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  1. To be honest it was to be expected the moment it became clear how many new players joined at the Steam launch. At that point you can keep adding new servers to spread out the new players more, but you just run the risk of having a lot of low population servers down the line (see the old cluster) and new players won't have access to boats and such anywhere near as easily as old, so they likely won't move servers all that quickly early on either. A possible answer is to connect both clusters together and to temporarily add some portal options between starter towns of the different servers so new players without boats can be more mobile, as there is indeed heavy irony in the new cluster now offering a worse start and experience for new players, at least living space wise, than the older cluster. I can't imagine this situation being great for new player retention if nothing is done about it. The devs also mentioned wanting to do more advertising, I wonder how well that will go without doing something about this.
  2. I ran into a similar thing with Eve Online, where I was eventually only playing to earn in game money so I could continue playing. It's a nasty trap to fall into. I burned out there and I've thankfully avoided this in Wurm.
  3. Like: Many of the utility spells are really useful. The way favor recharges (faster while it's low) Dislike: A lot of systems encourage alts Faith gain is so slow that the best way to get it is through sermons, which encourages making a ton of alts and running them for a few months, especially on lower populated servers (South Freedom) Linking is required for some spells, which in general just means that people get a favor battery if they need to cast those spells. The changes to linking did nothing to change this The rite spell journal requirement is outright terrible design for how infrequent those spells get cast on the server that you live on.
  4. Why do you use such a complicated solution for such a simple problem? Ever heard of the KISS-principle? Here's a way to achieve your goals while keeping the system simple: Give every priest an overflow favor pool to whatever max you deem acceptable. When a priest sacs stuff any overflow favor goes into that pool. Casting a spell only takes favor from your normal favor pool (so no casting spells that require more than your max favor). If your favor drops below your max while there is favor in the overflow pool then it is automatically moved to your favor pool, topping it off. Thus you do one big sac, then cast a few spells, then another big sac. This is both simple and encourages active gameplay, while removing the current issue with saccing that the system in the OP is supposed to address.
  5. I doubt the Epic case applies here at all. For one in this suggestion skills only transfer one way (north to south). For Epic you could transfer skills off that server, thus depopulating it. In this case you can transfer skills only from North to South. So if we look at what happend to Epic then this would depopulate the North cluster, not South. It would thus help repopulate the Southern Isles.
  6. I doubt the Epic case applies here at all. For one in this suggestion skills only transfer one way (north to south). For Epic you could transfer skills off that server, thus depopulating it. In this case you can transfer skills only from North to South. So if we look at what happend to Epic then this would depopulate the North cluster, not South. It would thus help repopulate the Southern Isles.
  7. Wouldn't this really harm new players? The sleep bonus from the 2 month bundle can net them around 2 months of deed upkeep on a small deed, right?
  8. Then that player is screwed as the devs dont want accounts and items from south to be able to travel north. I guess you could allow it with a full and permanent inventory and skill wipe. It sounds more like you want to keep those players locked to the north cluster out of spite rather than out of fairness, which is honestly quite toxic and sad.
  9. It's really simple. If a player regrets their choice of going north after some time and wants to go south then he/she can't. The sunk cost fallacy will also prevent them from making a new character for that most of the time.
  10. I would strongly disagree that that's a fact at all. Considering how thinly populated the south cluster is compared to the north, a new player has a lot more ability to shape the world down south as there's more room in general for them, unless you're only considering the narrow vision of economics. And I certainly hope that that bias isn't being picked up by new players and is thus driving them towards the North cluster under wrong pretenses. That's only evidence that new players pick the north servers more often than the south servers when they need to make that choice. But you can't use that as evidence for anything else without knowing why they make that choice you. For example, do they simply prefer starting on a server without old characters, or do they expect that there's more free land on new servers simply because they are newer, or is the menu where they must choose naturally biased towards one of the two clusters? Etc So far I see a lot of assumptions about why most of the new players went north over south, but I've yet to hear that players have been asked to fill in a questionnaire or something like that to determine why they actually made that choice.
  11. Perhaps a one way portal from the north to the south cluster might help, so that new players who picked North have the chance to go South without having to make a new character. Right now if they change their mind then the sunk cost fallacy is likely to keep them North. Besides that I don't quite understand why a 16x16 instead of an 8x8, especially as the lag on the current 16x16 has yet to be fixed from what I'm reading in comments. How are you going to prevent the next 16x16 server from being a repeat of that?
  12. Repeating the mistakes of spreading the population incredibly thinly in the south cluster by adding too many servers in the north cluster now? Really? Another 8x8 with a lot of coast to take the pressure off I could understand, but a 16x16 is some extreme overkill.
  13. I agree, but i would also get rid of the rite spells as they are now, that system doesn't scale well with community size. Just imagine trying to get the global rite spell journal achievement on one of the new servers with the amount of other players trying to do the same thing, nothing as is great for community building as a feature that sets everybody up against each other. Meanwhile on the old servers the rite spells are available so infrequently that they might as well not exist, especially for certain deities. Instead lower rite spells to like 80 favor, give each rite spell an in game month during which they can be cast, at the end of the month the spell takes affect, it's power being some variation of how many casts were made compared to the server population or something like that. Cooldown per character so you can't server hop to quickly get the benefits multiple times. This changes it into a feature where the community has to work together in order to charge the spell and get the maximum benefit. At that point linking can be scrapped and channeling skill gain can much more easily be rebalanced.
  14. For your rotating between 4 activities (1 a day), after a while you might also figure out which activities work better depending on your mood, and adjust what you do based on that. For example after a long an exhausting day at work I'm more likely to chill with some terraforming than to go out hunting (getting killed and having to find your body is a massive pita when you're tired) or crafting. While during weekends I'm much more likely to go hunting, crafting or just exploring in general One tip for the daily chores, taking a break from them every now and then can be a good idea. For example with farming sometimes I just don't bother tending to the fields during an entire harvest. I'll of course end up with way less produce at the end, but a lot less work went into it as well. And some months I ignore farming altogether (that's of course easier to do at higher farming, as stocking up on enough stuff for a few months can be done in a pretty short time then). I also don't tend to my animals daily any more. Be careful that you don't end up spending way too much time on those chores, after all before you know it you're tending to a chicken coop as well, harvesting herbs every day, tending your fields, grooming your horses, milking other animals, harvest whatever is in season, etc. So you probably want to put a time limit of sorts on the chores just as how you've put one on your Wurm playtime in general, and make sure that you don't turn it into a monotonous job with said chores as that's a good way to burn out on the game