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  1. I've confirmed that somehow i did buy it for an alt. However, when i logged in to buy it in the shop, i logged in with the character i actually wanted it on. I'm not sure how it got onto my alt, i didn't order it there. I'm currently pursuing a refund, if possible. I don't ever play the alt, and made it because i was interested in playing on the freedom isles. I didn't like it, and never went back to the character until just now to check if there was premium time on it. Sure enough, there was.
  2. Hi, i've tried to refresh my premium time, so i bought a month and 5 silver. After paying for it with Paypal, with no problems, at least not that it told me, i logged into the game after about 5 minutes. I typed /time and it still said my premium time ends in two days. Also, the money hasn't showed up in the bank. Is there a long delay? Last time i bought time, it was very fast, with only a couple second delay.
  3. How would i find that? When i go from the Wurm shortcut to the file location, it takes my to SysWOW64, and it highlights java.
  4. Yeah, i've got pretty trees on, and when i turn it off, problem goes away, but i'd rather not inconvenience myself if i can fix it.
  5. It's what it says in the title, really. There are black boxes around pretty much all of the trees, and most of the small plants. Last time i played the game, a couple months ago, i didn't have this problem. Here's a screenshot. http://imgur.com/aGlqTD8 . I'm really not sure why this problem has arisen, but any help would be great.