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  1. Final Beta before release & Galahad update incoming. Launches march 13th https://albiononline.com/en/news/march-update-galahad
  2. Steam resource requirements: MINIMUM: OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Processor: 2.6 GHZ Intel Core 2 DUO or equivalent AMD CPU Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx Storage: 3000 MB available space Additional Notes: Java Version 8 The Steam launcher that allows you to connect to servers is a .exe, to my knowledge there is no way to bypass the launcher to join servers. I recommend your friend go invest in like a 40$ 500gb HDD, install windows 7 or something on it, and just swap between drives when they want mac or windows gameplay.
  3. Absolutely nothing. The history of VOIP's: MSN came first Teamspeak Skype came along~ Ventrillo Teamspeak 3 Now Discord. But theres still size-able communities in all except MSN for obvious reasons. Join any WoW or EQ2 guild and they still run vent or teamspeak 3. Newer users find discord better but i find teamspeak superior simply due to the customization your given whereas discord is an over-developed skype group chat that only works 80% of the time.
  4. ^What soil said. Go make it in WU and if it becomes popular enough, im sure some WO Dev will approach you for the rights to it.
  5. While that is most appreciated Sindusk, I think it would be best for a password feature to be introduced, So even if someone for some reason some how got into the server with your character, They still would need to know the password set for that server character in order to do anything whatsoever.
  6. Someone needs to print a wiki page on a big open field on Xanadu.
  7. Well after hearing of a 2nd WU Player authentication breach, i think it's time someone made a Player Authenticator that makes it so when you join the server that has this mod on it, you can set a password for the character and if its typed incorrectly, it kicks you. If typed correctly, it let's you see your inventory, move, interact, talk on the server, etc. Perhaps use the method of not rendering the world/interacting with first joining a server/character creation? i dunno, just spitting idea's here
  8. Well i haven't seen any new RP Servers launch lately, But i just hopped on the server browser and there is indefinitly servers out there still(Just spotted one with 8 players) that RP. The general RP Scenario that iv seen so far is when raiding, it must be pre-organized and notified so you can all be online at the same time when it happens, KoS Is bannable unless its within reason(You scammed/ruined him and you sought revenge, your kingdoms at war, etc).
  9. Wurm RNG Doesn't work. You can achieve 100% Success rate and still fail. (A lot too) Also, The calculations don't work properly. 50% Isn't 50% in wurm, Its more like 30%/40% Success rate. All of it is this way, You can conduct several tests out of a 1000 actions with 50% Success rate and not even hit 300 success's. This is what is broken with wurm, Has been for a long time.
  10. Compromise and let us use scissors on finished rope fences to create the old unfinished model and lock this thread?
  11. Wyvern Reborn

    i dont think iv ever seen one with that on it.
  12. Wyvern

    We could pick up the trend of just resurrecting old servers like Garrys mod, But this would only work if people were willing enough to upload there servers before they shut it down for good.
  13. So its no longer a cap at 31 and just progressively goes up like it should now?
  14. Wyvern

    Give it a year. You won't be. First year or two in WO Is fun, After that its like why do i even bother paying for this game anymore
  15. Wyvern

    Prepare your popcorn folk's
  16. Late 2016 Roadmap

    A seasonal or monthly blog would be most appreciated i think. Care to clarify "WU Modding API And Better Mod Support" Statement? Like what is intended?
  17. Well Rolf, I think this is a good move for you, Best of luck in your new pursuit! And @Budda, Good luck! #MakeWurmGreatAgain
  18. shut er down

    Not to derail, But what the hell is this item? Part of the cooking update im guessing?
  19. There is three clients for wurm online: -Stable -UnStable -Test Stable is as the name intends, Stable, Reliable and less likely to "Bug out" or Crash. (However Memory leaks are still in this one as they are in ALL client's, WO & WU) Unstable on the other hand, Is the "Newer" Version with all the latest changes, This one is more likely to crash on you. Tho prior to the new rendering changes, This client was 100% Recommended to use due to stable rarely ever seeing an update & far less lag than stable. Test is for the test server and crashes often due to the shear amount of raw content in the client. Don't expect whatever you do or make in this client to stay around for long. Looking forward to it. Just to make sure, It would sit as "Unstable" on the current WU Version?
  20. I haven't downloaded this but i have a initial concern after seeing zeke's posts: Viewing models like guard towers could become problematic if you aren't able to do a full 360 or even just move the camera around And viewing small models like potato could be SUPER small and tiny, making it impossible to tell if the model actually loaded or what it looks like. Sooo Zoom? Not sure if its in there already~
  21. Am i the only one who misses those "Magical" poof appearing roof tops for housing? Like to be honest, I like that roof compared to the current roofing/floors as it kinda feels "Cramped" when you enter a room.
  22. Pretty much yeah. Tho it wouldn't hurt for a WU Only section with location & Server names to show off some stuff.
  23. Wait really? When did this happen?