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  1. For me it's PvE, the game is as bit lacking in that department if you ask me. Now I should make clear that I consider most of the crafting/terraforming/etc to be part of the sandbox, so I am not putting that under the PvE categorie. Player versus Environment indicates a conflict, like trying to survive by finding/growing food, or by surviving attacks from wildlife. The game certainly has that, but for the most part the environment in Wurm is quite passive. What I feel it's missing is the more intelligent side of the environment, like goblin or troll tribes, where those creatures actively work together towards certain goals and can become a menace for players. Other things which might be interesting would be the environment attacking your crops and perhaps animals. Think diseases, insect plagues, etc. Of course these should be slow enough that you can get the chance to counter/fight them off (perhaps while losing a small percentage of your crops in the best case) without needing to be online every day, and they should be rare enough that they don't become too common/annoying/chores. Though the main reason I'm playing is the sandbox, especially shaping the land and crafting. The number one feature on my wish list would be 3d mines, once that's in game you could also add pregenerated caves, making underground exploration more interesting. Number 2 would be a variable water level underground (and just underground, too many issues with it above ground for obvious flooding reasons), so you could for example tunnel from one island to another as long as you go deep enough.
  2. A strong economy (whatever that is) isn't really important to me and trading overall isn't something I consider to be fun, but I do it every now and then because digging up around ten thousand dirt a month isn't fun, so I'd rather buy that in bulk. Everything else I prefer to gather/create myself as much as possible, for that extra "sense of pride and accomplishment" . I used to actively sell stuff in the past, but in the end I couldn't be bothered spending time restocking merchants, mailing stuff and making stuff to order any more as the amount of free time I have decreased greatly over the years, while the amount of disposable income increased greatly. I made the mistake of caring about the economy too much once in Eve Online, do everything I could to pay for premium through in game money. I burned out hard thanks to that. It's a two edged sword that I'd rather not fall on again.
  3. New Server Soon?

    There's no point to adding another server, WU fills that niche just fine and there's no advantage to further diluting the WO player base.
  4. While I'm overall quite happy with the game, I'd love a more involved combat system. For comparison, let's say we're not at a Morrowind level of combat system, I'd like to see similar improvements here as the elder scrolls underwent going to Oblivion and Morrowind. So with active attacking and blocking, manual aiming for archery, etc. Current timers could then correspond to animation durations, with skills mainly having an effect on damage, the ability to break through blocks, and damage reduction, etc. As a PvE player I would love to see that so hunting becomes even more interesting and involved. Other things I think it needs is an environment that's trying to fight back a bit, for example with actual goblin/troll/etc tribes. Obviously that will require quite a bit of AI work, so that's always extra tricky. At the same time being able to hire NPCs to do certain work for you could also be quite nice. For example if I really hate farming then it would be nice to hire a farmer. Obviously the convenience should come at a cost, be it silver, or a limit to how many tiles such a farmer can maintain. As it obviously should remain cheaper to buy a lot in bulk from other players. Many players after all like to make their own settlement, but at the same time those settlements feel quite dead because there's no activity besides those of the player.
  5. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    Combat simply isn't interesting in Wurm, so it's no wonder PvP isn't doing well when there are a ton of games out there with more interesting (team based) combat. Then add to it that Wurm has a ton of barriers to entry for PvP (skills that need grinding, equipment needs, etc) and it's no wonder PvP is doing as badly as it is. It simply hasn't kept up with the times.
  6. Valrei International. 050

    These sound like some good changes, though Xallo and others do have a point. Perhaps the affinity change also requires a reset of all the affinities in order to adress their issues.
  7. Patch Notes 1.6 2/NOV/17

    Why? Metallurgy is still fine, steel plate offers better protection than iron plate and steel tools take less damage from usage. I know I'll still be investing in both of those things.
  8. Valrei International 038

    If they require it to involve players then it's dead on arrival, not just due to how boring travel is (though I admit it's not a boat, so it's not that bad) and how low the population is in general, but also due to the security issues you run into. Theft probably isn't an issue as that's easily stopped with mechanics, but what if the player goes halfway and then logs off for a week, what happens to your cargo then? So many issues with making players do the wagoner's job because you can't control the outcome. But more importantly, how is actual npcs doing things that make sense in the world not immersive? I'd say it's way more immersive than a mostly empty world with no npcs in sight and almost no players either most of the time. Many of the bigger settlements could do with some nice npc activity because most places look like well maintained ghost towns. If anything is immersion breaking it's how dead the world is. More activity, even in the form of NPCs, is great for immersion.
  9. Valrei International 038

