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  1. selling 70s + 10 sleep powder for 70 euro
  2. I just bought 70silver and it went fast and smooth
  3. cant log in

    I am glad to know it is not on my end. thanks
  4. cant log in

    Connection denied <the server is currently not available. please try again later> It says that wurm is up but it wont let me login, xanadu server
  5. [15:22:20] Intrix slain by Nachtmahr Irin [16:27:25] Roran slain by Irin
  6. It is actually really cool how it works. I like the whole Quest concept on becoming a vampire.
  7. The new npcs seem to wonder around a lot. Maybe you can give them a set tile like uniques, so they turn back around if they go to far? Day time and night time buffs for vampires would be cool!
  8. 10/10 server come to the pvp island and fight me
  9. RIP 2 days of straight grinding for nothing
  10. Looking for BL village ingame name Irin
  11. Free copy

    Someone hook a begger up like myself with a WU
  12. Map dumps!

    I looked at all the maps on the islands iv lived on. It brought back some memories. So many deeds to drain on epic
  13. I don't believe this, I am going to have to log on and see..
  14. I think its only tempering that is like that. The other tools hammer, whetstone, pelt, and lump need to be enchanted for skill. If you temper something without coc and something with coc you will see a skill difference im pretty sure. So yes, you will gain more skill because water enchants dont work and, when you temper something that has coc it gives more skill only when using water.
  15. I have combined a rare iron lump and a iron lump a few times. Only one time did i end up with 2kg of rare iron lump