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  1. Still looking!
  2. best enchanted items

    mallet, oakenwood 6ql COC89 - 90c awl, iron 9ql COC83 - 65c needle, iron 11ql COC77 - 50c CoD to Samvimes please.
  3. best enchanted items

    17. mallet, oakenwood 90ql WOA86 - 1s45c CoD to Samvimes please.
  4. 90ql leather knife botd 81-1,2s CoD to Samvimes please.
  5. Still looking for hide!
  6. Someone must have some hide to sell
  7. Still need some hide.
  8. WTB Drake hide pieces, any weight or colour. Currently in need of around 0.35kg more in total. PM me here or ingame on Samvimes, please.
  9. Iron Needle 80q 85woa 50c CoD to Samvimes please
  10. This issue does indeed appear to be corrected in today's patch. Thanks guys Can close the thread.
  11. Apologies for the lateness off the response, I've had an odd weekend/start to the week. My issue with crops manifests in exactly the same way as that video of Thassadar's.
  12. console.log as requested: