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  1. [21:42:11] Fighting increased by 0.101 to 69.053 70 by this time tomorrow!
  2. My Pris toon has 62 FS atm, I'm reasonably sure I can get to 70+ by the time of the attempt. Stats at time of edit : FS 64.61 Huge Axe 33.43 Aggressive 26.73 (this seems to have been very slow to raise since I change from normal)
  3. Could I have a Vyn and Mag please, both 20. CoD to Cohen, thanks
  4. Alas I'll be in bed by then, I'm in GMT. Will you be able to do it tomorrow Kruggan? Or anyone else able to help out tonight, before bed calls to me?
  5. I'd appreciate it if someone could fix me up with a single strongwall cast on the east coast of Celebration. Please drop me a PM here or in game. Thanks
  6. My bid was within a week from the time of the original post. 6 days, 13 hours and 29 minutes. According to the time stamp on the OP.
  7. That's not trolling, it's giving an opinion. Simply because you don't like it doesn't make it trolling.
  8. Which server, how much, ql important?
  9. Any noteable veins in the mine? By noteable I mean non-iron.
  10. Pick 49QL 50 WOA 45C CoD to Cohen please
  11. Thanks for the rats Mayrin. I'll probably see you again for some more animals soon!
  12. Couldn't be happier with the horses. Thanks again Wurzel, keep up the good work!
  13. Young Heartnafa - Black Male Foal - Fleeter, Lightning, Carry more, Strong legs, Strong body - 2.5s