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  1. Chaos suggestion

    why doesn't he just put the old home server/wild server code back in then? it worked with kingdoms before, is the freedom code THAT much different? why ppl cant understand we dont need kingdoms, just open the pvp, we know who we want to kill or not, is this really too simple to get it?? everything will be the same as now, but without penalties for atacking others or draining deeds
  2. Chaos suggestion

    because adding another server is the worst idea, we already have too many of them. It wont give you many new players, but it will spread (already small) community even more.
  3. Chaos suggestion

    this. Its so simple, just open the pvp, thats all, no need to code anything, we will deal with everything by our self (no need pmks, we have alliances, enemies?? it will be up to our own will, if we want to kill someone or not, its a sandbox)
  4. Chaos suggestion

    im not o sure if new server is the best solution, but if speaking about that i am all for replacing the current Wild, not adding another one.
  5. Chaos suggestion

    i still dont understand why ppl playing on Epic or other Freedom`s maps care about enabling free pvp on Wild?? its not that your opinion doesnt matter, but i see that few of you are trying very hard to prevent something that will make us very happy, but wont affect you in any ways (unless you care about amount of players on your map, since some might be back on Wild, but that would be selfish)
  6. Chaos suggestion

    Everything but not another map, i would rather vote for a reset current one than adding more unpopulated maps. Just open the pvp on Chaos, thats all, simple, fast and good (worked very well for many years). (dont listen to those saying that opening pvp will ruin their new deeds, when Wild went freedom you stated it very clear, that pvp will be still allowed, so those who planted new deeds (im one of them) and now complaining because they are not prepared are just pathetic, we knew exactly what we were doing, we will deal with it)
  7. Chaos suggestion

    if i got it right, youre complaining that we are playing longer than you or just that we have higher skills than you ??
  8. Chaos suggestion

    A map reset would fix the map technical problems. what problems?? yea, we will have other problems: small, easy to travel map means a decent group can do a massive dmg in short amount of time and ppl will complain again. if someone doesnt like mountains it doesnt mean its a problem especially since ppl are living on them, have deeds not to mention some raids happened there so they arent so bad
  9. Chaos suggestion

    having new map is always fun, but im against it, its just a temporary solution and we will be in the same point in a year or two. I can agree for scheduled resets every few months or years, but not if we are going to do it once, right now, just to fix the current problems because it wont fix anything.
  10. cant say i have good pics because for some reason quality is really low :-\ and i didnt really take much. most common situation, looking at the map because we kept getting lost ^^ drinking at the one of the few places we visited: just a random picture: and another one: small group foto: somewhere in Utrecht, posting it just because the lights looks cool ;p and one of the few things i will remember the most
  11. Amsterdam- invaded by wurmians! It was great weekend, im happy i could be there. T-shirt is prieceless
  12. Its very minimal coding... All has to be done is opening border between Wild and Freedom, thats all (aka old JK Home/Wild style) nothing else has to be changed. I dont really see any reasons in turning Wild into non-pvp. Wilders dont want it and everyone will agree theres no need for another Freedom map (the 3rd one wasnt even really needed). Having Wild pvp or turned into non-pvp wont make any diff for the Freedom cluster as a whole since borders are going to be opend anyway, so why not just listen to people and keep it the way they want it??
  13. Last time i was on Golden Valey you could go to Epic and Wild from there directly not only to Freedom
  14. read the thread again, moving items or anything else from wild to epic is the last thing wilders are asking for.