in bugs have been made.
  5. looking for some dye around 204 204 0-100 range 2-3 KG worth
  6. If you still in business I am looking for some yellow/goldish colored dye.
  7. I appears that the new Snowball goal is not working. We have thrown snowballs at each other, horses, mobs, guards, carts, house everything and nothing completed the goal. This may be related to the snowball, the last 2 goals will not unlock either ..
  8. Tall banners still will not fit in a rune'd Mailbox, they are delivery only.
  9. Its loading just fine for me in Chrome and FireFox.
  10. I did find the status its under game info, not exactly the first place people would look
  11. Thanks for the newest status page, I had 4 others already book marked and not this one, and it works. Would be great to have that on the Main wurmonline page (if it is maybe a more visual look to it as I have never seen it) so users can select it. So many hidden webpages for server status. Great status Updates Keenan and Team.
  12. TY for the replies. I was logging in a character that I had not in a long while and with that file removed it would work. I found the issue, and corrected it.