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  1. bump, this has been an issue ever since unfinished item piles were introduced.
  2. the item list isnt odd at all. its simply caused by having a rare, stackable item on top of the stack. the only bugged thing about this would probably be that the stack turns blue to indicate a rare item being the top-most yet it never returns to the normal colour if the rare item is removed from the stack.
  3. i remember reading something somewhere where some high lvl staff actually said they would be bringing slicing food soon(tm). ive never been able to actually find it again sadly. so yeah +1 for increased capacity
  4. they already changed it to give partial increases rather than giving it all at once at lvl 11. this was like close to a year ago i guess.
  5. -1 wurm doesnt have a place for new skills, if theyd need to rework everything required to add skills you wouldnt see this before ~2025. sotg is the only thing insanity even has, if you remove it, might aswell remove the whole path at it is right now. you people keep talking about reducing the pvp requirement, so changing one somewhat slow skill into 4 different skills that you have to grind, whats the point?
  6. does your first citizen have his own house yet? or does the poor bear still live in a tiny pen next to all the smelly horses?
  7. you're welcome. enjoy a better wurm experience.
  8. actually nvm.
  9. great anti-qol fix. thanks i guess?!
  10. i agree, they should remove the freedom>epic transfer so epic can go back to the state it was in before. right? theres NO WAY they could EVER introduce permanent both way transfers due to the fact of how vastly wrong the one time skill transfer Epic > Freedom was.
  11. freedom can aquire moon metals from rifts.
  12. Does this also affect combat attributes for glimmer and addy? are there any plans to change the current attributes that already exist or just introduce new things for metals that dont have attributes yet?
  13. just no.
  14. because whoever introduced the cat model never bothered to check how rolf wanted wild cats to look like. and the way he wanted them to look like is hilarious.