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  1. Lots of Shoulder Pads! 7s and less

    I'll take the Exquisite Leather shoulder pad. COD to Xanakira, please.
  2. WTA 10982ql gems and 502ql sub 10 ql gems

    You still wanting to sell this?
  3. WTS Rare Tools

    COD a rare chisel to Xanakira if still available.
  4. WTB Rare Fo Statuette

    Looking to buy a rare Fo statuette. Any metal is fine.
  5. Massive rare Auction

    #1 and #11 5s
  6. How much for the unfinished forges?
  7. Wts Compasses

    Got them. Thanks.
  8. Wts Compasses

    COD 5 and 7 to Xanakira
  9. WTB Rare Bridle

    Looking to buy a set of rare horseshoes. No enchants needed. And a rare saddle. Also looking for a rare bridle. QLs don't matter at this point. Thanks to everyone that offered to me.
  10. Found. Thanks. Please close.

    Looking to buy a rare longsword. Message here or in game at Xanakira or Zarame Found, thank you. Please close
  11. Magrathea Lantern Shop (91ql Lantern - 80c)

    Yay! Got my lantern back quick and awesome. Thanks so much. <3 Will definitely recommend to friends.
  12. Magrathea Lantern Shop (91ql Lantern - 80c)

    I'd like to get my lantern imped and dyed if possible. Can PM here or in game at Xanakira.
  13. WTB gems Deliverance

    Looking to buy gems of any ql.