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  1. are cheese drills a real thing or is it something u guys just made up
  2. shovel, BOTD89: 1s 44c cod to johnston pleaseandthankyou
  3. lol ill trade u johnston actually no i wouldnt
  4. hammer, iron 11ql COC87 - 90c cod to johnston please thank you
  5. Close pls.

    Iron, QL 91,68, 90 Coc - 1,5s cod to johnston please
  6. 70/70/70 stances my suggestion
  7. do they still give out sleep bonus for downtime or has ralph been trying to cut down on free sleep bonus ever since we've started getting sleep powders
  8. need more technical updates and optimization for the long term survival of the game imo and oculus support. make it so that stuff behind the player and over hills don't render til they are in view i think that's what they do right?
  9. im being completely impartial in the ###### sense of the word btw
  10. probably the best prices around and low enough to make a lot of people peddling their inferior quality stuff pretty angry
  11. wts hatchet, iron c99 3ql 4 silver nvm sold lol