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  1. Champion Issues

    Today is the four month anniversary that MR posted that they were having this problem, yet it isn't fixed yet? Seems a bit unfair to me
  2. Champion Issues

    We've had 3 so it's possible
  3. Champion Issues

    rolf notice me senpai
  4. Me and a few other priests of Magranon, members of the Kingdom of Sol PMK, meet all the requirements to be champions, but every time we attempt to become champions it says that Magranon cannot support anymore champions. This is weird because our PMK currently has no champions and nobody has logged off as a champion or anything so there should be no problems preventing us from becoming champs. This issue has persisted for over a month now, despite multiple attempts to contact members of the dev team and Rolf through support tickets and such. We would really appreciate some haste be put on this issue as it is making a few of us lose interest in Wurm because of how poorly this has been resolved.