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  1. 19-Remove rare items. Keep game simple. 20-Introduce 1 new item weekly and/or new uses for items. I dont want to be rude... but... make up your mind child. Rare / supreme / legendary items actually makes game more simple as they create better ql stuff (eg spindle) or deliver more damage (weapons) so 19 itself is inconsistent. Remove items that makes game more intresting, and easy to make game easy, and then add new items every week. Hilarious. Moreover adding new items every week, at some point would start adding "rubbish" and useless stuff. Even now we have some things without use... spoons, pilers
  2. If some of them would work more or less properly one would kill wildcat...
  3. At freedom, traps are actually useless, yet there are most of the playerbase. I know it was mentioned before but allow us to use traps on mobs. At least some of them. As this skill, is unused, using traps, would increase game depth due to adding alternate way to survive in hostile enviroment. Now it looks like this... foraging in the woods -->attacked by anything than wild cat --> race towards house or guarded deed -->end Chances of survival depends only on a speed not the tactics sadly.
  4. As i was brutally shown on my other posts there is no straight line between RL and Wurm, so pottery / ceramic knives would do
  5. As for pipe sections, we should have ponds or reserviours to let the water flow like in fountain (grapihical effect). Additional idea. 1 Fountains should be connected to well to gather water. 2 Pottery clay roof pipes. (or maby even copper) to bring down water from roof to barrel / reservoir / fountain 3 Pottery pipes can be used then in farming tiles having 3 tiles effect (one where pipe runs, and othed adject tiles, maby even dependant on ql. 0-20 ql one tile - middle one, 20-60 three tiles 60+ 5 tiles (one middle and 2 on each side). 4 Pottery reservoir - shoud have 5x5 , 9x9 13x13 tiles effect. Watering efect : Yeld increased by 50% with pure water, or doubled with fertilizer. Ability to put fertilizer in reservior unit or straight on field.
  6. USE BSB after all i got some time ago 36ql cotton (18kg) used "equaled' QL Its beyond ability of F2P but one way or another i plan to support game soon
  7. Well yes, skills like blacksmithing cooking, caprentry, ale dependant on manual skills of a person. But, how can you make "rotten and shivered" logs from healthy tree? No way you can do it, even You. Actually i found 70ql blueberry as well as 40ql pumpkin, 1,3kg caserole of decent QL. Reaching 70ql stuff from farming would take a while. Moreover you have to wait few days, to get ripe crops. When you forage you get it straight away. Of course its pretty random, as there should be balance.. but having 10x10 field of crops and same space to forage and botanize, you will get more from botanizing and foraging than from farming, altough random stuff, thats true, but often better QL than you will farm for a while. Minimal growth time for crops is 3 days. Max is 6 Average is 5days(rounded up). While have a bit of luck, you can "forage" same space 5 times, and botanize it 5 times. So.. aprox yeld from same space is bit higher than even 90lvl of farming (7 crops per tile). But lets face it. F2P player will get aprox 1000 items from botanizing and foraging altogeder. (assuming that every tile is ready to "sniff through). F2p farmer will get max 300 items from farming, yet with capped QL. Doesen't ring you a bell ? Of course farming is usefull to bulk production of stuff. (Cotton Wemp, Pumpkins) Edit. It is said that high level of Foraging and botanize allows you to harvest more than one thing at once.
  8. At this point foraging and botanizing is way better in getting decent food components (as well as cotton and wemp) than farming it until very high level. While "sniffing" for food i managed to get 98,98 ql pumpkin (twice). few 50ql cottons, same with wemp. And a lot of 30-50ql of other food. Harvesting trees, gets random ql from 1 to 99. Same as butchering and fishing. Only Farming, Woodcutting and Mining as well as Digging yeld QL is capped by the skill. (and cooking but actually its easy to "fail" while cooking) So my suggestion is to revert minig / woodcutting / farming. to a situation when your skill determines more or less minimum QL instead of maximum. Reason : Lets see. even unskilled woodcutter can cut down good ql tree.. even chopping up wont damage it much, unless its saboteur woodcutter. It might take longer on low skill but still, chances of "spoiling" it are rather limited. Same with mining. No matter how dumb you are, you cant make iron ore worse, unless you are purposly damage it with corrosive stuff. Same with rochshards. Rock is rock... ql should be equivalent to prestet QL level of a tile. (of course it could be determined fork (80-90). Farming... yes its more bit complex. But still you should be able to get stuff higher than your actual skill, even me, pretty non farmer in RL i managed to get decent corn in my yard
  9. Ok I couldynt find photo example of bed+oven, but, i bleive this should give all oy ya a rough idea. At very flat top you can put some furs and sheets of course this in not best suited model but would do.
