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  1. Traders will be limited to start towns just as on Xanadu. Idk but I don't think that is a right sentence ^
  2. Yo that would be awsomeeee if he did that
  3. Why do these get cool downs, while SOTG is 24/7. Making all level 11 paths last forever seems about even
  4. I wish it was out already. I can't wait to kill you guys
  5. WTS 20s

    WTS 20s for 20 euro
  6. still wana buy 30s?
  7. +100000000 ​I don't know why everyone is crying... Its not like there is pvp on epic anyways
  8. I crash when I try to move 40 tin lumps from a crate to a bsb
  9. How about we get rare bones from mining trololol But really there needs to be some what to get more seryll into the game
  10. They can drain your deed at your settlement token. They get a % of your upkeep. It is best to make your deed surrounded by walls and dirt walls. Also, people don't raid deeds that much. If you see any enemy in your local just tell someone from the main alliance and people will come protect your area.
  11. Come join the Horde over on the epic cluster. We have a new server over here just for the blightlighers Also we get faster skill gain then freedom
  12. Do you only get gems digging dirt and sand? Or can you get it digging clay and tar :/ Edit: I already got my answer from someone in my village
  13. I have used PlayerAuctions website for a few other games. It is mainly for games that your not allowed to sell ingame items or accounts for real life money. Because Wurm you can sell items and accounts for real cash there is really no problem. But if one day Rolf says. You can't sell anything for real money or you get banned. You can use that Website and Anonymously sell accounts and items. Soooooooo like yea no point for that website
  14. For the rare bones and emeralds. Can you only get them from digging, or can you level and get them.
  15. seryll bug epic

    I butchered some deathcrawlers on Blackbone (starter deed on BLH) on epic the other day. One of the deathcrawlers produced a seryll lump. I was not able to "take" it, I had to steal it. The other items Meet, glands, and the valrei item I was able to take without stealing. It was just the seryll lump I had to steal :/
  16. I should probably make my own topic but I will ask it here. What is the difference between legacy items and loyalty bonus items?