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  1. I am unable to walk above my roof. When i am up on my 5th story It is like there is an invisible wall blocking me from walking. It is only above my roof. I was able to walk there before i put down my roofs. Is this intentional? Here is a look at my house,
  2. Discuss Epic plz

    How about, pve servers eventually turn into pvp servers after they been open for 3 years. Then after they get blown up from craters and such we just move to another server deleting the server and making a new one
  3. Discuss Epic plz

    Change the combat system. Maybe make an arena where you can schedule fights? We just need a reason to pvp.
  4. Discuss Epic plz

    I would like a map reset if I could take all my items to freedom. I would like the epic and freedom market the same Or maybe just a one way boat trip to the northern border would leave epic and onto freedom. How about 1 pvp server xanadu size. Delete chaos and epic. Have it attached to freedom but with epic skillgain. I would also like to be able to build a guard towers on any home server and plant a deed. nerf sotg Ohh yea and how about just 2 kingdoms WL and BL
  5. How about letting players build guard towers and deeds on any epic server. Having all the epic servers like elevation.
  6. How about us epic players find the end scenario to epic.
  7. So, I had refreshing lag for 3 or so mins. Then I reset my computer and internet and when I try to log in it says something like network error or something. I did get to playing for a few. Thats because I used a free vpn. It only allows me to play like 1 hour a day. I have not been able to login in 8 hours. I need to get back on challenge. I just dropped 20s on a deed and now I think I can only play 1 hour per day with a vpn. im gonna go crazyy without wurm
  8. If I was able to move from epic and take all my stuffs with me. I would leave epic and say hello to chaos. Then 5 years later rolf would fix epic and there would be 100 peoples per server and I would be sad that I moved
  9. That would be a big bed
  10. We would need a weather forecasting skill to map when the next rain is
  11. I could make an army of alts Naw, it would be easier to just make it where body stats don't do anything.
  12. Im guessing epic only has it where you can't loot corpse with enemys up to 20 tiles away?
  13. There was 20 of these handed out. I know at least 5 of them were used on epic. PM or post below with a price.
  14. If you move while archering it stops you. It should be like healing where you can move like 3 tiles before it stops archering. So many times I barely took a step and it stopped shooting... Also, shoot quickly should have a different timer then 5 seconds maybe 3.5 or 4 seconds at full stam