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  1. Same here but after several restart its working also ive updated the test client too
  2. The material price of houses, animals..etc is around 30s but 20s is acceptable for me. Im waiting for price checks and offers too. I have 3k meat +1k vegi + 1k seed (wheat, oat, rye, barley) on the deed. If the new owner need it I can leave for a price or ill take with me. Only silver no euro.
  3. To south and north its not too hard to expand. To east and west you must surface mine to expand.
  4. Name: Green Valley Coord: 28x, 29y (Celebration) 2012.Aug.20.: The size of Green Valley is 15 by 31. The perimeter is 10 and it has 1 guards hired. The village has 3 silver, 18 copper and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver and 31 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 38 days, 13 hours and 33 minutes more. Buildings: 2x 3*3 (8tile) stone house 2x 2*2 (5 tile) stone house. Farm&Trees: 122 tile at upper region, 97 at horse pounds, 101 reed at the lake Olive, Apple, few Grape Cherry and Mapple. Animals: 30 horse, 31 cattle. Resouces: An utmost iron mine near to the deed, clay also near at the coast, massive birch forest around the village. Furnitures: Storage: 5 bsb mostly with logs around 45ql, chest, fsb. Workshop: 3 bsb, forge, loom, barrel, chest. Motel: 3 bed, bsb, oven. etc: Mailbox (64), Fo altar, ~30 iron lamp, catapult, carts 3 wild animal pound out of deed with 4 hell horse. History & Note: The deed is laying on a valley rounded by hills. I've found this area with this natural lake, Im just reformed to make nicer (6 sloop deep). Sorrounded area is mostly massive birch forest. Fishing is posible on the lake. A road connection to the north coast and another road to south-east (clay). Posible to rise up tha lake for more area to build or watever. One of the horse pound miss a low wall. Contact: Post&pm for me here or pm to "IceTrias" ingame. Price check and Offer also welcome here. Village map Pictures: View from North side Upper left side farm Upper right side farm Downer farm crossroad Farm left side Farm right side Token Left side of the lake Right side of the lake Total view from south
  5. Are you think about to give names to the continents, mountains, large areas too? I mean not all just the larges ones.
  6. Hello! Since the server start too many noob drown to death when they tryed to swim from Tap Dance to Blackflame island. So I decided to place a public rowing boat to the halfway so anyone can rest there and get full stamina. Also anyone can fishing there. Ship name: "StaminanFishing Boat" The rowing boat is 20ql mored and locked. later ill check the damage regulary. The settings only allowed anyone to mount and nothing else. Enjoy.
  7. Finaly I got the courier cast.
  8. Hello! Please add my village to the map. The village have mailbox Also there is a road to my village from Grunwalder Castle and a guard tower where Ive mark it . Great project! Thanks!
  9. I need a priest to cast courier on my spirite cottage. My coords are: 28x-28y. PM me if anyone interested. I need low ql iron lumps (1-10ql) I can pay 1c/10kg. Any new player can fill this order. You only need a pickade a campfire and a poor vein. I can pick up from around TD but it depends on the amout too. PM me if you are interested IceTrias
  10. Public Market Stalls 1st: Icetrias Papyrus 27ql: 5c/each Reed Pen 41-46ql: 20-23c 6x Mooring anchor 23ql: 30c/each 1x Ruby 42ql: 85c 1x Sapphire 11.8ql: 23c 2x Silver hanging lamp 12 ql :18c/each 2x each god Gold Statuettes 20ql: 25c/each 4x Gold candelaber 20ql: 30c/each 4x Copper pendulum 20ql: 15c/each Ships for sale: 20ql Rowing boat 1s each: Will have more! For new players maybe I can give bit lower price for some work. PM Icetrias for more info. 2nd: Empty 3rd: Empty 4th: Emply 5th: Empty Feel free to place merchant here! Blackflame Inn 4 BED cost 50i/sleep
  11. Closed

    I would like to buy these tools: 3x 80ql saw 3x 80ql carving knive No enchant needet. I can pick up center of celebration. Pleese pm offer ingame to: IceTrias