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  1. I forgot to write aboute sniper prot. so if someone want leaves auction couse of that let me know.
  2. http://minersahoy.com/Wurm%20Maps/Recent%20Map.png 7y; 8x Private bid 25e
  3. Sold, cus or unexpected trip i had to give buy out options. Sorry for problems. take care.
  4. First want to pc, not sure if i gonna sell it. Char was champ, has no prem, not much skilled but standalone. skills dump: with tools: Look at stuff like brass spyglass, merchant, scuplting wand, and most woa/coc tools. DEED : Devil's Peak - Deliverence Deed is 41x11 - upkeep 1s/month. NW corner - chaos trips are fast Cave mine on deed with some iron and probobly lead. Iron from low ql up to umost. 2 houses - first - 2x3 with bed and forge, second 2x3+4 with 2 forges (one rare) and bed. Sail boat - have to repair A lot of flat tiles made to farm skilling, small place on horses. Some pics:
  5. can be closed, reserve not reached If someone is intrested can pm me to buyout
  6. really 65s for this wand?! its possible?
  7. [18:42:51] A large heavy shield hammered from a metal sheet. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [18:42:51] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Falasd.l'. Start bid:5s Increments: 1s Auction End: 5 days from now. Sniper protection: 3 hour Pickup: Zbuczyn on Deli or via mail with cod Reserve: hidden Pm me for buyout
  8. 60ql shields now are cheaper, restock my merchant with 60 and 70ql all kinds of iron shields, also can do wooden shields 50ql
  9. After long break, im back to business. Can offer you all kinds of iron shields up to 70ql (keep working on higher ql) in occasional price Iron Shields: ql 50 - 20c ql 60 - 28c ql 70 - 38c Wooden shields: ql 50 - 20 c ql 60 - available soon ql 70 - available soon Dosent matter what size of shield you order. Pickup in Zbuczyn on Deliverance (38x6y) or can send it via mail (c.o.d.) Also you can find my merchant in Puzzle Plaza Market on Deliverance Server. If u have questions feel free to pm me here or in game Falasdil. Enjoy
  10. IMO Rolf should add new skill 'Drinking' titles: 50 [Drinker] 70 [Alkohol Taster] 90 [Toper] its should check how strong head u have. There should be some sub skill like "Beer Drinking" "Wine Drinking" "Wódka Drinking" etc. ofc there should be some more kind of drinks in wurm i think in 10th age thay know more then only Wine new kinds of seeds , tools and drinks new skill and new titles something for true boozers some new kinds of poison post ur opinion and ideas

    [me=Falas]is thinking how much filets would get from 10 sharks [/me]
  12. Whole HF is with u remeber aboute that ^^ dont carre if its in game or in rl life u become for many of us a real friend