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  1. Hi, ring in the new year, 1s? Cod to Dwain if ok, thank you.
  2. G-damn! I might have to report you for hacking. Top level speed and quality, as always! Many thanks.
  3. Take your time, there is no rush. No demises thank you, I'll add frost potions to them.
  4. Hi and congratulations on another successful impalong! Since there is no rest for the weary, I'll do my part and place an order for some custom enchants. I'm sending you a halberd and a Huge axe, both need the following: Coc 90+ 0,8s LT 90+ 1,1s Nim 90+ 1,1s Mind Stealer 90+ 1,1s Tot 4,1s x2 = 8,2s /Dwain
  5. Hi, Cod 0,01 kg of Black Drake Hide to Dwain, thank you. (if you have no black then blue, ty)
  6. The custom order is completed with casts above and beyond the minimum ordered! This is an A-grade caster. Will shop again here.
  7. Yep, Xan dropped for me for 1 min, reconnected is ok now.
  8. Hi, I have three items that need custom enchants. I'll send the details in a PM. /Dwain
  9. Highly recommended enchanter. Custom cast order completed quickly and greatly exceeded expectations. Thanks! /Dwain
  10. Hello there, I'm back and I need 20k garlic delivered to the usual place. I see there is a queue, which is fine, so deliver whenever you have stocked up. Best regards Dwain
  11. Hi, How about: Rare needle: 0,7s Ointment of Stonecutting (2 available) (tell me its in my treasure merchant): 1s each If ok cod to Dwain, thanks.