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  1. he's referring to the skillgain bonuses. if learner exists, the warrior fighting skillgain bonus isnt checked.
  2. you're not removing permissions but actually setting a specific permission to those players. if you want to remove them, remove all boxes and their name will disappear.
  3. it is valid, however those 'rarity transfers' do not trigger the drum roll animation as they are not drum rolls. but they still do exist. the chance, however, is only 1% so it is very rare.
  4. did anyone find these runes by themselves? or do they only exist as random item enchants?
  5. before this update, the number of required participants scaled with the amount of followers of said deity on the server that have been online within a certain period of time iirc. i'd assume its still similar to this for the most part and from the missions that have actually finished on xanadu since the update, which were very very few as the whole list is cluttered with epic constructions still, the difficulty didnt seem to matter much if at all. also, after the initial change to dance missions came in and Jberg made a post on the patch notes that he would be suggesting to disallow penning those structures with the game rules i asked him for his reason to say so, and he said: [18:44:24] <Jberg> oooohhhh, why! [18:45:12] <Jberg> yes, that - simply because missions are for everybody, and there's no way to get through a structure on freedom that you're not on yet the current design is everything but this. you can only have a single person finish the mission and he can not split it at all, even if he would want to. before, if you knew where the structure was located, even if you did not have access, you could place yourself nearby and get in on the sb, so it WAS publicly available to everyone who wanted to get it. also, doing it in a way similar to how it is done now was suggested around that time before. however, if you were aiming for a system similar to that i'm sorry to tell you that you missed 90% of the suggestion. the suggestion made in the patch notes at that time was to allow doing dances at ANY structure that has the right type, make the rewards dancer specific instead of an area of effect and boost the required number of participants by a fair bit so that people that usually would have been sitting nearby would still have a chance to participate.
  6. +1
  7. currently Xanadu is spitting out construction missions like crazy aswell. those were fine back when you only needed to build a total of like a dozen and they would forever disappear. now you have to build them to prevent your accumulated progress bonus from dropping, while ALL structures have the same reward yet completely different difficulties where the rewards are far below sufficient aswell. just to give some examples: Name: Everyone: Horrendous quest in service of Nathan Creator: System Started: 05.11.17 11:52 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 08.11.17 11:52 Difficulty: 1 / 7 Description: Nathan asks you to cut down the Orange tree west of Faldor's Tunnel. It is located in the centerwest regions in Freedom Isles. Rewards: 500 karma to the completer as well as 60m sleep bonus split between nearby players from your kingdom (30m each maximum) upon completion. thats a tree. at 1 difficulty. A TREE. Name: Everyone: 's mysterious adventure Creator: System Started: 05.11.17 01:15 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 08.11.17 01:15 Difficulty: 3 / 7 Description: requires you to construct an obelisk. This must be constructed on a 3x3 slabbed area, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. This must be built in the north. Rewards: 250 karma to the completer as well as 750 karma and 75m sleep bonus split between nearby players from your kingdom (max 30m sleep bonus each) upon completion. 3 difficulty mission for a structure that requires a total of 2202 materials. 75 minutes of sleep bonus and a max of 30 per participant. Name: Everyone: Shining test of Magranon Creator: System Started: 03.11.17 18:35 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 06.11.17 18:35 Difficulty: 3 / 7 Description: Magranon requires you to construct a temple. This must be constructed on a 5x5 slabbed area, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. It must be built higher up than 100 steps. This must be built in the west. Rewards: 250 karma to the completer as well as 750 karma and 75m sleep bonus split between nearby players from your kingdom (max 30m sleep bonus each) upon completion. the same here, 3 difficulty, a mere 75 minutes of sleep bonus. as you can tell, the balance is completely off here. first off the most you can split the constructions with properly seems to be about 3 people. yet building some of them, especially the higher difficulty ones such as obelisk, pylon, requires far, far more time than this sleep bonus is worth. another problem i have with this new system is the fact that mission constructions are back at all. currently xanadu wants you to build 3. then those 3 will be built or expire and the system will just spawn new construction missions. these things are an eyesore and there is no way to destroy them. this should really be reconsidered. on a side note, the current epic changes such as introducing a completely new skill system that is far from what the 'wurm' skilling system is like from the sound of it. which sounds as if Budda is currently up for some more code differences between the clusters. so: mission code split between epic and freedom?
  8. people might finally stop wearing cloth while dual wielding shortswords at rifts on freedom. yay for iron plate!
  9. considering there is a fixed 1 second loss on actions you now have a 33% fatigue loss that is unlikely to be changed because they still consider "fatigue to be working as intended.
  10. +1 it is just a mechanic that might have worked a little bit ages ago but its no longer up to date and nowadays its just pure annoyance for legit players. same as pretty much any current game mechanic to prevent macroing and similar. starting from fatigue, going over the mentioned mechanic this thread is about and ending at GMs that macro-check teleport you around with a sentence that is so tiny you would never notice it when you're playing with the no_world_render setting if you wouldn't have experienced it before and set up a wurm assistant trigger with a world war 2 bomber siren sound...
  11. i agree. i also got this really great low ql marble you can use. you will get the achievement of "longest sub 10 ql marble bridge in wurm". doesnt that sound great?
  12. REMOVE FORCED SHATTER. keep the low skill and low item quality shatters around because those are fair enough, however a priest with 99+ channeling casting on 90+ quality items shouldn't run danger to completely destroy the item just because the WurmNG had a hiccup. introduce spell-specific dispelling with an additional difficulty based on how far down the list it is, so theres still a benefit in enchanting in the "right" order, yet if you messed up the order you didn't literally brick the item, requiring you to recast from the beginning which then has a chance to completely poof the item because forced shatter is fun. those two are very important and having seen the reactions in IRC after the enchant decay rework just about every player that was around agreed with it. one thing i'd love to see is maybe the introduction of cast-scaling for high casts so it works similar to how BT works now, where you can cast repeatedly on the same item and do not need to actually score a higher power cast to improve the power of the cast. of course with a reasonable scaling penalty the higher the cast already is, so you can't cast two 50 power casts and get a 100 power item.
  13. seems to be xanadu SE corner, the spawntown in the screenshot should be esteron
  14. yes, which is why the current skill conversion already is far higher than just half the skill they would get if they would negate said double skillgain. yes, which is why the players coming over already get a 1:1 conversion for characteristics and meditation. yes, which is why there already is a 1:1 conversion for characteristics even tho it is far from right, and the main reason the demand for this was even a thing is because the vast majority of epic players seemed to not have been able to resist the temptation of grinding their gathering skills effectively which is the reason their body stats were unable to keep up. the triple skillgain after the skill conversion should not be a thing. i have said before, and i will repeat it here, imo Budda should call this back and do a proper conversion for everything. but we're too far down the road to still take this step back. so epic made their demand of keeping their characteristics 1:1, and i'd say it seems okay now for the most part, except for the triple skillgain.
  15. i do agree, not completely halving their skill and actually transferring their characteristics 1:1 is already very generous imo. the 3x to get back to where they were before seems a bit too much. edit: the new bulk transfer mechanic that is based off of actual carry weight is awesome tho, wish i wouldve known that'll be a thing before i transferred my random junk lumps into a BCU when they went live