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  1. There are some issues with programs (I had problem where Avast was sandboxing whole system, eating 2gb of ram \o/), lack of start is hurting a little, metro is useless for me. It's booting faster, but ctrl+alt+del is slower in showing up. Other than that, it's just windows...
  2. New server will have epic curve right? And you can bring money from epic servers, if you never been to freedome? Skills will be restarted in that case or not?
  3. 25gb? I got that for free from skydrive :#.
  4. World Of Tanks

    I love french tanks. At high tier, when they get speed and autoloader they are great for hit and run tactic. You drive to enemy back, unload 6 bullets in his ass dealing hundred of damage, and if he is still alive, you run away before he turns his turret. Downside if this is terrible armour (but you got some hp), and REALLY long reload time.
  5. TIME ZONE! November 3 in the afternoon or eve.
  6. Nothing . It's standard for WiB games, do some turns, lots of diplomatics, quite end.
  7. I logged in yesterday after months on not playing and I meet drakespirit at remainings of my deed... Pulled 5 tower guards to kamikaze him, too bad he killed them and chased me down. Fun part. When I was coming back for body, I meet him ~2-3km away from spot charging right at me. Looked like he kept his agro over half of map.
  8. Remember that China income comes from export, and by making other "poor" you won't get "rich" if noone will buy your stuff. And mass production model is not good when you aim for internal market.
  9. You could just introduce the labour laws instead of wiping out your economy. European Union should reconsider it's politics which leads to old/new union separation or even collapse.
  10. Brings back the memory of Redsyndicate and our WiB games... anyone know what happened to him? I will take Poland, orange. I've sent you first turn.
  11. Age of Chivalry lost popularity with some CR patchets, they killed fps :/. It was really laggy for a lot of people.
  12. I really liked Age of Chivalry, this one should be good too.
  13. You should tell people what country server you are talking about...