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  1. Did you literally use a hacking tool as an example lol
  2. they should show what players can do with their creativity, not luck
  3. Does posting on the forums waste inspiration?
  4. Mate, you've gotten like, 10 maps lol What are you saying the reward never comes
  5. Or you just don't understand probability RNG is a factor in every game out there, deciding its a problem in wurm is just wanting to have an issue with wurm, it's like being annoyed with fish because they're wet
  6. Yes, some actions on the journal may require skill
  7. They can be crafted on pve, they just require some locksmithing skill
  8. Are you looking at year old notes to complain about them?
  9. Wat You have both misinterpreted my post, and also put words in my mouth about something being abuseable. Are you sure you're reading my posts?
  10. Can you include a screenshot of the map dump? Doesn't have to be the topology one, as that wont match anyways
  11. New meta: minimising mind logic for better rare farming
  12. It's almost as if its a bug that's been reported, acknowledged and explained why its happening by the devs in the thread linked!
  13. This information is client sided, and thus only includes missions you were logged in for. That's why it will be different to others
  14. It's intended, but I believe had been floated previously as an idea
  15. I heard of a neighbour passing a deed that had a woodscraps on each farm tile. Don't stress, some wurmians are just super gullible and likely to lack the critical thinking to recognise it being satire. (to the person reading this, not you though, you super smart and I'm proud of you)
  16. While I'm all for titles, I don't know if just Apprentice X would work. Additionally, the basic training already has novice, and requires 20 skill, so apprentice at 30 feels a bit off. I'd rather see the next tier of journal tiers come with the Apprentice title, rather than skill based.
  17. To be clear, I've gotten two maps since the system came on live, but I'm also not doing bulk resource actions and such, so it's no surprise to me. I do think it should be added to woodcutting, as digging, mining, woodcutting always felt like the big three resource collection actions. What I don't want is a system that basically floods players with maps (and I'll be honest, buying maps for marks is just a straight up no imo) I think too much pressure is being put on this one piece of content to be a whole new focus for players, when it's just another piece of the puzzle that is playing wurm.