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  1. trying to delete a specific skill dump is white letters on white background when using the dark view.
  2. Poll seems too restricted imo. Also, im quite split on this. My general GM encounters are quite good, however thats usually limited to problems that you could consider basic ticket problems at the level where a player is unable to solve it, yet its not a huge problem for GMs. When it comes to bigger cases tho, things that involve bigger groups of people, a whole kingdom, other staff members or dev opinions i usually end up quite disappointed. showcases of this were, for example, when someone tried to break out a penned unique and the GM that took the ticket ruled that it was fine. Escalation to Enki only ended up with the result being to go take it up with the Devs as uniques were not meant to be penned and the only Dev opinion (read: opinion. not official statement) was that they'd like to change it but dont have the time to do so. this was 1.5 years ago now and the GM team still shrugs it off as not being their problem. or the recent ritual situation on xanadu after the religion update. the initial ritual ban was placed solely based on Enki not being aware of how rituals work, the ban being held up until he got confirmation that the explanation of rituals provided by players was actually accurate. after that it was reinforced by the devs to last until the current rituals faded (that was the only ban i considered okay due to the fact that people otherwise would not have been able to gain all the SB). after the next ritual cast there was a new ban, unsurprisingly, this time for no apparent reason. it was blamed on a bug with rituals that was never further explained. this ban was upheld until an update shortly after that which completely wiped ALL favor pools of all gods across all servers. the statement was that the pools were almost depleted anyways, however, i still doubt it to this day.
  3. just do it on epic, everythings easier over there anyways. not like it requires anything other than a cave and an altar.
  4. Sad to see you go Sindusk, was hoping we'd finally have someone who'd be interested in changing systems that never really got the attention they deserved despite the problems they had. However I can perfectly understand the problems you have, especially considering how it's sometimes the GM policy to claim innocence and say its a Dev problem, and the Dev's just saying they don't have the time so it'll remain as is. In the end you get nowhere. Take care, and good luck with your future endeavors.
  5. (Somewhat related to based on a discussion we had in discord a little while ago now, talking about the fact that fatigue never actually got a change despite it being a nuisance to quite a few players over the years, as well as weaknesses of the current global mission system) This suggestion is for an additional, more personalized mission system that is based on both praying and meditating, each with their own purposes. TL,DR at the bottom. First off the part of it that I would like to see oriented towards praying. As most people know, you have a daily limit of 5 pray actions that grants Faith, as long as you have not yet hit your limit of either 30 Faith for Followers, or 100 Faith for priests. As soon as you hit this Faith limit, however, praying becomes a thing of the past and no longer has any real use. So what if we instead take these daily prayers, and rework them to grant personal missions that can be done on a daily basis, with rewards that are useful for most players, similar to what most people know as "dailies" in other games? The rewards I would add to this system are, as most would expect, sleep bonus and karma, as these are also the rewards for the global mission system, and this should be seen as an addition to the current system. Now I am obviously well aware what most people will think "eeww dailies -1". However, I believe that due to Wurm's nature, dailies in this game would be quite different from how people remember them from different games. If we take for example our well-known old friend World of Warcraft, the fact that most people remember dailies with a bad aftertaste is due to how closely they were usually tied into game progression, either by being the best, or even only, source of certain in-game resources (e.g. order hall resources in Legion and Battle for Azeroth), statuses (e.g. reputation for certain factions since basically the beginning of the game) or to progress mandatory core game mechanics (e.g. Legion Artifact Weapons and BfA's Heart of Azeroth). The rewards the global mission system grants, and as such this system would be granting as well, being sleep bonus and karma, are neither of the things mentioned above. They are neither mandatory game mechanics or resources, as you can decide not to use Sleep Bonus or only use it on certain skills, as most people do, and still progress your skills. Neither is the mission system the only available source of sleep bonus and karma. Either can still be gained by different mechanics, such as the still existing global mission system, additionally for sleep bonus sleep powder, logging out in a bed, referrals (don't hit me for mentioning this here, I KNOW no one ever does this) and for karma source crystals. I also mentioned that i would like to see it being more personalized, so how would we go about that? About that, there always were certain things that bothered me about both the old global mission system as well as the reworked one. Those were primarily the available pool of missions. More strictly speaking, tree missions, traitor missions, specific epic structure missions. I still clearly remember several discussions about those things in both IRC as well as private chats with a Dev when the rework of the mission system was announced along with specific things, such as the fact that the amount of missions would be reduced to the template gods, the limit on epic structures would be removed, the fact that some Devs thought it would be a brilliant idea to declare penning epic structures a ban-able offense because the people that actually spent the effort to build those resource intensive, high difficulty items should not be rewarded for it and almost all players that participated in these discussions agreed that these missions should be either reduced in difficulty or changed to be more universal. So this, as far as I am concerned, is something that NEEDS to be done for this additional system to make any sense. More specifically, I believe first off, missions should be split into three different pools: General