  10. Large & Medium flower pots Usage Medium - bon sai trees - mini versions of trees need to be tended to look good. Large - Fruit trees in a house. Yes, i know what i wrote. I remember that in my kindergarden we had a lemon tree in the "classroom" and it even got fruits. Pottery oven + bed. Usage Cooking and sleeping. Info - till the end of II world war, many pesant homes had, beds on the oven especially in the central europe and further east.. It was special construcion, that allows to use heat from the oven to praveil harsh winter / fall conditions. Amphoras - (i bet it was mentioned before). - Usage - to keep wine and olive. - this would add immersion. Since we can make columns so we can have more mediterrenian style liquid containers. Tiles (Wall tiles) Usage - To decorate internal walls of stone buildings. Need clay or mortar to attach to the wall. QL of a file should determine the overall quality of a picture. Better pottery skill more atractive picture. It can be chosen from few patterns like shopsigns and banners. Or using dyes we could change color of the tile, and have option to choose chess pattern or lines vertical and horizontal. Possible "colored" options Half on half (need 10 red tiles and 10 blue per wall) -sub option chess pattern. Stripes 1 - 2 red tiles 18 blue (colors are just example, it could be 2 red and 18 uncolored) 2 - 4 red 16 blue 3 - 6 + 14 and so on. Glazed pottery products. Info- Adding sand glaze maby with lye ? to all pottery products. Efect "durability" of a finished stuff is increased by 10-20%. and visual effect. Decay rate of food and liquids decreased by 50-70%. Pottery lamps. Crude lamp pottery flask + oil/tar/animal fat. + cotton string or bowstring. Light radiuous - QL/10 Light duration 10-20 mins per QL Lamp - decorative version, rest is the same. Amounts of clay should be determined yet. ! Crude lamp could be used as a weapon. When you throw lit crude lamp you have 70% chance to inflict burns equal to lamp ql additionaly you have chances to inflict burn in neighbouring tiles equal to lamp ql. Damage is reduced at least by 50% Similar possibility should be made with pottery flasks and lye (since its a caustic substance, it should make acid wounds). To be precise it shoud bypass most of animal "armor" Of course high end creatures like trolls dragons, hell hounds / hell horses/ hell scorpions/ lava spiders and lava fiends should be restistant to fire. Spiders / goblins / scorpions / should be resistant to acid. I belive it will add a depth to game and combat itself. Moreover it would increase or to be honest, make pottery skill useful, and make market for such products. Pottery figures - Purely decorative. Pottery whistle / flute Music making - increasing game depth. Urns Usage - as gravestones. decorative / informative. ---Curiosity--- Pottery sicle & knife - According to the archeology book, very first sickle was made of finely crafted clay and fired to pottery state. Not as durable as iron or metal one, but still functional. In terms of wurmlogic it cant be repaired. Similar could be done to butchering knife. --> Additional method for crude tools. Pottery jewellery - Finely crafted, fragile pottery trinket.
  11. + 1. and even +2 with graphical effect
  12. Ok. Performance tweaks shoud have priority. But discussion between walls an beverages is purely academic. New wall types. Ok actually I even suggested one, low palisade wall + gate of course. But, i have mixed up feelings if more wall types will make increase Wurm immersion more than, actually adding a new content. when we focus on walls, what we get ? another cute, graphical object, that do nothing more nothing less than other cute wall. BTW i love roundpole and rope fence . Adding new beverages, will have impact rather on existing players than noobs. a new thing to do, new skill to grind, and actually a final product that can be traded, and have real use. To be honest, there is no differnce between 99ql low stone wall and 99ql roundpole fence. Especially on PVE servers. Untill we can use spears to hit mobs behind wooden fences (expect palisade). Or shoot through roundpole, crude, rope, and wooden fences. There is no need of new walls. + !! + Im not aganist new wall types. I belive that shooting through iron fence (low and high) or climbing palisade and high stone wall to shoot mobs, would make game more fun than adding another wall.