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  1. Many congratulations. Anyone who achieves 100 in a skill deserves every credit going but perhaps also a little bit of sympathy for what they have had to go through!
  2. Malena is a very talented lady, and you Kohle are an extremely fortunate person! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Many congratulations!
  4. A good idea and I would think relatively easy to implement? Only thing, I wonder if I could bring myself to kill such a beautiful creature as shown in the picture above even if it is just a mass of pixels!
  5. I play Wurm because it acts like a magnet on my mouse and fingers for the following reasons: a) The incredible landscapes and the total immersion that it affords me. b) When I play I can forget the real-life challenges to focus on my Wurm life. This usually means I can relax after work and recharge my 'batteries'. c) Everything on my deed(s) is created by me and even after many years playing, there are so many things left that I have to do. In Wurm the only thing that prevents me doing anything is me! d) As many folks say through the forums, the players are- almost without exception- a most friendly, helpful group. I always hear 'senior' Wurm players on my most-played server- Pristine- going out of their way to help newer players. e) I believe we ought to be thanking the development team for the way that updates have been regularly added to our game. I did not like the cooking update to begin with (because I did not fully understand it) but now love it- especially the brewing aspect. The fishing update and AH updates are still challenging my inadequate brain but I honestly believe that one day I will work it all out! Change is sometimes difficult for me and others to work with but I have found that with effort I can succeed and that of course is an additional challenge that Wurm can throw at us. f) I simply want to see how Wurm evolves further during the next years and this little thought is enough to ensure that I continue playing for the foreseeable future- I simply hope that many others will agree and continue to support Wurm. We can of course as loyal paying customers show our concerns about the path(s) taken, we can test and cajole the development team but let us do it in a positive manner and contribute even more as a group towards this great work of computer art! g) Final- and most important point- I simply enjoy playing Wurm.
  6. Well, it was 10 years ago today that I took the ‘risk’ of loading all that was needed to play Wurm after reading about it. I will not mention all those who helped me in the very early days- they will know who they are- but after a decade playing and enjoying Wurm I feel that I have a reasonable excuse to make a few comments about my perception of Wurm. 1. I play for pure enjoyment and have never really bothered with improving certain skills over others. I suppose I would be called a jill / jack-of-all-trades but definitely a master of none! I feel that it is this that has allowed me to continue to play almost every single day without needing a break from ‘the grind’. I love playing after a long day at work, when the weather is not great or simply as a form of relaxation and attempt to catch up on the latest gossip in the forum. I often smile at the humour that is so prevalent in chat. 2. I know that some more vocal players criticise the way that development on Wurm has evolved or is evolving- and I fully respect that right, however, I simply wish to thank every single person- developer or otherwise- past and present who has contributed in some way towards the amazing improvements that I have been witness to during this decade. I feel that what we have here is a game that is simply unique. 3. The community in Wurm is usually second-to-none. Every person I have met in-game has been helpful, amusing or kind. Perhaps I have been fortunate but I feel that Wurm is blessed with people of all ages who usually have a mature attitude to difficulties and problems. This is something that we should all be proud of. 4. Is Wurm without faults / problems, of course not but for most of the time these do not affect my enjoyment and so I shall give my trust to the development team to work on any issues and leave me to improving my standard of Wurm life. The future? I have never got involved in the religion aspect and that is something that I may be missing out on. The other thing is- to my shame- I have never been to an impalong as I always feel that my skills are not high enough. I must push myself to attend one! I am sure that the developers will also have some ideas that most folks cannot even imagine. One thing is certain and that is I hope to be playing Wurm as often as I can during the next decade and hopefully for longer. Thank you all. Spolmit / Malenkimit / Kalmit
  7. Real life must always come first. Good luck with the 'issues' and haste ye back.
  8. Please add: Cragside 1520, 1488 Thank you.
  9. Those prizes are most generous! I am sure that there will be lots of original creations that will make the decision of the Wurm team difficult . Good luck everyone!
  10. Thank you to all the team involved in this update.
  11. To our great neighbours across the North Sea- happy Norwegian Constitution Day. I can already imagine the flags flying outside all the houses in the country!
  12. Many congratulations! Outstanding achievement.
  13. You have a great imagination and you obviously love this game, however I am not so sure if your ideas would be implemented into Wurm. The reason why I say this is because some of your ideas are very (maybe too) personal / prescriptive and quite complex. I would however, agree with your idea that with a game called Wurm, there should have been the opportunity of developers adding a creature named The Wurm as an additional unique rather than merely bait for fishing! I congratulate you on the detail of your proposals and it is always good to read ideas of people wanting Wurm to achieve its full potential.
  14. Please send one of your steel needles (coc) to Kalmit. Thank you! Received with thanks.
  15. It fooled me- I thought I had a field of new-born foals! Surely we are not going to complain too much for something that has been done with the very best of intent even if it does not suit us?
