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  1. What is your favorite weapon to skill up in and why? I use a sickle mainly because I always have it on me, it’s light, quick and damage is 6. Downside is the 2 penalties on CR.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I’ll test it out. Seems like there could be more added to it in the future of the game
  3. I was looking at wurmpedia and they had a small section on throwing under fighting skill. Anyone use that? What damage is caused and does the item thrown matters if it’s say an axe or a tomato ? my best guess is that it is an underdeveloped mechanic in the game
  4. Terrapin Station at 825, 2478
  5. I love the idea! Would be cool to add some wall trophies to the inn
  6. My quick 2 cents NPC with functionality Farmer- tends crops but does not harvest Innkeeper- creates a limited type & amount of meals then placed in larder forester- prunes only and informs you what trees are harvestable animal caretaker- grooms but does not sheer or breed animals all npc NPCs count towards your citizen cap all npc will require a bed, access to food in larder and access to water a lot of us are running deeds solo and a little helpers around would be great
  7. I spent many hours grind on fletching, bow making and archery. Felt like a complete waste of time. I would unload an entire quiver and not be able to take out a monster. +1 for starting the discussion and +1 for creating a third arrow type that would be more accurate/deadly
  8. The cow is better then nothing but how about a donkey? You could be able to add a saddle and saddle bags. It would be great if you could hitch them to a small cart.
  9. Die by the road sounds more like a code honor, lol, I did not know locate soul and summon corps already exists. Always learning something new in wurm! Thanks for the replies
  10. There should be a way to find your body if you die in the wilderness. I suggest being able to craft a compass with enchantment so it will point to your dead body
  11. Thank you for the really good info!
  12. Thanks for the responses, now I have an idea on how to get quality/quantity eggs. How about feeding them? with a coop and with out a coop? my fine carp is now at 35, I was going to create 100 fishing rods and imp them till I hit 50. At that point I can build a coop (and other stuff)