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  2. From my experience with them in game, the only problem they have is that they're a far higher texture than anything else.. anywhere really. Unless roof textures, stone wall textures, furniture textures, and even old wall textures get updated to a higher quality there's gonna be a lot of of awkward blurriness in timber frame homes. Here's a timber frame window compared to a wood shingle roof. Timber frame door and old wooden door. (note the floor quality compared to the timber frame)
  3. We're currently renovating our entire deed in timber frame. Finished the priest's residence last night.
  4. These aren't the support beams used for reinforcing mine walls. These are the wooden beams used for the new timber frame walls. They're created in one action from logs and are created finished.
  5. They're larger than the logs they're made from. They don't fit in bsbs or crates. They don't fit in chests or coffins. They don't fit in rafts or small carts. You can only fit a few of them in large carts, wagons, and the larger ships. It doesn't seem like that's really intended, it makes them very hard to move around. EDIT: These are not support beams. These are the wooden beams used in timber frame walls.
  6. That was what I thought, but all my exterior windows placed correctly and have shutters facing the exterior on every direction. I've only experienced this bug with some of my interior windows and even then not all of them.
  7. Window shutters are often built to face the wrong direction. Seems to only happen on interior walls.
  8. Would like an update on this as well. Sunday is mother's day in the US. I'll be on, but I'm not sure when, and I wouldn't want to miss the RoS cast.
  9. Bump. Nice guy, buy his boats.
  10. It ate me today. Was fun.
  11. Please update x-22 y-35. Riverside is now called Southwatch Beach.