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  1. It's pretty much the only game that I've found where I can just relax and do whatever, especially great when I'm tired at the end of the day. I also love the terraforming capabilities
  2. How about some other pickaxe enchants? For example one that increases the chance that you get special stuff like gems? It's not a must have enchant, but mostly nice to have. Could give Fo a similar one for shovels. I'd let the surface mining enchant go beyond the 50% cap, even if it's only to 60% max. That's a 20% increase, so actually pretty good even if it doesn't look like much. Capping it to 50% makes it useless to people with high mining. The spell to light and fuel furnaces sounds great. Thinking of similar things, perhaps an enchant that makes it possible to light such items without kindling would be a good idea? To prevent abuse the item should probably only burn for like 15-30 seconds, enough time to throw some fuel in. Or a furnace enchant which increases the efficiency of fuel so that the furnace burns longer?
  3. Looking at many other games, they usually have their own client besides the steam client and both connect to the same servers. So there's no real reason for Wurm to only be available on steam in the future unless the devs themselves want that for whatever reason. So I wouldn't worry about it if you don't want to play on steam. If you do want to play on steam then there are workarounds
  4. That sounds like a really good idea to give added incentive to buying silver from the shop over RMT, even if it doesn't give anywhere near the amount of points that premium does.
  5. With all the mentions of Mag not being much more than a Strongwall priest on PvE, I thought, why not give him some pickaxe specific enchants to make Mag more interesting a choice? It would fit nice thematically and would give a reason to grind channeling on Mag priests on PvE. Some examples (none of these should stack with each other): An enchant which increases the chance (based on the power of the enchant) that you get gems and other such items while mining. An enchant which gives you a small chance (based on the power of the enchant) to get two items from mining instead of one. For example giving you 2 iron ore with an action instead of just one, while only counting as if you mined one. Thus if a vein has 500 action left, you could get more than 500 ore out of it. An enchant which increases the average ql of what you mine (still capped by the ql of the vein), at the cost of consuming an extra mine action. Thus if a vein has 500 action left, you'd be able to get only 250 ore out of it, but the average ql of said ore would be higher than what you'd normally get with your skill and pickaxe ql. Similar as the above, but instead of consuming an extra mine action it greatly increases your action timer.
  6. I'll keep my priest with either Libila or Vynora. Overall Vynora has some useful spells like Wisdom of Vynora, but Libila will probably win for me due to BotD
  7. Tending is an inefficient use of time. Plant more fields (or use more large planters) and you will save yourself a ton of time for the same amount of chopped veggies. Because of that I don't think it should be included when determining how much effort it takes to make chopped veggies.
  8. Not entirely, Lib has a few spells only available on PvP which don't have anything to do with mycellium and the like. Strongwall for example.
  9. What about future months? For example I bought 12 months of premium in October for a character. So if this feature releases this month then that would still leave me with 8 of those 12 months, do I get points for those 8 months on top of the points for past months of premium?
  10. Really? I'm getting great use out of my Libila priest on Freedom. BotD for tools works great. There's Web Armour and Aura of Shared Pain for armor and then for weapons there's BotD, RT and Bloodthirst. Also Dark Courier for mailboxes. Sure, no Nimbleness and no CoC for real skiller tools, but how exactly does all of the above make Libilia useless on Freedom?
  11. To add to the question, say we currently have active store bought premium until this summer, would we get points for those months once this new system goes live?
  12. So are there any plans to rebalance the spell lists to go along with this change? Right now some of the deities like Nahjo offer a unique collection of utility spells, like Genesis and Strongwall. With just the template priests you'd need both a Fo and Mag priest for that. I hope the devs will consider why people currently have priests of certain player deities and then incorporate some of those things into the template deities.
  13. If I remember correctly the main issues were with guards killing penned hostiles and stuff like that. You could even build a tower next to a deed to get those killed on purpose, right? These days it could probably work if they ignored cared for creatures and any creatures on deed (could probably make it a deed setting, like there is for deed guards for the exact same reason).
  14. I miss tower guards actively killing all hostiles within their area, especially off deed. That used to make areas a lot safer for new players, or for alts without fs. You could stick to a guard tower area early on and be quite safe since any hostiles would be intercepted automatically. Right now you need to call guards for help, hope they respond and run for your life until they do. With some bad luck a trip to the toilet will kill you that early on...
  15. I started back in 2007 so a lot of this doesn't apply any more. Back then I looked at the map and saw a nice, remote, coastal area that I wanted to check out. So I made myself a cart (in hindsight I shouldn't have made one at that point) and set out on a journey to that spot, hoping it would still be free (the population back then was pretty low, so my odds were good). At first I could follow the roads on the map and back then the tower guards actually killed things within their territory, so most of the journey was quite safe. Only near the end did I have to go through a piece of forest without guard towers and then after that I had to mostly swim, but it still went fine. The area was indeed free. Then came my main difficulty, putting a deed down back then was both quite a bit harder (you had to go to a trader as the deed stake didn't exist) and a lot more expensive, so I didn't put one down. We also didn't have a tent, so dying would result in having to travel back to that spot for a good 90 minutes again. Thankfully I didn't die, and I think it was a few weeks later that I joined a nearby village which I had passed on my travels, just so I could respawn there upon death. After that it all went smoothly, until one day a troll bashed my walls down and called me (yes, they could do that back then and they were thus an actual threat). So suddenly the place where I lived became incredibly dangerous, as trolls were way beyond me. But as I mentioned earlier, tower guards automatically kill hostiles within their area, so I set upon myself to surround my home with 3 different towers, while trying not to get killed by the trolls. After that it was smooth sailing and it really felt like an accomplishment. Other difficulties I had early on were digging related, the spot I had chosen was pretty steep, so it was slow going to turn it into a place that I could live on, but that made the result all the more satisfying as well. Iron was never an issue as a mine entrance was pretty much the first thing I made, I lived in that mine for a while and iron was found pretty quickly. So difficulties were: Deeds were really expensive and you needed to get the writ from a trader. Trolls actually bashed your walls down if the walls were between them and you, just so they could kill you. The solutions to those problems were: Join a nearby village for the respawn option, added advantage was becoming part of a very nice community for the next decade or so. I doubt I'd still be playing if I hadn't done that. Protect myself by building guard towers, which at the time kept their areas clear of hostiles by actively hunting down and killing them. Comparing that to the current state of the game, you can now put down a deed a lot easier with a deed stake. From one point of view that's great, from another point that might result in new players not interacting much with others and then eventually dropping out due to a lack of the social aspect of the game. I probably wouldn't change much on that end, perhaps make it possible to join alliances more easily/remotely and really point that option out to players when they put down their deed? As for the guard towers, I feel the way they worked in the past was a lot better than how they work now, as the guards actively kept their area safe. Thus new players wouldn't get ambushed by mobs unless those players actively stepped out of those safe zones. I believe this was removed at some point for performance reasons, but it happened so long ago that I don't quite remember. I think bringing this back would really help new players.