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  1. It helps not to look in the direction of EA when hoping for better games
  2. Just increase falling damage when jumping from a building, the higher the floor you fall from the more damage. Make the jumps required for this stuff lethal, problem mostly solved?
  3. What is advertise going to really do for pvp in Wurm? I see that getting thrown around a lot, but if we're honest there's a huge amount of competition out there when it comes to pvp games. I really don't see how Wurm offers much to make itself more interesting than what's available on the market there, advertising would likely just result in money vanishing into a black hole.
  4. Salt is actually pretty easy to come by, just boil salt water in a cauldron to get 6 salt per 64kg of salt water. Ash is a bit more of a pain, though you could just spam campfires or clean your oven/forge regularly after using it. With higher skills coal piles are a good way to get some ash too. I'd also love to see glass for windows and such, who wouldn't want new building options like that?
  5. Why exactly is it insulting? It's quite true that Notch has nothing to do with the game as that statement is present tense (you could add a "currently" into that sentence, but it really wouldn't change the meaning of it). That he's a co-founder does not make that statement false as that is in the (very distant) past.
  6. I'd love to see these added to the traders at a reasonable silver cost after a year or so (probably somewhere between 5-10 silver?). This way you can get them early through the mark store, but if you missed one then you can eventually buy it. They could even give different silver costs to different skins by looking at the average market price of a skin and then setting the silver price at the trader accordingly. The worst thing they could really do is add these skins as random options, as every month a new skin is added, making it more and more impossible to get the skin you want. I hope they never do this because lootboxes like that are the absolute worst thing in gaming.
  7. I'd say that by the time the merge happens that it should just become one Freedom cluster, that's it. So just do the same thing as the last time two freedom clusters were merged into what is now known as SFI. Thus no complex stuff like treating it as two separate clusters with weird (and scam sensitive) restrictions. By the time a merge happens it's better to just go all the way and get it over with instantly. Yes it might cause a bit of uncertainty for the economies, etc, but that will all adjust itself without issue, so it isn't much of a problem. This went perfectly fine the last time around.
  8. You must have been sleeping during the Steam launch if you think that one server of that size would be sufficient for PvE. Though on the other hand, if you reset everything then perhaps it will be due to how many people would end up quitting for good (myself included).
  9. They usually make it winter in game for christmas, I expect that they'll do so again this year.
  10. I'm mostly an mix of A and C and have reached 90 in mining after a very long time using a high ql pickaxe with woa and coc (so the A approach there). But that's purely for mining, I'm definitely a C for woodcutting at the moment, but that's more to do with my woodcutting lagging behind on my wood related crafting skills (thus it's a bottleneck for imping) while my mining has always been ahead of my smithing and masonry skills. Similarly I'm also mostly a C for most crafting skills these days, unless the skill is high enough that I'm satisfied with what I can make (like, 80+ ql blacksmithing stuff. I could probably even get tools to 90ql now, but I can't be arsed). In other words, I don't grind for the sake of it, I always have a goal in mind when I grind (like wanting to imp something to a certain ql, or unlocking something that's hidden behind having X in a certain skill) and when I grind something I try to do it optimally. When I have no such goal for a skill then I just use as fast as possible high ql tools. This effectively means that most of the time I don't grind at all and just use high ql woa+coc / botd tools.
  11. Nice, rock working just like wood will allow for so many new options, really looking forward to that update. I'd also love to see new rock types after this, for example different colors of marble (as there are plenty besides white).