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  1. -1, the fact that the game even has rules for PvE uniques shows that there's an issue with the game mechanics there which should be addressed. Making the rule more convoluted is the opposite of what should be done. And even if you add this rule, what would be next? Instead of stealthing the player could just put a deed down and from that point on "live" there, in local, thus what does the proposal even fix then? Going to ban deeding near private parties next? Or going to ban playing near private parties even if you have a deed there? How far does this have to go?
  2. Hard to conclude if that's really the optimal scenario. If the player base starts dropping so low that people really start to feel like they're mostly alone, that there's almost never anybody on, then they'd risk a feedback loop of players leaving, making said feelings worse, thus more players leaving, etc. Combining the player bases of both clusters can prevent that and result in less players lost than announcing that they will be joined in a month or them staying silent.
  3. I don't feel like trade is all that a relevant factor for linking (though I don't care much for trade so that could simply be bias speaking). What I do feel is relevant is that the player counts on both clusters are getting quite low now, once a community becomes too small you'll get a feedback loop of people leaving due to a lack of community interaction and it feeling like there is nobody else playing the game. The servers really should be merged before hitting that point, assuming we aren't there already. Besides that there's also the advantage of having more to explore, of being able to meet new people, etc. With the current state of the servers I can't really think of a good reason not to merge them, especially now that enough time has passed that new players on the north cluster can already have competitive crafting skills for those interested in trade. Looking at the suggestions forum even Defiance is having player count issues, so said merger would be good for PvP as well even if it might introduce certain ancient, overpowered, accounts to Defiance.
  4. For the first step, making negative traits rare traits when inbreeding isn't happening sounds like a good way to address it. It feels like the current rate of negative traits is something left over from when those were worth negative points. They definetly need to do something about irrelevant traits. For example the milk/wool trait on creatures which neither give milk nor wool, that should just not happen. There's also the "It is easy on its gear" trait, that sounds like it does nothing for creatures which don't use horseshoes, saddles or barding, if so then it shouldn't be a possible trait for such creatures. Some traits and their opposite can also happen at the same time from what I've read, like "It looks feeble and unhealthy." and "It looks unusually strong and healthy", or "It has a slow metabolism" and "It looks constantly hungry.". If such contradictory combinations can indeed happen then that's something which should be addressed, though making negative traits rare probably would make this a rare enough occurrance for it to be a non issue then.
  5. Why did everybody and their goat leave epic at that point? Perhaps they were already done and wanted, but they didn't want to start from zero either with the early grind (and the well known sunk cost fallacy). That skill transfer removed a roadblock and thus they got the hell out of there. So that doesn't say anything definitive about a lack of incentives, it could just as easily indicate that they weren't enjoying pvp any more. I totally agree that the devs should have experimented more with short servers and special mechanics to see what works and with all the other points you make there. It's a shame the only short server experiment we saw was Jackal, and that it was axed right after.
  6. Is incentives really the issue? The player base in general has been shrinking pretty quickly since the steam launch, and PvP is obviously hit worse by that because you need other players for that game mode and the less players there are the less fun it likely becomes. PvE you could play solo if you'd want to. So considering the general trend, it doesn't surprise me to see all the PvP servers with very low populations and I doubt incentives would do much to change things, except maybe give it a temporary boost. So +1 to adding incentives to Defiance, as I don't see it mattering, but I also don't see it hurting anything.
  7. Make sure to use the "care for" feature on any animals which you don't want to end up dying, especially breeding pairs so you can breed back your animals if your break was long enough. Often enough after having taken a break for a few months those end up being the only animals I have left upon my return.
  8. They don't reduce or stop decay at all? Then what's the point?... +1 to this as it could mean slightly less frequent chores, and thus seeing more of the rest of the game.
  9. What Wurm really needs after the last year is far better communication, more open testing (on the public test server) and a better feedback loop, which comes back to communication. The latest update is a good example of that, a lack of communication and testing now has is with what looks like, and quite likely is, a big vehicle speed nerf. Now what do the speeds actually look like with max draft horses/bisons? We don't yet know as we don't have those yet, but what we do have doesn't paint a great picture. This entire mess could have been prevented with proper communication. If the above isn't fixed and they switch from new content to fixing broken stuff, then what do you expect that will happen? Will they fix things in the way the community expects, or will more stuff just get broken in an attempt to fix it? So it's not Wurm they need to fix, it's their way of work that needs adjusting.
  10. I've been noticing the same with my wagon, barely any noticeable difference with 13 full large crates compared to the last months. So far it mostly sounds like large carts got shafted.
  11. So have people already tested the speed with max draft trait horses or bisons? As the change log for example mentions: Having all draft traits will give a speed bonus instead of speed traits when a creature is hitched. Now I assume the devs worked out exactly how fast large carts and wagons will be with which animals with which traits, at certain loads. Perhaps what we need is for them to release that information, give us some graphs, etc. If there are indeed issues then that should reveal the full extend of them. And if there aren't issues but we simply don't have the right animals yet then at least we now that this is just temporary.
  12. Personally I much prefer the system Wurm uses over SWG, but that's also because the crafting in Wurm has way more layers to it. You make an item, you imp the item, you enchant the item, you rune the item, you imbue the item, you add rarity to the item. Just think of that having a durability and having to toss it at some point. Though it might have indeed worked quite well before runes, imbues and rarity were added, items were much simpler back then.
  13. One easy thing I could think of. Right now there's a monthly skin for mark points, after that you can't get it any more. What if all those skins are added to traders after they leave the Mark store? For example for 5-10 or so silver? Overall if I purely look at the costs of Bulk goods (stuff I buy a lot) then I don't really see any inflation there, prices are actually still slightly down since before the end of RMT.
  14. +1 for pet pig collars.
  15. Has anybody tested if horseshoes still affect horses dragging carts/wagons? Mainly wondering if the bonus that Bisons get towards that stuff is actually relevant or not, and thus if there's any point to breeding draft Bisons.