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  1. Tich, you were such a creative force behind the scenes, I'm sorry to see you go. So much time and effort poured into Wurm, and I know we all appreciate what you've built here. I never really got to know you well but you always listened to my ideas. I know this because you told me when they were bad ones! :) Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Kyu, thanks for the report. We may need to update the instructions. When you select "Buy Now", does it give you the option "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"?
  3. If you urgently need to renew your account, you can log into the payment site at https://shop.wurmonline.com/ . For help on client bugs such as crashes, the best place to post is at https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/27-client-bugs/ Regards, Taufiq
  4. Hi Niki, sorry you had issues with your payment. We use Xsolla to allow players to pay using a number of different methods and rely on them to confirm when payments are made, but this also means that if there are issues between them and another payment provider it is out of our control to resolve, unfortunately. We have raised this issue with Xsolla, but at the moment it doesn't appear that the problem was at their end. I am glad that your subsequent payment has come through, and I will ask what can be done about the original.
  5. Moved to Client Bugs.
  6. Hi, looks like you attempted a payment during a server update. Please let us know if you are still unable to make payments.
  7. I suggest you log in and raise a ticket with the GMs with the /support command. If you do not have access to that character, it's worth seeing if creating a new character works and the email for that goes through, and you can raise a /support with that.
  8. Hi Aaron, sorry you're having issues. We can see if there's any follow-up we can do at our end but unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about processing errors beyond that - we rely on our payment providers for that functionality.
  9. New payments should go through fine. Paypal payments that occurred during the DNS issues may still take a little more time as the algorithm they use to retry notifications reportedly backs off an additional period of time after each failed attempt. Paypal also reported an issue with delayed notifications on their side from May 31, 2017 06:58 PM EST to May 31, 2017 09:48 PM EST, and though the impact of that is difficult to quantify it may have delayed some payments further.
  10. Hi thanks for the report. Could you give some more details on the steps you took to get this? I assume that this is: - Log into the web shop - In the xsolla frame, select an option - In the currency options that appear, select the Other radio button - Enter an amount in either the currency or silver coins text box - Current behaviour: switches to a default option. Expected behaviour: retains current option and calculates equivalent currency/silver. Is this correct?
  11. I suggest using /support in-game with your current character to create a support ticket that will go through to the GMs.
  12. May I ask what the issue was? It would help in diagnosing/preventing problems for others in the future.
  13. Thanks. Just to confirm details, when you first entered the 32 character password, was that in-game or through the web site? If the latter, was it when the character was first created? I don't see any details beyond a failed challenge response, but I've lodged a password reset request support ticket for the GM team. For future reference they may be contacted via in-game support (use the /support command) or if you are unable to create a support ticket for some reason you may email gamemods@wurmonline.com. I'll also created a bug report to look at consistency between the client, server and web site password checks. Edit: Requested additional details
  14. Hi, thanks for the details, looks like the length checks are not consistent. Can you try using your player name (CorodixTwo) instead of an email address in the password reset page?