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  1. If only the tackle box just worked like a bsb/fsb, with the difference that you can carry it around with you in your inventory. It would be a massive ease of use improvement without changing anything depth wise. That's currently one of my main issues with fishing and why I don't bother with it all that much. Does the LMC actually prevent decay on all the contents of the tackle box these days? Last time I tried that a few years ago the fishing lines in it still seemed to be decaying even with the box inside an LMC.
  2. -1, as this would stop players who make a forum account just to post a good idea, sounds a lot like cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. Just let the moderators deal with this if necessary, else ignore terrible suggestions (don't even respond with a -1, just ignore them) and they'll drop away quickly enough.
  3. That would just drain players from the North side to the South side, either make it two way skill transfer or don't add it at all. Preferably the latter, just allow boat access and be done with it already.
  4. VR sounds like a really weird idea for the current Wurm as the controls and the way you play the game with them really doesn't suit VR controllers, unless the idea is that it's just another camera and that the player is to continue using the mouse and keyboard even with VR?
  5. I don't think that it's entirely unacceptable as we know the staff are volunteers. But what is indeed unacceptable is that they don't communicate to tell us that things are going to be slow for a bit. If Pandalet's apology had simply been an announcement made when devs started dropping out due to RL issues then people would have known what to expect. Managing the expectations of a community is indeed critical. Otherwise doom and gloom, toxicity, etc is exactly what you get, or people just get disillusioned and leave, and the fault for that then lies entirely with the lack of communications from the staff. I've seen it happen with other games and its really unfortunate when it does. We've been asking for more communication for months now, like for most of the year at this point. There have been plenty of warnings from people who saw exactly in which direction things were heading in the community due to this lack of communication, yet nothing changed until things eventually boiled over (and the end result was pretty disgusting, some people really deserve bans for what was written). tldr: please communicate more with the community, even if it's just something as simple as an announcement telling us that the next update might take a while due to RL issues amongst the staff, combined with summer holidays. What these RL issues entail is none of our business, but at least tell us when something is up that will greatly affect the release schedule! Even more so after the last big update was not that well received and still contains a lot of issues that need fixing. That's absolutely not a state you want the game to be in when you decide to go for total radio silence with your community. In this case such an announcement would have made a lot of sense in place of the monthly patch for July, for example
  6. I completely agree with what you said there, and that thread indeed took a really disgusting turn. Though I also feel that the devs handled the expectations of players pretty badly. If they had simply mentioned earlier in an announcement (so not only in some random topic) what Pandalet mentioned in that reply then people would have known that things would be slow for a bit, it would have corrected their expectations. It would have staved off the pessimism, negative emotions, etc. Just let us know, without going into details (so exactly like what was in Pandalet's reply there, RL issues + vacations + AH still being worked on), it can only help. There's really no good reason not to say anything in a situation like this! The entire reason things were going negative/toxic is because of the complete radio silence since the last bugfix nearly 2 months ago, while we're still sitting with a big, somewhat broken, update.
  7. But that's one way, you can spend marks and then sometimes sell the stuff, but not always. Buying marks on the other hand would allow you to for example buy extra marks purely to get more affinities, should that for example be desirable? It comes pretty close to skill boosters, doesn't it?
  8. Same here, though at the same time I do understand where people are coming from. Just look at 2020 for example, we had a couple of events that year, sometimes combined with skill gain bonus weekends, etc. That pretty much started with Covid, then another was run in combination with the Steam launch and if I remember correctly there was one around black friday as well? Then we enter 2021 and there's been exactly nothing events wise, even though there were plenty of opportunities, for example: Year 1100 in game 15 year anniversary since Wurm went Gold (6/6/2006) 1 year anniversary since the Steam launch In September we're also coming up on the 10 year anniversaries for Exodus and Deliverance. But I'm sure they'll also let that opportunity pass without doing anything. Yet all of these things could have been used to bring the community together, perhaps draw some old players back into the game, etc. From a community management standpoint these are all missed opportunities and meanwhile the game is bleeding players. Not helping...
