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  1. I had to switch at least 4 times my carp and 3 times my smithing tools and trust me they lose power if you use them frequently. The proposed idea also punishes you for moving and stopping. I will also agree with Thorgot, I never bought a lantern because of their decay and I don't bother imping mine above 60 even though I can get it to 90. At the moment spending 1+s on a good compass seems reasonable to me (and I have spent even more in the past). If they were to start taking decay I wouldn't bother buying one even if it was for half the price.
  2. Wow.. and such a low starting bid Good luck with sale.
  3. I have a priest with 90+ ropemaking and trust me the worst part for me was spending the time to make the ropes, sort them and then have the tool imped again. Nahjo priests wouldn't need to spend ANY time to make ropes, yoyos or locks or to grind the related skills. The problem is that the nerf for Nahjo came waaay too late as there are tons of priests who got cheap channeling skill and everyone making a new priest will have to compete with them. I thought of developing my Nahjo priest's casting skills and keeping it as a more active character but now I think that I'll keep it as a mine fixer. I only wonder if there are plans to make enchanting even more random now as that was the solution (?) which was chosen a few years ago to deal with "priest-skill inflation" (and now even top priests aren't safe from shattering items).
  4. Updated the list again and extended the sales period by 2 days (the forums are up again!!)
  5. hmm, I'd accept this if it hadn't been imped already :s .
  6. bump, sold some tools, added another rare spear
  7. bump, still looking for some more
  8. It's also perfect for reducing the quality of bulk goods in a controlled way.
  9. I'm looking for up to 0.5kg atm at the following rates: 50c/0.01kg in cash or 60c/0.01kg in store credit Pm me if you are interested!
  10. Aaaaand the shiny shoulder pad goes to: Sleepys!
  11. 1. The rarity system is fine. If you aren't able to make a rare that you like, then just craft in a way that can maximize your odds. The needed knowledge is publicly available. Asking for a reliable way to make rares however is just.. too much... 2. imping rolls have 20% chance of turning the item rare but only if the imping action is successful. Raising it would make the creation of rares way too cheap time-wise. 3. Soulbound items? Please no. I don't want to see old priests being sold together with their rare rope tool and be asked to pay 30-50s for the tool itself because someone used a window of opportunity. I would also hate to see the death of 2nd hand tools market even if I can profit from such a change. 4. If the problem for you is that people make money from rares or that they are too expensive or anything: Seriously dude. You don't NEED a rare item just as you don't NEED a drake set or a moonmetal weapon. I've been there for years and still use studded and a 5 year old maul most of the time despite being able to make high ql plate and fancier weapons.
  12. rare 75ql exquisite shoulder pad. It doesn't glow (checked again, ty Jakeii) it DOES glow and it gives a higher bonus Starting bid: 6s Min. Increments: 0.5s Reserve: nope Buyout: 12s Sniper Protection: 1h
  13. I would be there but I'm stuck on pristine due to a bug (and maybe the other people that I see in the sea have the same problem). ok fixed. omw
  14. I won't bother taking a side here as I'll never be able to know the full story and be 100/100 sure whether everything that I have learned is true. However I need to comment on the offer which involved sailing to Chaos for a charge as it looks like that not everyone on Chaos understands how Freedom-psychology or how PvP to PvE trading can work. No Freedomer goes to Chaos for any kind of business unless they know the persons involved in it well, because they will always suspect possible foul play against them (it happens no matter if it is well justified or not). Even if they trust the other party no one can guarantee their safety here, as if they have bad luck their boat can still be ambushed by an enemy boat (not to mention that if the Freedomer has already told all his buddies of the trip the chances of such a thing happening will just go up). If any chaos-based folks want to make a deal involving a unique charge they can just mail it to the recipient on Freedom right after using the rest of he charges wherever they want. It is actually a frequently used method of tome-charge trading. To anyone who will rush to say that cross kingdom mail doesn't work my answer is: I know, but even the smallest kingdoms on Chaos have managed to smuggle and sell glimmer weapons from Chaos to Freedom in the past, so it has been proven that bringing such stuff back to Freedom is perfectly possible. Sure it takes more effort but it is still the only realistic way to do this. Just my 2c regarding any type of business between Freedomers and Chaos people.