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  1. Understandable that it would be difficult to change for this year, but could perhaps be implemented for next year? I write as someone who it would not affect either way but totally get the valid reasons for the requests made earlier in the thread by others.
  2. No, I regret I have to disagree with your suggestion. An affinity is something that many players yearn to 'win' or seek to buy using the mark store. Some players have used their recent Black Friday investments to buy many random affinities. Doing what you suggest would send a coach and horses through this great initiative.
  3. Nor sure if I should get some extra time for my two main characters or use the opportunity to bring a resting character back to life. I could always do both but it is great to be motivated by this opportunity. Whatever fellow players decide, this is an excellent decision by someone somewhere higher up in the Wurm world. I hope it pays them back in a flood of players investing a little more cash than usual in Wurm.
  4. Many, many congratulations! Left, right, smite?
  5. This happened to me during the past few days. I had a pair of hitched horses on-deed, on grass tiles in an unfenced area. This was my normal parking place for this pair and they have always been 'fat'. On the day that the horse died, the body signified 'starvation' whilst the other was still fat. In view of what Pandalet has just written (could be completely wrong here) I am adding additional information that may hopefully be relevant. The pair were parked up adjacent to slab tiles but totally on grass themselves. The inner horse was fine, the outer (next to slabs) horse dies of starvation. Could it be that the game 'sees' the horses a certain distance off-line and so the horse next to the slabs was 'seen' as being on rock and so therefore was able to die of starvation whilst the other was still on-grass and so fine? Hope I am not writing a load of rubbish but anyways good luck with your research into the animal positioning idea.
  6. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Congratulations. I have played on another WU server for almost four years and I understand just how much work goes in to create a successful server. Your players are fortunate to have you and your team looking after them!
  7. Many congratulations to all. Good to see little competitions like this.
  8. Little events like this are what was suggested by some players after the Steam launch (if not earlier). I see that the e-mail that I received is already on the Steam page- thanks for both! Good that you have 'listened'. I hope that people can enjoy the bonus experiences and perhaps we will see other events occurring through the Christmas / New Year season? Well done!
  9. 100 Scythe

    Many congratulations! An astonishing achievement.
  10. I understand why you would want this- for example, I always like to see snow in Wurm when in real life it is Christmas. It just makes it seem 'right'. In my opinion, this is always going to be difficult for the developers to agree to because of course Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere will be during spring-time.
  11. I have played Wurm for many years and still do not fully understand how to use dirt to create extra land offshore in an efficient way. I usually just drop lots of dirt on the tile and hope my own Surtsey island eventually emerges from the depths! Seeing a person who knows, make a 'jetty' out into water would for me be a great help. I suspect others- and not just newer players- may feel the same.
  12. Many congratulations on your century!
  13. Thank you for letting us know a little more about what is going on, your thoughts about the new cluster, difficulties and of course some ideas about the immediate future. It is always easy for your paying customers to have a moan about things that perhaps are not working to their maximum potential but hopefully most can see that you are aware of these concerns. I hope that you are indeed going to expand your development team and bug-squashers and perhaps even look at some surprise improvement that catches us all unawares. I write here as someone who has not ventured from the old cluster to the new but was delighted to see the huge increase in player participation. I feel sure that numbers will drop back but suspect that into the medium term they will remain at healthy levels. Long-term numbers will to some extent depend on how development continues and that is a little pressure on the developers! Good luck!
  14. As someone who loves the vastness of the cooking and beverage skills in Wurm, I would say yes please if at all possible. You have obviously put a great deal of thought into the way that you can bring Alchemy into Wurm and perhaps develop the skill from where it is now. I am sure that others will have input about the actual percentages up / down that you propose (for example, increasing weight / carrying capacity by 50% is in my opinion generous) but I see your ideas as a good starting point. +1
  15. I am the person who writes the lore for our Wurm Unlimited server- Mystic Highlands. I would think this disqualifies me from entering a competition for Wurm Online but in the spirit of Yaga above, I enclose the first piece of work that I did. I hope that people do enjoy the read even if I cannot be part of the competition. The first two chapters were designed to be a story of how the server could have begun. I attempted to link the story with the gods of Wurm in order to suggest my take on how things could have started many years ago in the minds of Rolf and Notch.
  16. Winter

