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  1. petition

    Im wondering how, after several lie-based hate compains that all ended in catastrophic wars, there are still people out there that do take the ###### spread by us propaganda as truth. I assume that meanwhile every person with access to internet and willing to inform him/herself knows the following facts: - the US-regime spend several billions on destablizing that country (instead of using the money for american needs) - the same regime and its vasals have been sweetening the guy who is the current MP of Ucrain and later decided to install him in this position - again, the US regime and its agents in europe have been openly supporting a coup agains a democratically elected government, carried out with massive support of hardcore nazi groups - the hunta that took the power after the coup has opened a heavy war against the people in the east of the country, acting just like some kind of middle east dictatorship - bidens sons got a fancy position in the executive board of the largest ucranian natural gas company - an us american and a couple us agents got positions in the current government in the ucraine Its all well known and prooved. So one absolutely can say that the US-regime has brought the country to the stage where it is now and its still pulling the strings in behind. But still people are ranting on russia. For what? For securing a referendum on crimea? Or for protecting people in the east from being massacred by kiews troops?
  2. Im sellinng 2.5g for 1€ / 1s. I can sell lower amounts but please not less than 50s at one time. Pm me for details and thank you in advance!
  3. petition

    One can like Putin or not, but in the particular case of ucraine the fault is clearly on the side of the US-regime and its european vasals. I myself - as german citizen - feel ashamed for the spinelessness of my government and the treason it commits on our interests and the idea of european union.
  4. Selling my majestic viking ship. Looking for 8s. material, ql and number of rafts will be added in a few minutes
  5. The sword is sold for buyout. Thanks to Niki for her bid though!
  6. One offer arrived, more offers are welcome
  7. na. 18s? just naaahh! but thanks for the offer though.
  8. Its realy nothing more than a trader on a small deed
  9. [18:25:40] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent cod to Pblack. Thanks for buying!
  10. Will do. Thanks to you and all bidders!