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  1. Personally I like how steel creation works now, it has a nice supply chain with a lot of skills that are really important for getting high ql steel. If it becomes too easy then it wouldn't be much different from iron effort wise and then iron wouldn't lose a lot of it's purpose. Making the materials bonuses better while keeping high ql steel creation at the current unreliable level sounds like the better alternative then. Perhaps doing the same for the moon metals (which would make more room to buff steel) would fix their issues as well.
  2. Perhaps require fully vesseled gems in the recipe instead of normal gems? They could probably also tweak the difficulty of the recipe in such a way that only high ql gems (say 50+) would have more than 0% chance to be added when crafting this stuff, so that you can't get around spending such an amount of favor on the vesseling. Perhaps also sprinkle in a moon metal requirement into the recipes, probably the rings. There's 3 types of moon metals and 3 seals, so you could add seryll to the shatter protection recipe, glimmer to the enchant protection and addy to the quality protection. Perhaps require the chain to be made of steel? All that combined it's quite some effort, but feels balanced to me.
  3. The market is a mess enough already with supply being way higher than demand, I wasn't aware of this 2s repair time abuse, but sounds like it's a good thing that it was fixed. Perhaps steel and the moon metals don't do enough for reducing damage, but steel has felt fine to me these last few years as I've been using it without abusing this repair thing. As for people complaining they invested money in expensive tools because they knew of this repair bug and purposefully wanted to abuse it, are you seriously surprised? Did you seriously not think that it was too good to be true and still invested silver into it? As somebody who doesn't use shields, that shield looks great. I'm seriously considering getting that skin
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    Did you miss the news from earlier these year where they slashed those prices? Premium prices are now as low as 5.60 euro a month.
  5. Productivity has gone up big time over the years. Runes to make imping easier, Imbues to make imping easier. It all adds up to increasing productivity, which increases supply and lowers the price further. At the same time ways to reduce the ql dropping have also steadily been added, from runes to reduce damage, to rarity reducting damage, to steel being usable for everything and reducing damage to repair buffs for Vynora followers. That all adds up to reduce demand for impings, again lowering the price. But I agree that stagnating player numbers and increased productivity are the biggest issues. RMT and account sales out of the window items are more likely to remain on inactive characters, instead of being sold alongside them to another player. So that helps to at least take stuff out of circulation, while it otherwise would have remained in circulation. Now we just need those player numbers to go up. Hopefully the steam launch will be enough of a success to get that done.
  6. Was deed upkeep per 28 days before this?
  7. GMT is 5 hours ahead of GMT-5
  8. Currently it's possible for a player to continually kill himself and thus spam the deaths tab (this is happening right now), this makes it harder to spot when a player actually dies and might need help, making the tab a lot less useful. It would be great if, after X deaths in a small period of time from one player, that player's deaths could be filtered out for the next hour or so. 5 to 10 might be a good number for X there. This way the tab wont be spammed into uselessness and people can keep using it to help and assist players when needed.
  9. Could you please CoD 300 Camellia sprouts to Ecrir, if you have that many in stock? If not, then please CoD as many as you do have.
  10. Either that or perhaps the prayer grind needs to be adjusted together with the coming changes. 50 instead of 70 sounds a lot better if only 5 prayers a day have any point.
  11. That's definitely part of it. A location like "in the northeast" on Xanadu is still a huge area, it takes a lot of time to first get to that area if you don't live near it and then there's no way to further pinpoint the location of the creature, so you're likely looking at spending multiple days looking for a needle in a haystack, and quite likely returning home without achieving any progress on the mission. The special places mission have similar issues. I certainly have no idea where any of them are, if there was some way to get directions in game to those locations then it could be an interesting sightseeing trip. So overall a similar issue to pinpointing traitor creatures. But even then getting a large enough group of people to all make that trip would be problematic due to the travel time involved, so the mission is still quite likely to timeout even then. Overall I think neither type of mission scales well with server size and run into further issues when combined with low player density. Xanadu is just too big for those missions, with players spread out too thinly, even if there was an in game way to find the location of the traitor or the special spot. Missions that aren't area specific work a lot better because of that, like kill X of a creature, craft/sacrifice X of something. Perhaps it would help to disable these area specific missions on Xanadu and to add some new kinds of missions so that enough variety remains? For example maybe fishing related missions could be added, requiring the catching of a certain number of a specific type of fish? Are there any cooking related missions? If the area specific missions do remain, perhaps add a spell or pendulum enchantment which helps track down the traitor creature once you are in the right area (like the northeast) of the server? Perhaps something similar could work for the special spots so that players have a way of finding them?
  12. To be honest I don't see myself using pray on my followers, or contributing to missions more often, after this update, why would I? A bonus in the distant future in the form of an extra rite spell, which might very well end up being cast and in effect when I'm not even online? (I don't play every day, I'm not the only one...) That isn't going to do it for me. What realy doesn't help is that many of the missions on Xanadu are a total undoable pain, like hunting down a traitor creature or doing a ritual on a specific location. That server is 16 times the size of the smallest one, so what we often see is that such types of missions end up timing out after a very long time, thus keeping a possible slot for a doable mission occupied. At the same time the doable missions (like crafting stuff) are completed in no time until we eventually end up almost only those undoable missions. Those kinds of missions really need to time out way faster if you want people to do missions more often, at least on bigger servers.
  13. Or do they have those rules because they'd need to do a lot of extra bookkeeping and rule compliance to keep financial regulators of various countries happy in relation to things like money laundering? It's a lot more complex than you make it sound.
  14. And it's completely incredible for people with big deeds on servers like Xanadu, whom couldn't even use traders on their deed until now. I know I can't wait to get myself one for my deed now.