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  1. You always make nice deeds! Good luck on selling this one! Looks very nice!
  2. Large maul and catapult time
  3. Bridge screenshots

    So much nice stuff in here!
  4. That is nice! A nice momento!
  5. Bacon

    I like bacon!
  6. New Deity!

    Sweet mother of all gods!
  7. Silk underpants for the win!
  8. I need to buy the replacement page for April, here's 5.99$ for that DLC!
  9. Indeed there goes my vote for you. LoL
  10. I'll never forget his snowman army that lasted long after the holiday season. It was quite the decorations, made me chuckle quite a bit. I'm sorry for your lost. It's never easy losing someone you love, but it gets better over the years knowing someone is out there looking over your shoulder. I hope the pain of your loss to you and your family Lolabelle will be less as you witness your family live and continue giving you good memories and moments in the future that make it so much worth it to be around and be a part of. My sincere condolences, Broken
  11. I have one too, it makes a good floor ornament. Mine door is suppose to be tougher, it adds strenght. I could of been nerfed, I dunno. They are pretty tough to imp.
  12. I think I have to change my view on this topic... The game creator, which is Rolf owns all of Xanadu, and all the rest of the servers nobody else owns nothing. We are simply renting space in a game that we think we own. With that said, I think I'm gonna call Rolf big daddy now and will ask him if I can dig 1 dirt on one of my deeds and ask his forgiveness for deeding on his servers and pray to Fo, Mag, Libilia and Vyn so that they don't send lightning bolts on top of my head. I really wanna keep my helm and my sword.
  13. I have deeded excess amount of land to even to point of owning water tiles to prevent things like this and I am forever in peace because of it. I've also deeded extra land so no one else deeds or I can get a friend to come over later. If you don't like what the person is doing then deed it.