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  1. Please add my deed Moonbreak at http://celebration.yaga.host/#1911,1308
  2. All I got from the rule clause was that one should after a queue of actions has finished or before queuing more, that the action is still valid. e.g if you mining by queuing actions you should check the wall is still there before you queue more.
  3. -1 please no.
  4. I play wurm fine from the end of 11km long copper line via BT as well. Only get like 0.2 Mbps down and less up, but wurm does not use much bandwidth after the initail world load.
  5. It was Bugzilla if I remember correctly.
  6. Almost all the recent problems occurred when players have chosen not to be safe e.g. through deed settings. They may not have intended to but the game can’t tell the difference.
  7. Maybe he is just not very active at the moment.
  8. Yes but which one? In Off-the-shelf software which wurm is, this idea does not work.
  9. The "right" way is subjective in certain cases e.g. inner walls. You should think about the problem before criticising.