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  1. 1700,1528 Long home of Roundabout 1923,1770 Cherry's needle, Trial of Strength, Long home of Shame (Ashensgate Keep)
  2. I do not even see a marker on that map
  3. Same issue on Pristine - Description: Libila needs you to create 150 bundles of hay. I created one a few others have and no credit and no tick in mission percent
  4. This bridge looks to be fixed now. I just went by it the other day.
  5. hers a link to the topic. Page 3 ...
  6. Need a room 1 bed please ... SmackedDown LW, Carp, FC, Mason, Stone Cutting, SS.PAS, BS a few others I am sure I can chip in on. Down to help where needed adding mats getting items.
  7. The winds are not bad not, but you know that can change anytime. Plan is to start on time
  8. Not sure if this can be done. Interstate idiot Bridge starting at: 1852x1150 ending at 1920x1341 is not passable and is decaying away very quickly. would be good idea to remove it. Can add: Hall of Pillars Backbone of water Backbone of deep Symbol of island 1879x1071 Multiples in one cave and 1 up on the hill all the same area. 1592x1801 - Reliquary of Deep
  9. I see some of the special places I have built are not on the current map. once the new one is up I will ask to get them added.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, however I am not sure who we would contact to take over.
  11. any update on this being fixed, being a bug, or working as expected?
  12. Any update on this being a bug, as intended or anything else?
  13. TY, I put the numbers i listed in the site you priovided and anywhere from 0-100 produced almost the exact same color. so Giving you a range I thought would be the easiest Next order I will be a little more exact.