    Hi Athila, There is an app running on some of the Wurm Unlimited servers where you do need to keep fires burning, wear warm clothing etc or else you start taking cold damage. The chill is also affected by altitude and wind strength if I remember correctly. On our server we found that during the winter with the cold-mod 'on' our population went down a lot. At the moment the mod is switched 'off' and the population is again back up to normal levels. I like winter and for me, having winter chill would not be a game-breaker, however, I would suggest that many people playing Wurm Online do not enjoy winter for a variety of long-standing reasons and if your idea was implemented would take a break. I cannot imagine the developers would want this to happen so sadly, even though I share your positivity with your suggestion, I fear there may not be many people who would agree with your suggestion.
  17. Oyez, Oyez Let it be proclaimed across all kingdoms and all servers that on the Day of Ants in week four of the Starfall of the Saw in 1013 (Sunday) Princess Leofflaed was today crowned Queen of Mystic Highlands by the High Priest of the Kingdom in a ceremony attended by citizens from all around the lands. Mystic Highlands has existed almost since the start of Wurm Unlimited. It was never designed to be an easy place to live but people playing there are some of the most friendly players a visitor could wish to encounter. The citizens enjoy Wurm Unlimited in much the same way as on any other successful server, however on other occasions the role play that our server is well-known for marks us out as a kingdom with a difference and a server well worth visiting and perhaps staying a while- hopefully longer! We have a wide variety of events that are designed to challenge as well as to create enjoyment. The last two events in recent weeks have been purely role-play events. One was a simple birthday celebration that developed into hours of fun during which many yellow potions were used and many fireworks launched into the sky. Cooks and brewers from these lands are responsible for making and bringing the feasts -everything is player-made and no short-cuts are used. The event we had yesterday was purely role-play and again over 25 players made the effort to take part. Food and drink were again a crucial part of the celebrations. Question: Do I have to take part in the role-play? Answer: Role play is requested when in local. Question: Are there other events and challenges? Answer: Yes, on many occasions Mystic Highlands functions like any other server albeit 1x 1x We have a core of players who have been in these lands for many years now but newcomers are welcomed without prejudice. For example, in the event yesterday Royal gifts were distributed to all whether they have played in Mystic Highlands since inception (as I have) or have joined in recent days and weeks. Much respected players have moved from our lands from time-to-time but new players have always come to Mystic Highlands to forge a life for themselves and sometimes bring along their friends or family. Why not pay us a visit,? You may find that you like these lands and stay a while in our starter town Safehold before venturing out to find a piece of land to call your own. More information including lore and rules can be found here: https://mystichighlands.com/ Long live the Queen!
  18. Yes please! I am only just getting into the beverage skill after all these years playing and am loving it. The cooking possibilities are in my opinion a really enjoyable part of Wurm and anything that builds on related skills would be a bonus. In real life you can make wine with many plants such as nettle- now that wine is really strong. Ingredients 1 nettle 1 gallon (using measurer)water 2 kg sugar juice of one orange juice of one lemon Or perhaps Parsley wine? Ingredients 8 – 10 parsley leaves Bottle of red or white (using measurer)wine Two tablespoons (using measurer) wine vinegar ¾ cup (using measurer) honey We could maybe find a way to create yeasts in Wurm as well? Maybe using different mushrooms and sugar? Just a thought!
  19. I started on Indy on Creek Heights close to Mystery Glade which IS listed on the wiki settlements page. Both are sadly gone. I have not seen any recent settlements added to the pages. This may be because of time needed to add the settlement to the wiki or simply because many settlements can be very transient. Not sure about other people, but I would love to read about other settlements and what they are all about. If not possible to do this through the wiki, maybe use a thread for each server where a person could do this if they want to take part? It would create a simple written history of each server in the same way as the Domesday Book.
  20. I must get to view the stream as soon as possible. I realise that this is a question for WO which I play everyday on either Pristine or Xanadu, however, I do also play WU everyday on a server that is advertised as 'light' RP. I hope that my experience will give a little more insight into the questions posed by Malena at the beginning of this thread. Firstly, I do not find RP easy at all compared to others but I have found the following: a) To view a 'real' role-playing group at action can be amazing to watch from the side-lines and often stimulates the 'viewer' to give it a go. There is a real sense of community within the group that often bonds them together through thick and thin. I do not suggest that some alliances are not similar in this. b) Most RP will help anyone to get immersed into the situation. On my WU server we have regular events that most definitely are made more enjoyable by the light role-play aspect. c) I have written the lore for our server and this is often useful to give new players a view to the server or an idea of why things happen as they do. I feel that it will be too much to expect RP to exist in WO except in pockets- such perhaps as in the Dwarven Alliance that exists on Xanadu (if I am incorrect about the nature of the Dwarven Alliance, then I apologise) d) We have a 'rule' of RP in local but this is easy to ask on a private server. I am not sure if a RP tab in chat would be required as if a group were together they could use local or village chat or in a larger RP group, an alliance chat. e) Having a greater variety of clothes would allow immersion in some ways, for example, we will have an event in which everyone will be asked to wear 'their finest cloth' or come in 'their strongest, toughest armour'. f) I have not seen anyone doing RP in WO although I suspect that it does go on in some villages. I could go on but will not apart from saying that FF brothers have briefly enjoyed a stay on our server and I hope that this has allowed them an insight into light RP that allows them to see the good bits as well as the not-so-easy bits! In my honest opinion, RP is not for everyone but it is like learning a new language. If you persevere you will become part of a community that can last for a long time. I would encourage anyone with any interest to simply give it a go and you may just be surprised at how RP can change your experience within the game of Wurm. Hope this helps!
  21. I've never enjoyed the fog experience in Wurm but accept it as part of the overall challenge- in much the same as others are asked to experience the winter season that some dislike. I suspect the trick will be to balance any change in the thickness of fog so that players are not turned off by the challenge of finding their way in a 'grey-out'. As Brash_Endeavors rightly says some of the fogs were real pea-soupers. We have been softened up now with gentle mists and that may be the issue. Players tend to prefer a slight easing in difficulty or challenge and any increase in challenge may be met with more resistance than plaudits. Whatever the developers do I will simply try to take it in my stride.
  22. For anyone who has ovens or forges below their living quarters, the placements of furniture etc (basically the prettiness of the room) on the floor above the workshop is marred by the chimneys poking through. Surely 'snipping' off the top of the oven / floor to solve this issue could be accomplished by our talented development team?
  23. Cheers:D

    Thank you so much for this amazing game. If you could add ONE thing into Wurm as a final hurrah, what would it be? Cheers / Skål
  24. Wurm is a superb game as it gives people the freedom to play in whatever style they wish. I love it when 'diarists' write up their life in Wurm as it is something that I have done on a WU server that I also play on. One thing that I wish I had done but always left it too late and that is to keep a pictorial record of the progression of one of my deeds. It may be something that you would think about doing so that you would have the development / story of your life in Wurm in both words and pictures, if not for public viewing then for yourself? Whether you do this or not, I wish you great fun and like others posting here, I look forward to hearing about your achievements, hopes, successes and the occasional problem that you come across.