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  1. can you doa pic of the template not pMK JK wagon?
  2. no server crossing so lots of people stuck
  3. Follower of Vyn Manic on the Path of insanity Green Tome of Magic SOTG Comes with 80+QL scale set Knarr Some weapons and some tools (Some Rare). Will post screenshots of goods if the character PC is decent. You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 1 of the starfall of Dancers, 1031. That's 2442 days, 19 hours and 29 minutes ago. Skill Dump No this is not my account I am posting it for a friend.
  4. I am in a few different PM groups, and I only seem to get some of the replies in an email notification and they are normally about 6-12 hours later (if not days) than posting. I also get personal PM's a little late, they only seem to be a few hours behind. I have tried changing the setting and nothing seems to help. This is the same email address I have used for years.
  5. New Map Dumps this year? with the roads and bridges too I hope. Maybe make it twice a year .. lol
  6. new one I will get Shrimp to update the main topic ..
  7. Freedom Inn 2 1st floor Freedom Inn 2 2nd floor 2 room 1 for Griphyth and 1 for Faeran´╗┐ as i am assuming 2 separate people.
  8. All three of you have a room in Freedom inn 2 all 1st floor.
  9. Just to add. I just got 3 more Metal and another Alloy lump from a cache and other fragments. Have not found anything I can combine with the Alloy and above its states not to combine the metal ones.