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  1. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    I know I asked when it first happened (and I could not figure it out). Could the seasons get updated, they are always off and I love the popup feature compared to remembering to open my in game almanac. If not could you give me in stupid person direction how to update them my self? the whole wurm/ RL time things never made since when trying to add the new ones.
  2. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Those are options in the wurm client, not the wurmassistant. Hope that helps.
  3. The Letter K

    As this post states ... The letter K on the in game map looks like another h, this should be seen as a bug and it gets people lost confused and discourages them from going out if they can not even tell where they should be h or k?
  4. The letter K

    Bump ... even a Mod looked at this and still nothing... Posting in the bugs instead of suggestions I guess.
  5. Creature Cage Testing!

    Looking good so far. Able to load/unload empty and full crates, able to load more than one crate on a ship, transporter. wagon. What makes it be a closed Crate compared to an open crate? I have put in an animal tamed and not tamed (Same animal) and its an open crate. I put in a Hell Horse tame and not tame and it stays open. I put in a Unicorn and it closes with planks. all the same crate.
  6. Troll King Slaying

    Its so far from me, might struggle to find it ... he he .. I'll be there.
  7. Valrei International. 060

    2 items Please tell me I am not wasting my time on my last goal of repairing 6k fences, walls, and what not? I have worked very hard including PVP items to get them all done. Still no fix for the Letter K on the map? Time to bump that post again, and maybe I will have to put it in as a bug to see if it gets traction.
  8. Wurm Online Steam Release

    +1 Just have to figure out how to tell them its free for the most part with a paid type of subscription.
  9. The letter K

    Just remake the map, name it the same replace it everywhere it is. sounds very simple. Would have been easier to have it look like a K from the get go ...
  10. The letter K

    Wow 2 pages on a suggestion thread and no comment from a Dev / GM / PR about yea or naw it could be done or not?
  11. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Mine is completely broken, worked last night but not tonight. I get the error below, wiht option to stop the app(recommended) or ignore and might loose data. If I stop I get the same error again. I have not updated ot the latest Java, as I did not want to break wurm incase there was an issue with the main wurm client.
  12. Pristine Community Map Project [Discontinued]

    TY its looking good.