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  1. because whoever introduced the cat model never bothered to check how rolf wanted wild cats to look like. and the way he wanted them to look like is hilarious.
  2. reminds me of the time i had an item disappear on me and a Dev had to recreate it. he sat next to me struggling to make a rune and wondered why they even made it that hard. i think its fun this way.
  3. well, true, its actually impossible to reach an actual 100 but im past the point of the title and where the client stops showing decimals. which is around 99.999999617 or so.
  4. Digging them at either the bottom or top still works, and leveling them up to 300 slopes if none of the surrounding borders is already at 300 slopes works just fine too. However, since the most recent update i can no longer level 300 slope tiles and it gives me the "Some slope is too steep for your skill level.". Neither leveling them up nor down works, nor flattening 300 slope borders. If i drop them by a single dirt i can flatten them just fine, level them down just fine, and level them back up to 300 slope just fine. My digging skill hasn't changed at all and is still at 100.00. This is the area where i have the problem, its 300 slopes on top of a perfectly flat foundation.
  5. path of power can erupt lava which damages anything. push boats or carts onto it and they will burn. however, remember that you can not erupt underneath items as a way to prevent griefing.
  6. -1 theres game mechanics in place to take care of this if you want to do it.
  7. this is the problem that i see with everyone right now. you mention mining. so what? i have 99.99 mining and 100 digging. so yes, i certainly would have a fair chance of an affinity if i would be using high speed tools. but what about the other 99% of players doing the other 99% of skills? the 15 second window is so short that most players grinding a crafting skill with queued actions and coc only tools already have a longer action timer on their 3rd or so imping action. the same applies to priests. if you look at the priest spell list you will notice that no commonly used spell could be used even once in this window. so youre gambling a 1/7200 chance per second to open the window to get lucky to actually finish your cast within those 15 seconds to have a 1/(500+500*affinities) chance to get an affinity in channeling. you wont get a second chance during this window unless all you ever do is spam light tokens. need to sacc to regain favor for another cast? well youre out of luck. tl;dr: stop looking only at the best cases possible and instead choose proper actions as an indicator. whats the use of a system like this if its only reasonably possible on a handful of actions?
  8. for this, although it would certainly not be noticeable as you said, the answer would be no. the rules clearly state that it needs to be "without any default, built-in, or added delay timings". while you can never exclude hardware-based delays you already said that those are not a big concern to you. after all those exist even for the specifically mentioned logitech g-keyboards. here, i would assume that this is covered by "or other similar product is permitted to send multiple actions simultaneously" and the logitech keyboards were just given as one of the most well-known examples. i myself am using different brands but in the end it is all the same functions in a different design. and none of these work without their respective software. so you should not run into any problems due to your choice of which brand or OS to use as long as you do abide by all other mentioned rules. however, please note that the rules mentioned are by no way exhaustive. if you have further concerns about this topic or more specific questions i would rather open an ingame ticket and ask a game master.
  9. -1, refresh does not give ccfp, neither should junk rares.
  10. so according to the statues do not seem to be impable. really? thats so dumb its kind of hilarious yet at the same time really, really sad. you're supposed to grind to 99 archaeology to get a decent chance to even find a fragment, then gather 83 for a statue and have it come out at something like a sub-standard sub-30 ql? even the gods would frown at this, and we know that they're satisfied fairly easily by 30ql junk.
  11. he's referring to the skillgain bonuses. if learner exists, the warrior fighting skillgain bonus isnt checked.
  12. you're not removing permissions but actually setting a specific permission to those players. if you want to remove them, remove all boxes and their name will disappear.