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  1. This. Around this time last year there was a lot of communication, a lot was being shown and interesting releases happened monthly. It gave the community things to talk about and things to look forward to in the short term. Right now there's just this vague long term roadmap, but I have no idea what to expect for the first quarter of this year at all, or for any part of this year really, except that fighting will get revamped (but who knows when that will be, probably not soon considering how little they are communicating about it at the moment). The roadmap by itself isn't enough, just look at how many years it took to implement bridges, who knows what kind of timescale the stuf on the current roadmap is even on.
  2. I remember a story from back in the day that they tried something like this on one of the beta servers and the entire server ended up burning down. So fire that can spread is something to be very very careful with and probably not a great idea as the impact from even a small bug could be severe.
  3. Probably King Arthur: Knight's Tale or Dark Deity. I've kickstarted both and they should be releasing Q1 this year.
  4. Exactly this. Looking at the formula which they are using it's completely irrelevant that undesirable ql ore will increase in ql to a slightly higher, but still undesirable, quality. What high miners want more of is the max ql ore, so if I understand mining correctly the imbue would be vastly more useful if it also decreased action difficulty, as the less difficult the action the more max ql stuff you get, right? Now I don't think that the changes should be reverted, especially the rune changes seem very fair to me, but imbues certainly need a buff of some kind on the higher end so they give more max ql ores. Right now the stuff is simply too rare/expensive for it's effect. The mechanics also definitely shouldn't differ between NFI and SFI, as then it would become an obstacle for the inevitable merger of both clusters.
  5. This. It's also doubly a shame that the mechanics of imbues were on their radar for rebalancing, but Uniques have fallen completely under the radar while those give the stuff you need to make many of the imbues.
  6. My guess would be that it was changed because you could end up teleporting a wagon to another floor in a building that way. But this new bridge bug sounds even worse than that, hopefully it can be fixed quickly.
  7. So the patch notes are incorrect as they don't mention anything of the sort, or it's a bug. The only cap mentioned is skill level, nothing else.
  8. Interesting, as that doesn't add up with the patch notes at all, does it? The rune should add 10%, capped at skill level, so the max ql of shards that you should be seeing should be 99.999 with that mining. So either the patch notes are incorrect, or this stuff is quite bugged.
  9. For mining their biggest use seems to be that a ql 91+ vein can give you ql 100 ore, if you have 100 skill. That's still quite good.
  10. I like the rune changes for skills like mining and woodcutting, but really dislike that they now do nothing at all for harvesting. Don't see the point for imbues with the given formula, barely does anything at high skill and is way too expensive at low skill. Effectively it increases the average ql of what you gather by increasing the ql of the low and mid ql stuff. That's mostly stuff which you'd throw away if you don't have the imbue, and you'll mostly still throw it away if you have the imbue. Not worth it. (Please tell me if I'm completely wrong on that count, I'd love to be proven wrong on this one)
  11. Just realized after a discussion in Alliance chat, what are gather runes going to do on sickles and scythes? The ql of the stuff you gather is already at skill level with farming and forestry, so those runes now do nothing? Is that intended, or an oversight?
  12. I think that that is a good change for the Runes. Gather skill Imbues on the other hand, doesn't feel worth it on the high end and they're way too expensive for the mid and low range of skills. To me it feels like a mismatch between effort and reward there, it's like it's aimed at low-mid skilled characters, but at that skill range you're far better off investing in enchants and high ql tools instead of in way too expensive bloods/imbues. So no, not convinced at all that those are worth it, it mostly leaves me wondering who these imbues are for. What is the target audience for this feature? How does this formula work for Weaponsmith/Armorsmith imbues and those like it?
  13. I played that game a ton back in the day, really enjoyed it. There's a remake on Steam that isn't out yet, I'm really looking forward to it.
  14. Christmas isn't a special event? now more seriously: It is indeed quite close to the last time we had it, though Christmas still seems like the no brainer moment to do it, especially with covid-19 right now keeping a lot of people home instead of visiting family like usual.
  15. That's great to hear, sounds reasonable then. I look forward to seeing the end result later this month.