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  1. +1, this keeps the loot pool fresh as something new automatically gets added to it every month, and it would allow people to get their hands on old skins through hard work. At the same time it's also good for the skins market as old skins become more readily available.
  2. That's why you need to do it slightly differently. For example a 30 faith requirement in order to gain any benefits. In that case it will take some time after swapping before you can benefit from said swap. Or alternatively just require a set amount of time to have passed since the swap, perhaps a month (or two if one isn't long enough). As long as the wait period is long enough that they'll end up missing one or more casts then swapping simply isn't worth it any more for SB.
  3. What I bolded is utterly rediculous (assuming I understood it correctly). It's a journal goal, so if some random player decided to ninja cast it in order to get the journal goal then that's simply as designed, isn't it? After all you simply can't force everybody to go along with how a subset of the players wants to organize and run global spell casting, even if it's the most efficient way for the highest amount of players to tick that goal off their list. If such a thing is ever to be counted as griefing then it should frankly either be removed as a journal goal, or the entire global spell system should be reworked. Thankfully you can now get Benediction without meeting this journal goal (about time), so stuff like this should now be less of an issue than before.
  4. Why not just focus on putting restrictions on when you can benefit from the Rite spell? Like, make it so you need to have been following a certain religion for X amount of time before you can benefit from said spell? That way it's pretty simple and straightforward without potentially impacting other things.
  5. The chance of getting a map per rarity roll is mentioned in the section right below the one which you quoted in your previous post (the section about the three different difficulties)
  6. Number 2 sounds great, you could also add some old stuff that way, like a blueprint for the spyglass, etc. Perhaps it could also be interesting to add blueprints for some of the older skins (or just let the skins themselves drop as rewards), for example automatically adding skins once 2 years have passed since they showed up as a monthly skin? That way something new can be found through exploration every month, ensuring that there's always something new to hunt down.
  7. Looking at the graphs for number of deeds (main silver drain) and bank sizes (to get an indication of how much silver exists on the clusters) I don't see any indication that people on NFI buy more silver. It all really looks about the same on the silver side, even with how much silver is in the inventory of merchants and such. I guess the yearly graphs show a reasonable indication since a rise in those shows that more silver is being bought than is consumed by sinks (like deed upkeep, which is probably be the biggest sink by far). It all really looks quite similar to me, for example putting just Xanadu and Cadence next to each other gives a pretty similar picture with just those graphs, same with Independence and Harmony. Hardly, mail/wagoner costs are pretty much non existant. Direct trade between players doesn't earn them anything either. Merchants take like 10%, but we only know prices, not throughput. Though the bank graphs do give an indication of how much silver is held by merchants (the difference between the green and blue line), in which case it's pretty much a draw between the two clusters, or a slight win for SFI. Lower prices can for example easily cause people to spend more money as it makes things feel less expensive. It's far easier for somebody to buy a bunch of bargains than to buy one expensive item. Meanwhile higher prices can do the opposite and cause people to craft more stuff by themselves instead, especially with silver prices in the store, and with deed upkeep costs per tile, being constants. The only ones who might win with higher prices are the players who sell stuff, as they get more money per item, thus more value for the effort they put in. Though even that is no guarantee that they actually earn more silver in the end.
  8. -1, It would make the future merger far more complex if accounts can have differing stats on both clusters. And then there's the bank, this would allow money to suddenly flow freely between clusters even though items can't. There's a pretty good chance that one of the two clusters will then see a drop in silver as it flows to the other (most likely from north to south), potentially leaving one of the two economies starved for currency. At that point you'd do far more damage with this suggestion than with a full merger and might as well just go all the way to begin with.
  9. Wouldn't that make a lot of the priest restrictions rather redundant, at least from an enchanting point of view? This suggestion would allow you to stay at 100 faith when reverting from priest to follower, so you could then simply become a priest to bulk enchant a good amount of stuff and then revert back to a follower in order to get rid of the restrictions. Then repeat this proces a few months later when you have more stuff to enchant. Same thing for the more situational spells (for example strongwall). At that point you might as well make those spells available to followers. Or perhaps make it so that you cannot revert from priest to follower until several months after you've become a priest, so you're stuck with the priest restrictions for a while?
  10. You need to switch this around. Add an ore cap to Chaos and remove the ability to mail stuff between Freedom and Chaos. Now you've got vital supply lines between Freedom and Chaos (otherwise the pvp players can't keep up with their competition when it comes to gear and such), have fun raiding pvp players as they have to travel a lot further in order to get stuff they need. -1 either way from me, but from the pvp perspective I believe that what I just described makes a lot more sense for encouraging more pvp than adding a cap to the freedom servers.
  11. To be honest I feel that this is more of an issue with how those items can only be build on Chaos at this time. If these designs were simply available to everyone on the Freedom servers then that would greatly improve things (except for the folks making bank on these items at the moment).
  12. Probably because this isn't the first time a new cluster has been added to the game like this. If I'm not mistaken it has happened twice before and so far every time the clusters were eventually merged into one. Thus there's precedent of pve clusters being merged and there's actually no precedent of pve clusters not eventually being merged. Makes perfect sense to assume things will end up merged at some point then, doesn't it? At least to me it would make more sense to assume that then to assume the opposite.
  13. So move it to the NFI cluster? I guess that's one way to get the merger over with.
  14. I'm not a fan of the statuettes skins, as until now different forms of statuettes each were their own craftable item. Adding some new ones as skins instead of craftable items doesn't feel very consistent to how this category worked so far. Honestly the entire skin system is starting to annoy me the longer it goes on because so far, no matter how long ago the skin was introduced, none of the options have been added to the crafting system, while one of Wurms strengths is that players can pretty much make everything that you see in game... And I do have a pretty good stockpile of the skins I found interesting, so it's not like I want easy access to more skins, the current way things are run just doesn't feel like Wurm to me.
  15. I'd propose a slight change to this suggestion. Instead of being able to craft skins, which you can then apply like current skins, how about being able to choose what an item looks like when you craft it? You'd of course still need to have the skin recipe unlocked in order to be able to choose it. This way there's still an advantage to the skin items as they are now, as they're the only ones that can be applied to existing items. Thus allowing for these two options to exist side by side, each with their own advantages.