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  1. WA2 first impressions Having used the previous version for over a year here are a couple of things I've noticed within the first 5 minutes of use of the new version. MP3 files don't work in the Sound Triggers - they worked fine in older version. I can't seem to configure WA2 to minimise to the System Tray - having it in my taskbar causes annoying problems for me when alt-tabbing. Running Windows 7, if this makes any difference.
  2. It would be nice to see the names of islands and major bodies of water from this old map used. DM and the original settlement founders put a fair amount of time into deciding on them. I've been meaning to give Acaos a poke in this direction for along while, but RL stuff has taken a lot of my attention lately.
  3. I don't think anyone else on the server has made it to 70 AH yet. This happened a couple of weeks ago but been distracted & didn't post it at the time. [2013-07-27] [11:43:19] You have just received the title 'Granger'! Samvimes
  4. Doh, I've just looked at the location of OTG, for some reason I thought it was in the SW. It couldn't be further from me LOL I won't be able to make it due to work commitments early in the morning
  5. HELLO! Just about to get prepared, before I sail over a little later on.
  6. Hopefully it involves my axe & that giant's shin/knee area.
  7. In before it gets locked/removed.
  8. Awesome, another dragon whine thread, just what we need.
  9. Pristine Down?

    if it's down for 6 or more hours you should get a full stam bar.
  10. After succesfully attending all 4 Release dragon slayings it would probably be appropriate to let someone else get a piece of the action. Hopefully you have as much fun with the dragons as I have over the last couple of weekends. Samvimes.
  11. Green With Envy...

    Or perhaps not.
  12. The only 'interaction' that most players will have with a wild dragon is insta-death. End of story.
  13. I'm up for that. Samvimes, huge axe, 70fs.
  14. Samvimes 70FS - Huge Axe
  15. Dragon Poaching

    Isn't it about time this silly thread was closed?
  16. Surely a fat dragon will be slower than an athletic one! ;D
  17. Sign me up. Samvimes Huge Axe
  18. Good job and thanks to all who attended the cast!
  19. I'll be waiting for the next attempt, it was fun despite getting lost in the fog trying to find you!