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  1. Meditation Rug 19 Q - CoC 77 0.45 Silver Cod to Samvimes please
  2. 1. [22:58:22] You think the chopped corn might give you more of an insight about toy making! 2. Normal 3. Animal Taming 4. 8h 5. wrapping Yes please 6. confirm fixed affinities. Yep 7/8. Samvimes
  3. QL 90 Huge Axe N99 LT96 Ms93 C91 (10s) + Selfhealers Demise please. Mail to Samvimes
  4. 2x Large shield, iron QL_60 CoC_90 1,0s CoD to Samvimes please.
  5. Rare Saddle (w99) 3s? CoD to Samvimes if ok.
  6. Horses bought, please lock this thread.
  7. I'm looking to buy a breeding pair of 5 speed horses on Exo. Colour isn't too important, as long as they aren't grey I'm located at N8, so somewhere not too far away would be cool so I can collect without a massive voyage! Please PM here or Samvimes ingame.
  8. QL ~3 File c75 (30c) QL ~2 Carving Knife c88 (70c) CoD to Samvimes please.
  9. I can't even believe this was actually locked in the first place.
  10. Thanks WKM. Finally got enough for a set. Can close this thread please.
  11. mallet, oakenwood 6ql COC89 - 90c awl, iron 9ql COC83 - 65c needle, iron 11ql COC77 - 50c CoD to Samvimes please.
  12. 17. mallet, oakenwood 90ql WOA86 - 1s45c CoD to Samvimes please.
  13. Someone must have some hide to sell