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  1. Cisterns and indoor plumbing

    We should be able to use this as compost, too
  2. Ornamental Boulders

    Ornamental boulders and other landscaping stuff would be awesome +1
  3. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 45

    Oooh yes. Also: Tapestries with a tree on them. one tapestry for each tree! Tapestries with an animal on them! like one for a horse, one for a unicorn, a seal, a shark, a cow, a pig Lol just suggestions. But very time consuming, I assume. The new decors are great!
  4. Wagon lanterns.

  5. Mountaineering Gear

    I'd love to have this kind of stuff so bad! it would be great!
  6. Wood Scrap pathways

    Ohhh this is a great use for those woodscraps... I usually just drop them on the ground and let them rot. +1 Omg yes.
  7. Xan Zoo

    Oh this would be a fun thing to see. How about naming it Xanazoo?
  8. Found Horse from the Frozen Woods deed....

    I know it used to belong to Archaed's Angel Coast deed. You may want to ask him if no one claims her. EDIT: Talked to Arch. She still belongs to him. Just at his new deed, which is Frozen Woods.
  9. More ways to extract/get water or juice

    cacti in the desert for water/juice
  10. It's kinda silly that it says nothing would grow there. people grow stuff in their houses all the time. with part of the ground actually in the house, should be no problem.
  11. You know, if there's no floor there and there's a patch of dirt, we should be able to plant something. It's a bit irritating to be having our horses stomp something and then not be able to replant it.
  12. Vanity Clothes

    And beyond.
  13. Beekeeping - Apiculture - Mead

    I will always +1 bee ideas! Not only would having bees around increase crop yield, but having crops around would increase honey yield.
  14. Hanging Lantern for Ships and Carts

    +1 to ship and cart customization, especially the lanterns