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  1. Can't wait for the favor reworking and sleep bonus
  2. Contacted to arrange delivery
  3. Already 100 in ctrl+c, ctrl+v 100 Pottery
  4. Bump! Open for business with new horses coming every day!
  5. It would be nice to be able to see any mail that you've sent that has not been picked up yet. That is all. Thank you for coming.
  6. Looking to purchase a seryll lump. PM with ql, weight, price
  7. Sold! Will contact you for delivery
  8. Should be no different than selling sleep powder or rare bones.
  9. This is an auction for a Bronze Challenge Statue on the Northern Freedom Islands! These statues were available for a limited time as a reward for competing in the challenge server. They are available on NFI through the gift boxes on the premium mark store. "Gift box - 4500 marks-a random item is added to your inventory-this can be anything from a wide range of items, including moonmetal, statues, and bones though sleep powder is the most common item rewarded." -Wurmpedia Start Bid: 10s Min Inc: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour **Edit - Added minimum increment
  10. I'm not sure if much of the community is aware of the situation. The lead these players have is pretty substantial on a new cluster that was based around everyone starting fresh.
  11. Days are running together due to the 'rona! Thanks for pointing that out haha. Fixed.
  12. I was able to become a priest on August 2nd, only missing a day or two of faith ticks. So, realistically with all restarts someone could've priested by roughly July 30th. That means a player would've been able to abuse that exploit for approximately 11 days and reap the benefits of this channeling grind for that time frame. Now that I know this, it's no surprise there's so many high casts in the market already.
  13. [10:39:35] Animal husbandry increased by 0.0166 to 50.0131 [10:39:35] You have just received the title 'Drover'!
  14. Redbeard's Stables Where "negative traits" isn't even in our vocabulary! (Updated 09/20/20) 2 Speeds: Black, male, (CM, SB), Falconwarrior - 3s SOLD Brown, Gold, (CM, FM), Briskice - 3s Brown, male, (FM, SL), Rocklars - 3s Skewbald Pinto, male, (CM, FM), Greystrong - 3s SOLD Skewbald Pinto, male, (FM, SB), Hardgallant - 3s SOLD 1 Speeds: Black, male, (SB), Runfancy - 1.5s SOLD Black, male, (SB), Sadjack - 1.5s SOLD Black, male, (SB, KS), Silverwild - 1.5s SOLD Black, male, (SB, SH, CS), Starkrage - 1.5s SOLD Gold, male, (FM, CS), Wildhoney - 1.5s SOLD Piebald Pinto, male, (FM, SH), Clipwart - 1.5s SOLD Skewbald Pinto, male, (FM, SH, TB), Rainnorth - 1.5s SOLD White, male, (FM), Dancehard - 1.5s SOLD **Prices reflect pickup on site. Delivery can be arranged to any server for a fee **All horses in foal stage unless otherwise specified Trait Legend Find out what each trait does here! These horses don't fit your needs?: Check out Carbon <- Link to her thread
  15. I just picked up 4 logs from a pile and had the same thing happen to me. My weight went up but the items were not in my inventory. Relogging made the logs visible.
  16. Melody character name: OlRedbeard Deed: Redbeard's Island Hideaway Location: K25 - East coast of Melody Prior Wurm Experience: I've been around since 2011 in various forms. I have had deeds on Indy, Deli, Celebration, Xanadu, and Release. Overall, really looking forward to experience this new adventure with everyone
  17. So you will sail from the South Harmony into North Melody? Or the other way around?
  18. Totally understandable. Had it not been for my lengthy absence I'm sure I would share the same sentiment.
  19. Good point! I added a choice for that.
  20. I have taken a step back from Wurm along with my friends about 1-2 year(s) ago. Most of us had RL get in the way and Wurm has been put on the back burner. However, with the announcement of the new Steam cluster some months ago, it lit the Wurm fire in us once again, We are anxiously awaiting the release so that we can experience again the unique experience that Wurm brings. Now that we are coming ever closer to the eventual Steam release of the game, I wanted to see how many other players are expecting to return and take part in this new untouched landscape. If you are planning to return, what do you expect to accomplish in the first months following release? I am anticipating exploration of the new land, finding a nice spot for my circle to develop much like that when Xanadu released (We owned most of the small island off the coast of the mainland in SW Xanadu). I am also looking forward to the new grind of fresh characters alongside everyone else. It will be a challenge I was unable to be a part of when Pristine/Release came about. I am hoping to see a lot of familiar faces and take part in the development of highway systems and building this new land alongside the community. If you aren't planning on playing on the new cluster, feel free to share stories about building the servers that currently stand today!