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  1. Not really, as there was never a set time on how long the discount would apply, thus making it indefinite. Due to that people would plan around that when designing the size of their deed. That's something people wouldn't have done if they knew the discount was only temporary. Everybody wont be on an equal playing field after this, you see, an equal playing field won't ever exist to begin with, as that would require everybody to have an equal amount of money which they can spend on Wurm.. After all after this now we will have 3 groups of players, one which hasn't been affected, one group which can absorb the increase in pricing, and one group which is going to need to make some really painful deed resizing choices and potentially throw a lot of their work away. Indeed all very equal.. That third group is honestly getting really really screwed over. Thankfully I'm in group 2 as I can just drop prem on an alt without issue, but I really feel sorry for the people in the third group if nothing is done about this.
  2. The negative effect of removing the trader discount (sudden 25% increase in deed upkeep) seems to be easy to compensate for, just reduce all deed upkeep prices permanently by 20% and you will have a horde of happy and satisfied players. Perhaps adding a deed upkeep reduction item to the silver shop could work well, that's an easy way to reintroduce it
  3. it's not right click that's the issue. The default action with trellises, even with sickle active, is always take. Even when the thing can be harvested, pruned or has a sprout. Thus you need to use other keybinds for those actions with trellises. So all it takes is pressing the keybind for the default action in order to accidentally take the thing.
  4. That would truly be great. There's nothing that annoys me more than accidentally picking up a trellis during harvest season.
  5. Please cod it all to Ecrir if you still have it.
  6. That's not a red flag, privacy is most certainly a valid concern, especially with the GDPR in the EU. That's assuming you were the one that took part in those communications, which is an assumption that they cannot make as account sharing happened a lot back then and there's also no need for it to have been you who transferred the account to the current owner. After all, for example you could easily have sold it to somebody else, whom then sold it to the current owner. So considering the GDPR, you can pretty much forget about receiving a copy of those communications from the staff as I doubt they'd make such a basic mistake as to share such information.
  7. Sounds like you shared that account with somebody else and they sold it to the current owner in 2014? You already couldn't use the account in 2016 and instead of doing something about it then, you made a new account and ignored your old account? Now another 7 years later you finally want that old account back, while whoever bought it (likely in good faith) has owned the account for most of it's existence and quite possibly invested more time and money into it than anybody else ever has? I'd love to get a (probably) high skilled account without putting much effort into it as well, but I don't think that's how it works . Besides that, back then there were clear warnings about account sharing and the risks involved, including that no help would be offered if accounts were lost due to that. I think if you had gone after it when you first noticed issues in 2016, then you'd have had a pretty good argument for it, but instead you abandoned it and left it like this for another 7 years. Trying to get it back now is just rediculous, and extremely unfair to the current owner of it, if you ask me.
  8. Please CoD the following to Ecrir: Both crystal runes of Libila. 12 highest ql of the wooden silver runes of Magranon.
  9. I'm currently saving up my maps while working on projects. I'm going to try them in the future. So I've refrained from voting since I don't yet have a feel for the mechanic.
  10. That's no problem, I'm in no rush.
  11. I would like to place an order for 24k dirt (sand is fine too), preferably delivered by Wagoner (I live on Xanadu).
  12. How about instead of it automatically making things for you, such a structure instead adds a deed wide buff. For example a buff to the creation speed for certain items. This way the player would be able to make such items faster, as long as they keep the mill running? Perhaps in order to not make this too easy, make it similar to the other deed buffs that exist. In that you need to keep the mill running in order to steadily build up the buff over a period of time, and that the buff will start to decay in strength while the mill isn't running. Some mills could require animals to keep running, while others that function on the power of nature (wind mills, etc) might require constant maintenance as they decay rapidly, or they might simply increase deed upkeep. Then you could have different types of such structures, each with their own buff. Like the windmill + irrigation system that was mentioned, which could power a deed wide buff related to farming. You could have a mill that adds a buff for the milling skill as well, etc.
  13. For the decay part, I'd change it from "is not in the inventory" to "is in the inventory of another character". As for why, I don't think it's a good idea to force players to carry all their tools with them at all times jsut to prevent such decay. This small adjustment would allow players to store their tools, for example in (magic) chests without being punished for that.
  14. If you're going for the same idea as with spell gems, but then on scrolls, then you really don't have to worry about spell prices going down. Why? Because of the rng with spellcasting. The amount of scrolls you'd need to have a good enough shot at a good cast would simply be quite high. Due to that spell gems or scrolls would have to be worth almost nothing in order to compete with spellcasting services. And due to that scrolls would actually be a far better idea than spell gems, as it wouldn't surprise me if spell gems turned out to be worth less than blank gems thanks to said rng...
  15. Sounds good, I think it would even be fine without any penalties. After all, you can enchant/rune sickles, so using a sickle would still hold plenty of advantages.