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  1. Applying the skin on an item consumes the skin Applying another skin to the item changes the skin and does not return the old skin Can be applied once, is lost if you apply a different one
  2. Agreed, I like the idea of the buffs increasing as they go, peaking at level 11
  3. There was more to it, but you're right, I'll cop the L on that. This thread too, my comment was put of line and I had figured this was all buried, bringing it back up again means I should at least add an edit
  4. Hmm? I played on the Northern Isle and showed it all off, but I mostly worked with the existing streamers of VEN to showcase and highlight them through using Steam Store Broadcasts and such. Personally I used time on the old servers to showcase what is possible, as I didn't have a toon that could ride horses and do so with any ease, so there was definite differences there. I mean, I'm happy to be wrong!
  5. Unlikely, it's set to a trigger, a GM with mission item knowledge will need to poke around
  6. Were you around the howl? The ITH means Indy Treasure hunt, there might be a sign there to reset progress?
  7. I wouldn't worry too much, as the rules around macros are repeated actions on a loop or timer, as opposed to repeated clicking. as long as you're playing, you're fine
  8. That's the message about the tool to use next. It's not telling you you should have used a different tool. It's like imping, once you finish the action it tells you to use a different tool, or the same one.
  9. I love suggestions like these because it's a fun opportunity to make someone happy Good news! It's a great idea, and it's already in! *Hands you an axe and a helm* Get out there and start earning! (Neutral mobs have 2x the chance of giving you coins!)
  10. Rolf stop coming back to the forums
  11. Recent Removals

    The game is worse off for losing three dedicated, talented, and passionate members of a volunteer team. thank you for all your work over these years
  12. Not a test, someone just thought they looked like broccoli
  13. Tundra regrowth spread was increased way back, and as you said, transmutation liquids exist. It's not as world ending damage as you might think
  14. While I agree with it being annoying, it actually does detect traitors and uniques. Or did when someone used it and noticed a kykops in their local
  15. Charcoal and water maybe, not ash
  16. I have the opposite experience, they feel incredibly more responsive, what speed are you going at?
  17. they're not decorative, they have bonuses on PvE, silly ones like improving dodge chance when in cloth armour and such. They take damage when that bonus is triggered. The bonuses should be removed imo and they just become ordinary items
  18. What? I mean, that's the entire point of this, you get it! The new player stuff is not this, it's next year. This is for mid-end game stuff where you have an established setup and you're looking for more. Sounds like it achieves it's goal, you just think it has a different goal
  19. Literally this, Other mmo's had it so name changes were processed during specified server maintenances, usually the longer monthly ones. Could literally run a script that updates the fields during updates. It's not a hassle at all.
  20. No it's not. You have this backwards. People used to sell and buy characters all the time, the game NEVER had name security. You can also share your account (within reason) so ANYONE logging into your friendslist could be ANYONE Name changes allow people to change their names to match them, their characters, or anything else. This game has been around for almost 20 years, and people change throughout that time, some may no longer use the same cringey handles they used before, others may evolve if their life changes, others may no longer identify with the name as they've transitioned IRL, there's a huge number of reasons and they're all personal and valid. Stop thinking through a narrow world view of things being the same, because just like the people who play it, this game is in a constant state of change
  21. Sounds interesting, do you have examples?