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  1. I'm not sure what random usergroup I'm in, or not in, but I cannot reply to topics in forums under the Official Buildings category.
  2. You can minimize the WU forum by hovering over the category name, Wurm Unlimited, and then clicking the blue button () on the right side.
  3. If you queue up crafting (say, making shafts or planks, for example) and then hit stop/ESC before anything has been made, your tool still takes damage as if you had crafted something.
  4. Okay, now that I've fiddled around on my map.. how do you create a spawn? I don't see a way to create the spawn token. I tried making a deed (just to test), but I can't because my coins are in my backpack and not my bank. And I can't get a bank without a starting spawn. Halp. Edit: I guess I should be more clear. How do I create a starter town/village/deed?
  5. This is awesome, thank you! I've got my alliance's map sorted. I think. I guess we won't know how much I messed up 'til we're all in game!
  6. Will it be possible to set more than one spawn location? Also, are there any instructions on how to do it for customized maps?
  7. It was also mentioned in yesterday's news post: "ranging from final bits of work on the Linux dedicated server to final tests of Adventure mode."
  8. If you can link to an official quote regarding servers, it'd be appreciated. I'm looking for an answer to this myself.
  9. Title says it all. In WU, will we be able to hold papers for more than one deed?
  10. You can report your post and ask it to be moved. 100% chance of a mod seeing it rather than another post in your thread that they may not read. Edit: And also, amazing change!
  11. COD one to Khepri, please! Thanks.
  12. I have a fenced in area with one side being a ramp bridge that I, myself, cannot walk through. Unfortunately, any animal I put inside the pen can just climb straight up the side of the bridge and then walk right out.
  13. Yep, I have had a few horses keel over from either not eating the grass or having disease for less than 1 day.
  14. I've had this same issue rise up recently, as well. I am okay with enchanted grass not being 100% permanent, but the present rate in which it reverts to regular grass seems way too high.