    The Wagoner sounds like an interesting system, but I do hope that it will be expanded upon as plenty of islands cannot be connected to said system and a lot of bulk goods are often bought from other servers as well, in which case the system also can't be used. I'd love to see a similar system with boats going between ports, best case even cross server at some point. Perhaps something similar to highways can be made for water. Perhaps a route could be defined by deploying buoy every x tiles and then requiring another specific item on the edge of deed in order to connect it up to the buoy system. If said deed is also connected to a highway system and has a Wagoner then the wagoner could take the cargo further in land. The water side is obviously more complex as you probably don't want a buoy on every tile as that would just look silly, so you'd probably need the occasional pathfinding between them (if they are close enough to each other) in order to determine if one can be reached from the other. I'd love to see the system expanded in such a way. Perhaps even with specific border buoy on the edges of each server to which the system can then be connected in order to allow for it to work between servers.
  10. About the Gambling rule

    Problem is that those things are still gambling and Swedish law gives the government a monopoly on gambling. Code Club isn't allowed to host any gambling, even if they don't make a profit of said gambling. Problem is that all the gamblers are paying Code Club for premium and silver, so Code Club is definetly making a profit, as are the winners of said raffles. While you could see the organizer of the raffle as the host, the law likely also sees Code Club as the host and code Club doesn't want to take unnecessary risks, thus the anti gambling rules and cracking down on several cases of gambling. Another way to address it would likely be to make it bannable to cash out anything you have in game, thus banning the selling of items/silver/accounts for euros. Personally I'd rather they ban gambling than that. They probably won't go after the unique loot raffle thing if it remains low profile. They've effectively endorsed it for years already.
  11. My New Player Experience

    I'm still like that after almost 10 years. I always put woa and coc on my pickaxes and shovels, the faster the better as terraforming as what I do most of the time. I've grinded mining a few times in the past with just a coc pickaxe when I was trying to focus on smithing related activities, but besides that I always go for speed. I'd say do what feels best, even if it's slightly suboptimal. Enjoying the game is after all the most important.
  12. Wurm in Unreal Engine?

    I doubt it's feasible with a small team. Even if you only put one person on it, everything that the rest of the dev team makes during this process will also need to be ported to the new client, thus you'd actually need a sizable part of your devs on it to make any real headway on any conversion. At that point new content would dry up for months (if we're being realistic, for years). The game would be dead before it ever gets finished.
  13. The current liquids just change the type of tile, this instead modifies the rock layer below the tile, making it quite different from them and more similar to concrete, thus I wouldn't put it in the liquid family in order to prevent confusion. As Klaa mentions it's an issue PVP wise, thus it would have to be disabled there. On PvE I don't see an issue as long as it's expensive enough. Perhaps base the cost (amount of liquid required) on how far the rock layer is below the dirt layer, thus the more the height of the rock needs to be increased the more expensive it becomes. Even then you'll likely run into a limit, as in some locations there could be a 500-1000 height difference between the two layers (for example after extensive terraforming). In a case like that the liquid couldn't work unless it also modified surrounding tiles, as otherwise the steepness of the rock layer would exceed 300 and then nobody can mine it down again. Though at that point I'd wonder, isn't it just simpler to remove the 40 steepness limit of concrete on PvE servers? The end result would be the same.
  14. Auto Smelting

    I'd propose a slight modification, as I'd personally like to see it being a bit more reliable without being a no brainer (as proposed there's no reason not to put it on a pickaxe). So what I'd propose is to make it turn everything it mines into lumps no matter the power of the enchant. Then add a penalty to your mining timer, depending on the strength of the enchant. At 100 strength the penalty to the timer would be smallest, while at 1 strength your mining timer could for example be double of normal. This way you're guaranteed to get lumps, so you won't need a furnace or smelter and can thus easily create lumps when a good ql furnace or smelter is not at hand or when you don't want to keep moving stuff around. At the same time the enchant also isn't a no brainer benefit, as using a smelter when one is at hand would remain more efficient time wise. So it's balanced on convenience vs efficiency, which I feel is more balanced then the original proposal.
  15. The state of Epic

    The lack of updates was to be expected though as there are only so many devs. Epic, Chaos, Freedom and WU are likely too many different environments for all of them to get frequent enough updates. WU can also offer most of what made Epic stand out from Chaos to begin with (certainly on the skill gain side). On the other hand I can see why they keep Epic running, it's a pretty good test bed for new features as it probably does still have more players than the test server, but doesn't have enough players that a massive screwup would be harmful. Just imagine certain mobs becoming way too powerful and slaughtering anybody who gets close. It would cause a bloodbath with a ton of complaints anywhere else, while on Epic it might affect a few players at most.