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  1. I've noticed a marked drop in trader income since the 'Sell' feature was added to tokens. I've never noticed any improvement in pay-outs between small transactions carried out every couple of days, or waiting and doing it all in big chunks.
  2. Just got kicked & unable to return. Exactly the same error message I got a couple of days ago with this problem.
  3. So, my argument is silly and I'm not "normal" because I hold an opinion that differs from yours? You already state in your post that surface mining is easy. If it's so easy then why would it need changing? The real crux of the matter is that you just don't like failing to lower a corner for a couple of dozen attempts. My personal record for successful surface mining actions is 7 in a row. It's not all just fails. Once your mining skill increases and your action timer lowers, surface mining speeds up considerably. If it was a uniform timer of 30 seconds on each action, at higher skill the overall time to lower an area may well increase for us higher skilled players, but YOU need it to be faster for YOU, so to hell with everyone else who has taken the time to raise their skills. Patience, it's just so old fashioned, I know.
  4. I've done a lot of surface mining, 10s of thousands of shards worth and have noticed the probability of mining a shard converges to 20% as you increase sample size. I don't really think there should be a change to surface mining. As Protunia points out, it would make ruining mountains too easy for the masses.
  5. Looks like the shiny horse problem has been fixed ^.^
  6. I agree, the horses look terrible if you have brighter lamps around your place.
  7. Any chance of getting the cast time moved forward 3-4 hours? 4-5pm EST is 9-10pm GMT - kinda late for us Euro types.
  8. You can remove Mortormis Project & Pristine Frontier from the SE island, those deeds have long since disbanded & been replaced with newer ones.
  9. Celebration traders reset sometime in the last 24 hours, I believe.
  10. Can anyone enlighten me as to why the hell IE won't allow pasting in to forum posts atm? It used to until fairly recently and is really rather annoying! Are there any settings in IE I need to change to enable it or is it just MS being an ass as usual? Please be aware I'm not interested in advice on which browser I should be using, I have Firefox installed also. <edit> typo
  11. Found this horse just now, on the eastern side of the server. If it's yours get in touch here, or PM Samvimes in game to arrange a reunion.
  12. Managed to log in, load time was pretty normal & everything running smoothly so far on Pristine.
  13. New Issues

    I'm sure it'll all work out right eventually, keep up the good work!
  14. I played for 18 months on the old cluster before making the decision to create an alt on Pristine at launch. My 'main' on Cele has since become dormant & I've become a full time Pristiner. I have no monopoly & am not raking in money from the new playerbase. I enjoy playing in an environment unspoiled by the years of skilling that has gone in to moulding the older servers. Having to go back and start from scratch in an untouched land was a lot of fun. At the beginning I was looking forward to the server merge, so I could bring my main over to visit, but this hasn't even crossed my mind for months. I don't think it's the right time to merge servers at the moment as the enchantment side of crafting (which I'm personally not involved in) is only really just getting to a decent standard. I feel it would be unfair to the players who have worked their butts off for the last 11 months to be at the top of their field, to just open up a trade line between the old & new clusters, devaluing all their hard work instantly. Keep the clusters separate please.
  15. Ok, there may be the slight possibility that after a terrible night's sleep I may have forgotten to re-enable it after uninstalling the other version. All seems to be working correctly now, with the exception of my brain, of course.
  16. I uninstalled, downloaded the zip & installed that. Granger still not working