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  1. +1 Let me die in chain
  2. Bumpity bump. Still looking for more members
  3. Elevation server crashes - DAILY EVENT

    Its a daily event.. Soon a feature
  4. haha seems like people are worried about there market.... iron... plate.. Chainsmithing and leatherworking for the win lols
  5. WSA: Epic to Freedom skill transfer delays

    Let me go to freedom so I can grind my body stats plz
  6. [13:06:35] You have played 291 days, 12 hours and 2 minutes. and still getting treated like 2nd rate citizen.. Wurm implemented the apartheid system long time ago. Now lets get rid of it and let us epic players transfer our characters out from the official WU server
  7. Cause freedom have a pvp server too.. If quiet on Epic I just log into Chaos. Swiped my card to get a character there (f**k regrind) but would prefer if I would be able to use my own character on both..
  8. [FIXED] (stuck) new bug caused by updates

    Yep, getting messed up in mines
  9. Patch Notes 25/MAY/17

  10. Revert Nolocate change

    I would even take it further then that.. Remove nolocate and locate from game and let us stick to pendulums in local. More roaming plz
  11. remove lib lock

    Just hotfix it.. Let BL roam free!
  12. How much Salt to start a Rift?

    20 kg is needed.. go to ele and kill the rift creatures for the hearts needed to get the Blh one going
  13. seasonal forest fires

  14. add plot course to epic

    Why don't we have this already? +1