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  1. oh hell ill start it off for a mere 4s
  2. wow that is a nice collectors item! not in my budget but friendly bump for a very rare find
  3. when you spend much time traveling i believe most experience lag to a degree that requires a relog, often i have chats and windows open that would be hard to get back when i relog. i propose that it would be convienient to have a relog option opposed to having to quit and log back in, where i lose all windows. so a relog option that keeps your chats and windows as they were when you log. hope that makes sense
  4. wts Auld Land Syne complete with all items pm he or online same name
  5. wts Auld Land Syne and the items messege me in game or forums
  6. i have for 2 days been having drops or falling off wagon or horse after 20 tiles of movement and have been consistant 35 second lag on any action and up to 5 minutes if i have just moved a single tile. this all since the update. i live on east coast usa i do use verizon
  7. yay!! they fixed it ! thank you dev team and then there is the mouse thing cant this feature just be shut off in settings? soo disruptive
  8. i totally agree it is horrible. need a way to shut it off completely
  9. seems it has returned to normal. having no more issues
  10. lag in the sense that i que up actions then there is a delay then the actions start and finish all at once or at least many at once. also opening piles and transfering between even typing in chat. long delays between the enter prompt until it shows up in the channel
  11. since the last update the lag has been the worst i have ever seen in this game. wondering if it will be fixed or if anyone else has seen this on deliverance