missions, Crafter missions and Priest missions. General missions include killing certain creatures, such as the existing traitor missions, the normal hunting missions, the epic structure rituals and similar. Moreover, these missions should be made more universal. Traitor missions should be changed into killing a specific creature of a certain age, such as a young pheasant, which by itself can already be difficult enough for a single player. Epic structure rituals should be changed to no longer demand a specific epic structure but instead a structure type. Hunting missions can stay the same as they are generally considered to be fine. Crafter missions are those that include things that can not necessarily be done by priests, such as sacrificing decent items, as this requires improving, or woodcutting as depending on your deity, you may not be able to do it. In this category, tree missions should also be changed to require a specific tree type of a certain age, such as a young lemon tree. Priest missions would be a new category that currently does not exist, and would include activities that can only be done by priests. Obviously due to the currently existing types of missions, these groups seem fairly empty as of right now. So this is where your ideas would come into play. What types of missions would you like to see? General ones, crafter ones or priest ones? Holding a sermon? Enchanting an item past a specific power? Sacrifice a certain amount of favor in a single action? Improve an item past a certain ql? Do a certain amount of specific actions, such as digging or mining? Create a number of specific items without having to sacrifice them? Maybe some of the older achievements could also be incorporated, such as dragging a cart a certain distance, baking bread or pies or planting a certain amount of trees? I really do not see any reason why the current mission system has such a limited amount of missions, so long as they are something your character can actually do. Another aspect I would like to get into after talking about the types of missions is obviously the difficulty, the global mission system is fine requiring several dozens of monsters to be hunted or sacrificing upwards of 200 items. However, these numbers are far too high for something that could be done on a daily basis. What would you consider a more achievable amount? Hunting 10-20 monsters? Cutting down 3-8 trees of a specific age? Hunting 2-5 monsters of a specific age? Sacrificing 10-15 decent items? Next up is meditating, which I also mentioned further up as being incorporable into this system, however in a different way. And that is FATIGUE. Most people are probably somewhat aware that this mechanic exists, some people are bothered by it, others claim that they play 12 hours a day and have never hit the fatigue wall because they are aware that being online and actually clicking buttons are two entirely different things. For those not too well aware of the fatigue system, I've made a post about it here quite some time ago: WARNING VERY BIG WALL OF TEXT;page=5&amp;tab=comments#comment-1572340 This system has existed for a long time and never been touched, with all criticism towards it usually being denied with sentences similar to [17:41:37] <Retrograde> I dont think there are plans to address or change it [17:41:42] <Retrograde> Because it works in its current format [17:42:02] <Retrograde> It achieves the goals it sets out to do, people just disagree on those goals . But during the recent discussion in IRC Sindusk mentioned that "if we give the option for players to break their monotony and do an action to recharge their fatigue then that would potentially be on the table", which led me to the following idea on how it could be changed. Generally speaking, the main idea of fatigue is to set a limit to the amount of strenuous tasks a character can do in a specific time frame. The opposite of this is certainly taking a break. However, I feel that rather than making the game mostly unplayable once you hit the limit, giving players the option to recharge it with in-game mechanics is certainly a great alternative. And with the way it currently works, I consider meditation to be a good fit for this. Currently, meditation grants you 5 daily meditations with 30 minute cooldown before switching over to a 3 hour cooldown between actions. So my idea is to allow the meditation action itself, while done when being eligible for a meditation tick and triggering a 3 hours cooldown, to restore a flat amount of 15 minutes of fatigue as well as granting a small mission that will restore an additional 15 minutes of fatigue, for a total of 8 chances to get 30 minutes and a total of 4 hours, which is half the amount of fatigue naturally restored over the course of a 24 hours day. Other than the fatigue however, these missions would not grant any other rewards. I also think the missions triggered by meditating should be different from the missions affiliated with the epic mission system and should rather be based on systems that generally do not find much use or are things that people would consider something to break the monotony of work, for example giving the toys in the game an actual use. Playing with your puppets or yo-yo could be goals of these missions for example. Maybe going out and catching a fish or grooming an animal. Last off, as these systems are somewhat meant to be done on a daily basis, the missions you are granted should all be cleared with the start of a new /uptime day, just like the systems that grant them are reset, to prevent someone from just stacking up a huge amount of never expiring missions and finishing them only when needed. I also do not expect their rewards to be as big as the global mission system, both sleep bonus and karma wise, however, due to their accessibility having a hard limit I believe it should be easier to find a decent balance here. TL,DR: Make praying give personalized missions with less difficulty but a bigger spectrum than the global mission system. Add more types of missions to be done with this system, possibly being added to the global mission system as well. Split missions into general, crafting and priest categories so you don't end up with missions you can't even do. Make meditating restore fatigue when triggering a 3 hours cooldown. That's it for now, I believe. If i missed something somewhere, please make me aware of it and I'll fix it. Also, if you have any feedback to this suggestion, please let me know how you think about it and maybe your ideas for different types of missions or what you would consider a decent balance regarding their difficulty.