  9. Switch gaming

    I quite enjoyed Rune Factory 4. It's quite an interesting take on the harvest moon formula, all the farming stuff is in there, interesting villagers/npcs to interact with and also an interesting story with dungeons to explore. If you like games like stardew valley or harvest moon then you'll likely like this one too.
  10. +1, but do it by adding some sliders. Let people choose their own settings. I'd personally like it darker, but I'm sure there are also people who like it the way it is.
  11. An example: 6 actions in one minute, each gives .1 skill, for a total of .6 Faster timer (so like WoA): 9 actions in one minute, each gives .75 skill, for a total of .6. Faster timer, but not lower skill gain (so what you suggest, like BotD): 9 actions in one minute, each gives .1 skill, for a total of 0.9 more skill gain, same timers (so like CoC) 6 actions in one minute, each gives .15 skill, for a total of 0.9 So there's your problem, those spells which give faster action timer and skill gain at the same time actually increase the amount of skill you gain per minute. By saying it should be faster timers without lowered skill gain per action you are effectively saying that it should be faster timers with increased skill gain, and your suggestion doesn't even mentioned increased skill gain in it anywhere.
  12. That's not how Wurm works. Skill gain is impacted by the length of the timer (up to a certain point). A shorter timer is thus less skill gain per action, but the skill gain per minute mostly doesn't change. Less skill gain per action means more actions, which means consuming more resources, etc, in order to gain the same amount of skill.
  13. So including deed upkeep, that would be like 20 skills I could get faster timers on? But why would I want faster timers? I most cases it's bad for skill gain, so looking long term you'd never want this. You're better off using a specific WoA tool when you want faster timers, so you have control over when they are and aren't faster.
  14. That's why you're better of limiting threads to 1 suggestion or so each, that way all the others don't get completely snowed under when there's an absolutely terrible suggestion in your large list As for mining your mining/tunnel suggestion, sounds like a great way to make some deathtraps actually lethal. Griefers are sure to love it, so let's not.
  15. It should be mentioned that Rolf closed down those two servers because he completely messed them up, and that's putting it lightly. He introduced PvP raiding to all PvE servers and only reverted course a few months later. By then the damage was done, thus it was decided to reset things on the PvE side. So those were very special circumstances. When was that? Back when I started in 2007 creatures roamed, trolls even went out of their way to bash through your walls in order to kill you. These days any shed you make is generally safe, not so back then. I had to build Guard Towers around my place in order to stay safe, as Iwasn't using a deed (those were very expensive back then) and the tower guards actively killed stuff within their radius, thus creating safe areas. Though I certainly don't disagree that areas around the starting towns should probably be safer than average. But creatures which require a small group roaming like that sounds like a bad idea as a lot of people live very far away from the starting area (read, on the coasts). The more logical place for such creatures would be deeper in land, but that's usually where the starter towns are currently located, so that poses a bit of an issue. I do agree that the game could use more small group content, but roaming creatures like that on existing servers would probably be a problem. Other games generally use instanced areas for this, even Valheim recently showed how that can work quite well. In Wurm perhaps cracks could spawn in caves and on the rock layer, which you could then travel though to get to said instances. Clearing one and leaving it could cause the crack to collapse (vanish), so it could then respawn elsewhere. Perhaps portals/rifts could be player made, which you could then use to invade other realms (like jackal). So the opposite of current Rift events where our world is invaded. You could for example allow players to build such portals and then require priests to charge them with a ton of favor in order to (re)activate them. While stuff like this is usually found in more theme park mmos, it really fits sandbox mmos greatly as well when done right. Tell me, is ship travel any fun, is it interesting in any way? Or is it just, point the thing and afk for a long time? After recently playing Valheim I can say that that game makes ship travel a lot more interesting, the atmosphere is great, the storms are incredible and the deeper areas are dangerous, especially at night. Mail isn't just great because it's convenient, it's also great because the alternative, ship travel, is a really boring waste of time.