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  1. WTS tome of incineration

    dump one charge left
  2. WTS tome of incineration

    Tome of Incineration, 1 charge left Spell granted: Incinerate (Damage over time spell, causing very light to light burn wounds each 10 seconds, damage and amount of ticks may vary - 750 karma to cast) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases Fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Bite 10% (Increases Bite damage taken by 10%) looking for 75e a charge, pm me either on the forums or try to hit me up ingame on Arium if interested.
  3. Currently the option to toggle death tabs on PvE is called "Ignore the PvE Deaths Tab" and has the options: Show and Hide. setting it to Show will give the message "[02:03:02] You have switched on ignoring the Deaths tab on PvE." while it actually SHOWS the deaths tabs. setting it to Hide will give the message "[02:02:20] You have switched off ignoring the Deaths tab on PvE." while it actually HIDES the deaths tab.
  4. Currently there are a bunch of items you can take and then drop into a cart/wagon that you usually would put in there anyways, yet you can not actually load them. The things i am talking about are for example rafts, felled trees, small barrels. The suggestion is simply to allow us to load those kinds of items with the load function rather than having to pick them up and drag them from the inventory into the wagon.
  5. Easier COMBINE function

    there is a combine key bind and you can even use it on a pile of items when activating the top-most item that wouldnt show the combine option on right clicking otherwise. but id agree, allowing us to combine and discard on the GROUND would be pretty nice.
  6. Skill Points

    Wurmageddon 2.0 so he can have the same fun all over again? get rid of wurm so he can have spare time again? grats for 10000 points of slavery.
  7. Valrei International. 064

    carpentry potion from uniques, yes or no?
  8. @Sindusk just make sure you keep whatever random ideas you guys come up with in this thread to the servers they belong to and dont have them randomly end up on servers they were never intended to affect. such as the 1 days initial karma cooldown that was clearly stated to only be in effect on pvp servers yet somehow ended up on freedom, which initially was believed to be a bug even by another dev, yet confirmed to be intended because Budda didnt feel like adding a line of code to check for the server. good work i guess?
  9. theres a bunch of very, very weird things you can do that dont make any sense and you should never recommend to people. one of them that ive looked at ages ago and dont remember too clearly was one of the bigger ships giving you so much height advantage when embarked as commander that you instantly max out the available height difference and footing bonus, so you could drive around a ship transporter and unload the specific ship whenever you want to fight something. would that work? yes. would anyone ever do it? no. from my experience, you just gotta go dig and mine for a while. at mid 70s body strength i sometimes forget to put on armor but just wearing a high LT weapon is more than enough to take care of trolls. hell hounds are a bit annoying tho.
  10. only if you can opt out of it in your character > manage > profile. i dont want all this spam on login. to me theres no point to having it. if you cant opt out of it, -1
  11. bump, this has been an issue ever since unfinished item piles were introduced.
  12. the item list isnt odd at all. its simply caused by having a rare, stackable item on top of the stack. the only bugged thing about this would probably be that the stack turns blue to indicate a rare item being the top-most yet it never returns to the normal colour if the rare item is removed from the stack.