  6. the specific required altitude is 300m, or 3001 height in code value, i believe that should mean 3001 slopes. any height between 3001 and 7000 height should then grant the achievement you need. when you start off too high, you will only be awarded the highest available achievement, meaning if you'd teleport to the top of dragon fang, you would only be accredited the "on the way to the moon" achievement. climbing down to below the tresholds (2180m, 1400m, 700m, 300m) would then trigger the next available achievement. so depending on wether or not you used a teleport to get to dragon fang, then its possible that you have started off too high. you should have gotten that achievement somewhere in the tunnel leading up to the upper green ring otherwise, i believe.
  7. just key bind it. i believe its filleting but the key bind name is one letter off from the actual action name in the right click menu, so its confusing sometimes.
  8. i dislike it. i liked the ability to mostly afk it while watching a movie or doing other random things, sometimes just stuff i had to do on an alt as well. the only good thing about the fishing update so far that i've seen is the ability to fillet fish and get skill, that's a good thing. many people were asking for this for ages. i for one don't understand why you would want to scrub the actually important info. i wont be giving this system a chance before it comes to WU, simply because i'm absolutely not interested to spend hours micromanaging the ###### out of an unnecessarily high number of sub components only to find out that the chance for them to break is over the top for the only fish i would be interested in.
  9. RIP saddle sacks, was nice knowing ya. another item to go into the pile of "formerly useful stuff that was nerfed for no reason".
  10. gotta agree with wargasm and jake here, -1 tho I guess we have rough cobblestone, round cobblestone, why not add rectangular cobblestone as another option with that kind of design?
  11. The idea is pretty much that it would work like that, yes. However, I was not thinking about a new item but instead just a mechanic that would work regardless of what kind of container you have equipped on your back. Reason being primarily that I think a generic approach would work best here. People harvesting garlic or nuts would prefer satchels while people harvesting pumpkins or some fruits would prefer a bigger container.
  12. I'd like to see the introduction of a new action that supplements the current harvesting action: HARVEST_TO_BACKPACK. The action would result in the harvested goods directly being placed inside an equipped backpack. While considering ways to make an action that would be able to accommodate both harvesting actions that do not require a tool as well as those that do, this seemed to be the best solution I could come up with. It would allow both cases to do their respective actions without the need to introduce some strange way to try and introduce a second 'active' container as the specified output. So which benefits would this offer? - it would be able to be used by both harvesting actions, those with and those without tools - it would offer a QoL advantage over having the harvest end up in your inventory and having to move it into the right containers - you would no longer have to make sure to drop everything in your inventory before starting to harvest or end up only being able to harvest a handful of tiles before your inventory overflows - it would not confuse players by having to activate an item (container) and the active item not affecting the action with runes of enchants it might have on it - it would somewhat put it in line with harvesting sap, which already allows us to harvest into a container, although I could imagine the ability to strap large barrels to our backs for this purpose would be kind of amazing aswell On a last note, I would like to see it implemented in a way that would not need the step of first having to add it to the inventory, effectively allowing it to base all actions only on the backpack instead of the players inventory, which would mean we would no longer need to make sure that we have sufficient empty spaces when going out harvesting. That would be A M A Z I N G. Thanks for reading. If you feel like the suggestion could be improved in any way, please let me know.
  13. +1, sounds reasonable to have it have an increased decay at the cost of protecting the enchant itself