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  1. Hi, cod the Socketed ring, seryll to Dwain thank you.
  2. Hi I need two creation level QL, 90+ CoC tools: * Stone chisel * Metal brush Cod to Dwain thanks!
  3. Hi, I need 50 Reed Plants QL 99. Combine and cod them to Dwain thanks! Edit: Lightning level service. Will shop here again!
  4. After placing several confusing (and partly impossible) orders, I now have a new stack of finely enchanted gear. Thank you VirusMD for excellent work!
  5. Make offers

    How about 2s for the rare staff, silver? (Cod to Dwain.)
  6. I highly recommend the custom casts here! Thank you for great service!
  7. Hi, if these are still available please cod them to Dwain, thank you: Rare Silver items Quality Price Ring QL91 2s Ring QL91 2s
  8. Hi, it looks like you have about 450 recipes, so one of each would be a total of 4.5 silver (+ 4.5 c in mail cost). If I got this right; please cod them to Dwain, thank you. New note: Great, thanks!
  9. I placed an order in-game and got it delivered very quickly. Score: 10/10 (as always)
  10. Human skull Shoulder Pad QL75 Damage 0: 40c If ok cod to Dwain, thanks.
  11. Hello again, I'd like this one: Metal Brush Iron 16 86 - COC 0.80 Silver´╗┐ with an added 90+ WoA, please and thank you. and I almost forgot, 1 rock shards with 90+ CoC. Cod to Dwain. and I forgot to update this post: Everything received (days ago!). Quality of service: Fantastic!