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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    It might be possible to buy/sell silver on the steam marketplace, if so then you could use that money to buy a lot of other games, which you'd normally buy using RL money. The net effect for those people would be the same, but the group that might be interested in it could indeed be quite a bit smaller.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    For all games development stops or greatly ramps down eventually, that's perfectly normal. They've given the game free updates for more than 4 years now. Most games these days are lucky to get 1-2 years of updates and even then a lot of it is in the form of DLC, yet with WU all updates have been free. As someone whom also owns WU I have no objections to future WO updates not making it to WU, I had honestly expected it to happen sooner.
  3. They'd just be shooting themselves in the foot. Just imagine that there is a really popular mod and the modder quits, dies, whatever. He's gone and since it's obfuscated nobody else can easily make a fork and continue the work. Good way for the modders to kill their own modding scene in the long run.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    The answer can be found in the dev blog which they just released.
  5. I'd love to see those planting boxes above ground and in houses as well. Then we just need some glass roofs for the houses and you'd have greenhouses.
  6. I played there for a few weeks. Having to grind skills all over again really wasn't much fun, the lack of pelts only made it worse. I did like how dangerous it was at the start. Ended up leaving because the grind just became boring. I think the general idea behind the server was good, but the execution wasn't. Skill gain was way way way way too slow for a temporary server. It would have worked better if we could transfer our own skills, perhaps everything but combat related skills so we don't walk right over any threats?
  7. +1 on relocating tokens. Mine isn't in the optimal position from an aesthetic point of view. The design of my deed changed over the years and the right spot for the token is now no longer it's current location. It would be nice to be able to move it a bit.
  8. -1, My deed is a project that I've been working on for years and plan to work on for years to come. Nothing is more annoying then getting your work wiped out while you're only halfway done with it. A refund of the deed cost would in no way compensate me for all the lost time and the deed is one of the main reasons I'm playing, it's the pet project that keeps pulling me back in. Taking stuff like that away from players is incredibly risky. Players are like boats in that regard, the odds of them drifting off increase dramatically if you cut off their anchor.
  9. Around half a gold worth of upkeep in my deed. My bank is nearly empty, it either went to deed upkeep or I spent it buying bulk materials like dirt.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    A rewrite is unrealistic, that would take years with a small full time dev team. That long without any content is pretty unrealistic for a game with a small and dwindling player base. Jagex could afford it.
  11. That still wouldn't change the fact that you could buy an account through RMT and then transfer it to that steam server (and you could fill the inventory with RMTd items and silver, but that's besides the point). That it's separated from the other steam servers is irrelevant if what you can transfer to it can be acquired through RMT. RMT would need to go first.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    Wurm is a very slow game, that just doesn't mix with periodic wipes. Everything would need to be sped up big time for that.
  13. I'd assume such a move would be a no go, even if it's one time, else you'd get this: Player from steam is done with the game, transfers account to non steam WO and them RMTs the account. Effectively that's a way to RMT your steam character, which probably won't fly. Same reason a one time transfer from non steam to steam probably wouldn't fly either, as you could then first buy an account with RMT and then transfer it to Steam.
  14. But without new blood (new people from Steam will stick with Steam, it's the platform they know and it's extremely convenient) there eventually won't be anybody left to RMT with anyway.
  15. I think CC/AB only pays taxes over their profits. So the €0.58 is revenue. Then you deduct all the expenses from the total revenue and you get the profit, that's then taxes. Income tax is something which individual employees would have to pay over their own income. The main usage of tax haven countries is to greatly reduce those profit related taxes.