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  1. Think I figured it out while the wurmlogin.db was showing 20 in the main databse structure sqlite viewing window....using browse data shows it at 0 very odd that one would show 20 and same program via another view shows 0. Anyway will adjust this and see if that does the trick.
  2. Happy its working for you, I checked and my treegrowth was already at 20 so that would imply it should work without my messing with it...however it does not. May I ask what program you used also did you just load up the wurmlogin.db sql file and change just the server treegrowth to the value you wanted, then just hit save or was there another step (other then the normal uploading if needed)?
  3. Could have swore some people claimed to have done this modification and it "supposedly" worked? Have to see if I can locate those posts think it was on the steam forums and see if they actually seen evidence this workaround works, otherwise we are all wasting our time doing this.
  4. Well based on another post that said you cannot adjust animal aging and breeding itself is already pretty fast, my guess adjusting it would increase/decrease actual base pregnancy time the default is 5 if I recall correctly? Also what I was seeing in WO add on another 1-6 days on top of that number could be based on age, traits who knows what to get the actual pregnancy time? Not sure if this helps but there you go.
  5. The difference is the values were at 20 for me by default all I did was check them to verify did not do any changes at that time, later however when I realized the issue persisted then I tried to adjust values to 18 or something other then 20 to see if there was any change. Sadly I was in a hurry to make my changes and left the server running...needless to say will not repeat that mistake!
  6. Well it appears I have no backup for that it possible with gm powers to transfer deed ownership if I am unable to log the character in that holds the deed?
  7. I need to see if there is a backup for my character data ...however have no idea where playerdata is even stored for WU would someone be so kind as to tell me the location?
  8. Well thats what I thought also, except sapling are still going poof and trees do not appear to be spreading.
  9. @Taufiq, guess I am missing something here as I mentioned my values already show 20 which based on your first post is the correct value or did I misunderstand something?
  10. I checked my wurmlogin.db values using sqlitebrowser for server treegrowth settings its at 20 value, not quite understanding why I had a oak sapling go poof the other day if these values are correct? Was there a recent update by chance?
  11. Nm think I have to fill, plant then light it (doh) for it to remain glowing! Update ok well that theory did not work...anyone else notice this issue?
  12. Use to be after you planted street lamps they remained glowing to make further improvement easier however noticed in WU they no longer glow, would this be a working as intended change or bug?
  13. Might want to grab wurm assistant (its on these forums and believe it works with WU) really good for keeping track of your horses you want to breed, also when you check a animal with the program running gives you a far more accurate time frame for birth.