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  1. Just curious to see what players are from my time zone, maybe make a new friend or two. Just give a shout and call where your from. I'm from Philadelphia PA, getting hit with 2 feet of snow right now!!
  2. Would you back a kickstarter for Wurm 2.0? What would you like to see in the recreation?
  3. I like what you are mentioning but I was looking for something that would be made up of already existing game mechanics. I think it would make a great suggestion and Idea for Devs. A big part of the idea is to keep silver in the pockets of the villagers instead of buying items outside of the village. Also the surplus of material that is gained through taxes could be sold at the forum markets to pay for the deed. A lot of deed owners are generous with fact that they pay for the deed without asking for help from there citizens. Taxes would be a good contribution and a way to say thank you for giving me a place to call home. Reflecting on what I have mentioned would take a bit more activity on the villagers part, what's the point of acquiring Fiat Rings if there is no one online to exchange them with. It seams like this concept is not catching on. I personally would find it fun to craft a monetary system in a crafting game.
  4. This would really benefit new players giving them the chance to pay for items over begging. For instance right now ingame I ran out of iron lumps, now I have to spend 1hr or 2 going through the mining process. If the Ring system was set up I could buy iron direct from a miner or trade rings in at the warehouse. This will get me back into blacksmithing again. Seasoned and noobs can benefit this exchange Head Master of Rings: This person would be a trusted member of the village that has a high proficiency at making rings, only his rings will be used. Ring Masters: A trusted group of village members that help collect taxes, disperse Rings and manage exchanges between villagers and warehouse.
  5. How about messenger pigeons or crows?
  6. I thought it was interested reading as well, its almost like money is not real. Maybe I can remember that the next time I have none . I think it would be cool if we could work out a theory on how an IOU/fiat/currency system would work in Wurm. Dot the I 's and cross the T 's for a solid system. Anyone have some extra 2 cents to put in?
  7. Lets say you have the people you trust in place and you figured out what type of currency you wanted to use. Now you need to tie the currency to a valuable commodity in order for your citizens to have faith using it. What is the most valuable asset in Wurm? in my opinion I would have to say time. Bricks, Planks, ore and other building materials that can consume a lot of play time. A secure warehouse could be created that houses all materials gathered from villagers that want to participate in the exchange. That exchange ratio would always be in favor of the house by 10%. For easy numbers and explanation lets say 1 note = 10 planks and 1 note = 10bricks I create 100 planks, now I go to the warehouse and trade in my 100 planks and receive 9 notes (10% in favor of the house) I can now trade those notes for other materials such as bricks or trade my notes for an item to another player that is in need of materials. I think keeping the system simple would work best. rings seem like a great idea having that silver/gold luster and papyrus would be harder to counterfeit
  8. Would it be possible for a village or kingdom to create there own currency? Something that could not be counterfeited, light and tied to more valuable assets within a depository owned by the village/kingdom. This is just a fun thought, how would you craft a monetary system using only the items that you can create in game?
  9. Thanks for the info and the reply
  10. Why is Serenity left out of server info and is not a topic on the forum with the others?