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  1. FSB door

    FSB door opens when more than half full, instead of when opening to view contents I am sure the door used to open smoothly when selecting right click > open, unless I was thinking of larder or something (which also doesn't open currently)
  2. missing floor spike on bottom of model to have it look nice against a cliff: Also collision seems to be only in the center of the wall, and not all around it like normal walls, allowing you to clip and see everything through the wall:
  3. Wooden left/right/T arched walls state that they only need 20 planks after attaching the first wooden beam in crafting window and examine text; but attempting to continue the wall states that it needs large nails. Not a huge set-back, but caused a moment of confusion
  4. c95 large shield, c89 hammer, c82 pickaxe, c82 sickle COD Hypamania Thanks!
  5. I've noticed this too. Not mayor, have all permissions, but takes 10+ hits on deed, and one hit off deed. All catseyes planted by me
  6. This still seems to be happening above ground, specifically with bsbs and orange trees Actually I might be remembering pre-thursday. Will keep an eye on it.
  7. 9 year bump market stalls are still not movable, or loadable, or anything. If you are accidentally looking at another tile while working on a market stall on the tile you actually want it to be on, it will jump to the incorrect tile the instant it is finished, and unmovable, even if the unfinished market stall is in the right place as you finish it. Is there a coding limitation or some reason these things could never be moved?
  8. L&A

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is L&A?
  9. I had a similar thing happen above ground yesterday. I was carrying an 8 ql bsb out of a mine because I couldn't plant it (<10ql), so i wanted to take it outside and improve it, but it slowed down my movement. I dropped the bsb on a paved tile, walked 6 tiles ahead to a log pile to grab a log, turned around and the bsb was gone. Thinking I was crazy, I looked around for about 5 minutes as I only turned my back for a second. I then relogged and it reappeared. Not sure if this is a related bug.
  10. Good Evening, Occasionally when I cross servers, my knarr goes max speed (56 km/h and change) regardless of wind speed and direction. It only goes max speed when I press W or S. Seems to happen when I am on a knarr, and I cross while i am on autorun (x), about 5% of the time. Fixes when I disembark/reembark. Photo attached:
  11. When I make egg nog, I can lore the egg nog and make even more egg nog, forever, without using any more alcohol, because the egg nog is treated as the initial alcohol ingredient and only the extra ingredients are needed. I don't think this is intentional.
  12. bucket, pinewood, 54 ql, 77 coc, 40 c cheese drill, oakenwood, 30 ql, 79 coc, 40 c tooth, 64 ql, 72 coc, 40 c Please COD to Hypamania. Thanks!
  13. Setting your title to "None" to not be shown will revert to the title it was at previously upon server crossing.
  14. Hypamania, Seedlings, and Windowskey will be there. (all real people)
  15. Close.

    17s on lot 2, rare two handed sword COD to Hypamania if I win
  16. Close.

    How many mails do these items have left?
  17. An axe I bought has 0 mails left. Sort of seems like I have been scammed as I can't mail it away for imps. I dislike having to ask how many mails an item has left before purchasing it. Please remove this limit +1
  18. +1 This is now a suggestion post about unique alerts
  19. It is fair because these groups spend countless hours searching every corner of every island to find these things. Why should someone that does no work to find, capture, or kill these things gain benefit? Everyone and every group has equal chance. Even if uniques become completely unpennable and do not go underground anymore, it will not stop private groups from working hard to find and reap the rewards. Every single group does private hunts; JK, MR, Alyeska/Xallo, Stanlee's group, Majqo's group. It is not just one group that is guilty