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  1. Switched my Shares

    You don't want to spread bad feelings and want to clear things up, yet you only comes with suspicions and have no facts to back them up with whatsoever. If those are indeed your goals then the next time perhaps gather facts first? Spreading baseless suspicions because of a gut feeling you have won't help to accomplish those goals. If you want to act like a journalist (as you mentioned in an earlier post) then don't put your cart before the horse.
  2. Thanks, that worked. I must have overlooked it when I installed the client a while back.
  3. Switched my Shares

    Good to hear that a party was interested in investing in Wurm, I look forward to seeing what the future will hold for the game.
  4. Is there a low memory version of the native launcher? It uses a lot more memory than the low memory jnlp client does for me (around 50% more), with the same settings.
  5. Could be that your current work location just had a very expensive host for their web site. Where I work moving our stuff to AWS would actually increase our monthly bill.
  6. Why not both? Player versus Environment and a frontline war against the environment are not mutually exclusive.
  7. Why do any of that if they are starting to move things to AWS? They should have stuck to the original plan and rolled it out on AWS (aka, they should have delayed Jackal until it's ready), but that is hindsight talking. Without hindsight I think what they have tried made sense, it just didn't work out as hoped. But either way, getting a server administrator or new hardware when you are starting to move to a platform like AWS seems like a waste.
  8. How does one transfer back from Jackal to Freedom? Do you need to make a lodestone on the other side, and if so, how long would that likely take to pull off? I wouldn't want to be unable to get back to Freedom for too long if I decide to pay a visit to Jackal.
  9. Personally while I'd love to have a hunting server with more PvE challenge, I also want it to be accessible, meaning with skills and items transfering so I can go over there with some friends to have some fun when we want to. With neither of those transfering we'd first have to grind up skills and aquire items. Now that's not that bad, if we only had to do it once, but the 6 month reset would ruin even that. I'll keep following the news on this as the general idea of a more challenging PvE server sounds really interesting to me, but so far the details sound like an unappealing executing, I hope that will change.
  10. So you propose shutting down the most populated server due to travel times and it's size? When MMOs shut down a server they generally shut down those that have the smallest population, so that the last amount of people are impacted. Especially in games like Wurm, as shutting down a server also means that people lose a lot of the hard work they put into their deeds. The risk of such people leaving permanently isn't negligible, and your expected mass exodus can very well become a mess exodus to other games instead of to other servers. Thus from a business standpoint closing Xanadu is a really bad choice. Shutting down any server is pretty much a bad choice at this point due to the nature of the game. Even if you shut down the least populated one, people will become more afraid that their server might eventually be next, this will prevent plenty of players from further investing into the game (fear is bad for investment, stability is great). Those players will then check out of the game, and thus shutting down a server can very well cause a population drop on all other servers as well.
  11. I'd would like to buy the 300 support beams and all your dirt. I've got crates to swap and delivery would be great. I'm on the Xanadu coast near the border of the server (H8, my dock is on the north tip of the island).
  12. Great map dump update. I love to compare them to last year's in order to see the progress of my terraforming work ?
  13. Yeah, production with more depth like that would be really good for the game. The drying racks for hide and then tanning it is a great example.
  14. Right now there's an average amount of time it takes to surface mine a tile. It's obviously more than 1 action worth of time and depends on your skill and tool ql as well, but it's there and can be calculated if you know the chance of success when surface mining. If you change that chance of success to 100% and at the same time increase the base timer then you can get the exact same average time per tile. In both cases you can hit a keybind x times and look away, but this actually becomes worse with the longer timer because it drains more stamina. Thus pressing a keybind and looking away will result in surface mining taking way longer if the action can no longer fail. That's a pretty good tradeoff. Personally I agree and I wouldn't put the percentage chance at 100% just like that. While it does remove the annoyance factor (which is a good thing to remove) it does also make surface mining less of a hurdle as you pointed out later. I'd propose a different system instead: Right now mining underground takes 50 actions per tile, what if we use something similar, but different. Say when you're surface mining a corner you need to get 100 effort in order to mine it down 1. A mining action can give X effort per action (max 100). Thus it might take 4 actions to mine down a corner by 1, or it might take 1 action. The 4 action case is just like failing 3 times and then succeeding. The difference here is that the player would be able to see his progress by examining the tile/corner. Thus you know that you're making progress, this removes the annoyance factor (previously caused by failing and not making any progress) while keeping the surface mining process the same otherwise.
  15. I dont think it has to be twitchy. For example you could divide the lump into a 3x3 grid at the start, depending on which of the 9 grid sections you click on different things would happen. The shape could change, removing and adding new grid sections as appropriate. Time wise there's no need for issues either, you could hammer it as long as it's hot enough and reheat it if it's no longer hot enough, or reset it with that item which turns metal stuff back in to lumps. From an abstract point of view it's simply a recipe, just like with cooking.