  16. I write the following as a person who loves Wurm, has played for a decade now and has paid premium throughout that time: I sometimes play for two or three hours during every evening and most of that time I see no chat at all in my server. If I was a new player just trying out Wurm I would probably give it a few days and then try somewhere else without discovering the amazing game that we have here. I also write this as a person who is not a 'chatty' person myself but do enjoy the feeling of belonging to a community. It is therefore surely evident that some things need to be tried out in order to encourage people to try Wurm and then stay. As MrGARY stated earlier and elentari expanded on, free to play characters can in fact be just as important as those like me who pay. They help create the sense of community, they help with the 'imagination' of a vibrant active world that is simply waiting to be explored. In the real world, the VIP who pays more money for a better view of a sports event is no more important than the crowd in the tier furthest away from the action who in fact are the ones who create the atmosphere at such events. What could be done? That is the great unknown but it will remain unknown until ideas have been tried out. As a premium player I receive rewards every month that I can exchange for items that benefit me in-game. I would be quite happy if that was the main difference between f2p and p2p- I am sure that others would disagree! I would also take a risk with substantially raising the levels achievable by f2p to at least 70. This would allow the 'free' player more time to get involved (hooked) in Wurm. I suspect that those who remain for longer will be more likely to invest in the premium side the further up-the-ladder they travel. Events are often a source of great enjoyment in Wurm for older and some new players and there are those players who put a great deal of time, money and effort into creating things such as impalongs and unique hunts. Most of them seem to be the sort of person who does it for the love of the game but I feel that it would be good if such people received something not obtainable by others as a commemoration of their input into Wurm. Are my ideas, comments and suggestions going to help? Quite possibly not and earlier Maiya wrote something that will ring a bell; 'Common sense- if too many people enjoy the free ride... and not enough people help pull, the wagon is not going anywhere' I would try to be a little more positive and say that if we had more people enjoying the ride some of them may be encouraged to get off the cart and start pulling.
  17. So glad to see that you have stayed on! From my comment on your leaving thread: 'You say that you still love the game. That in itself tells me that in your heart of hearts you really do want to stay in our ever-expanding Wurm world. I hope that you will think again about your decision and give it another go- perhaps trying another server or even Wurm Unlimited' I find that playing Wurm 'the casual way' is a most enjoyable experience and fully recommend it to you. I do not play on Melody or indeed any of the new servers, however, I shall wait with interest to see how you get on with your dream deed. Good luck from a Pristine island-dweller!
  18. Some good ideas Katrat. I thought of a few more here. Guard 1 "Sigh! Oh, just a minute" Guard 2 "Again? Already?" Guard 3 " When are you going to improve your own sword?" Guard 4 "But I've just healed myself!" Guard 5 "Hi Ho Hi Ho , Its Off To Work We Go!!" Guard 6 "I want danger money"
  19. Retrograde, thank you for all the work that you have done to inform us of developments in Wurm and your undoubted efforts to make this information more open or clear to all the community. I can only imagine the time you put into all your work and those times when you had to give news that some folks would not want to hear- that is when you really did need a 'thick-skin' (now on sale 25s from the store!). I hope that you can now enjoy some game-time in this great game. Wherever you play or whatever you do next, I wish you the greatest of success- stay lucky! Oh, and a great welcome to DemonaNightshade- all the very best!
  20. In my almost 10 years of playing Wurm, I have enjoyed my time so much thanks to the great community but today I am writing about enjoyment and ultimately sadness on a completely different scale. At the end of 2016, I saw news of a Wurm Unlimited server that was to be opened soon. It was written by someone who I had been following through their Wurm adventures on YouTube It is now over four years since I took the ‘chance’ and plunged into life on Mystic Highlands. It is my sad duty to report that this morning Mystic Highlands server was closed down. 'Alas, this day was going to come some day or other, it is with very heavy hearts that we must announce that Mystic Highlands will have to be closed down on the 15th February 2021 for good' I am incredibly sad and yesterday I spoke to many citizens about what we had all achieved and enjoyed and to be honest, tears were shed at times. I would like to thank those who made Mystic Highlands possibly the greatest ever Wurm Unlimited server. Valiance, Kaylie, and Razathor, you achieved a wonderful dream. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the MANY things that you did in order to create these lands, put on wonderful events and support us all. No-one worked harder than you to create these wondrous lands. Valiance and Kaylie I hope that you stay well and enjoy great happiness and success in the future in everything that you do. To my neighbours and good friends Duskwind, Windwalker and Debbie I thank you for being great friends, wonderful fun in chat and simply the best of people. To all the citizens who came to Mystic Highlands, thank you all for creating this wonderful land and for making it a place of fun, fantastic architecture and great community. I shall miss the wonderful buildings created by people with skills far greater than my own. Most of all I shall miss riding around the roads, lanes and forests of Mystic Highlands on my trusty white horse Nadacopper who was with me every day I played. To anyone who suggests closing down Wurm Online server because of this or that, I say please never do it! To all at Mystic Highlands I say you will never be forgotten. Thank you so much!
  21. [23:00:01] You have received a box of chocolates! Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you Wurm!
  22. Your idea is laid out in a logical and genuine way, however, I would be against the changes that you are proposing. I have invested almost 10 years of my life in some deeds in Wurm. It would make me genuinely sad if just because I was one of a small group of settlers left on a particular server all my hard work was to be destroyed. It is honestly not the money but the emotional and social investment that would be lost that I would be against. The memories that well-known places and events offer to a player in Wurm are often as a result of the longevity of the game and in my opinion are far too important to be erased even if players are long-since gone and events are simply a fond misty haze. Think what it would be like if the Coliseum or the Roman Wall was to be destroyed in order to provide new building space in Rome or Northumberland!
  23. Congratulations! It is one thing to have a dream, but to have the ability and drive to actually do something about it is impressive. Continued good luck!
  24. I am not sure if this is the place to let someone know about this little problem- apologies if it not! I have recently been creating another floor in a building. I used the wiki to help me create a set of stairs and the page is correctly named: Wide staircase with both banisters When I hover over the staircase in-game I see the correct naming of the structure being built. However, when I view the event tab in-game I see the following text: You attach planks and shafts to a wide staircase with banisiters on both sides. I realise that this is minor, however, it would help you tidy up a tiny loose-end with text.