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  1. Temple of Wild Growth on Whitesand
  2. Yasgur, Stormguard lvl 3, (request sent to Sprout), 4X Sleep Powder Also, the Temple of Wild Growth to be constructed on Whitesand must conform to the following requirements; All walls will be wood and open to Sol (arches) The main room will be 2 wide (N/S) and 3 long (E/W) and a minimum of 2 story high A centered 1X1 entrance on the West, facing Sol Pine trees, known for their wild growth, will flank the entrance. All adjacent tiles (5X5) will be grass, steppe or bush If Varla lets me know how she designed her picture, I'll do the same to help people visualize it
  3. Yasgur, Stormguard lvl 2, Wild Growth, Whitesand, 4X sleep powder, temple design forthcoming
  4. I had hoped the restrictions of this cluster would encourage a cooperative group, so I'm glad to see this Lowkey. I'd like to be part of it, but I have to be honest with all that I have a history (14 years now) of Wurming for a few months then taking an extended break. Not to speak for him, but I think Grochar was willing to make his settlement on Whitesands a sort of traveler's rest. I was planning to stop there on my roundtrip starting at the end of August. I'll be on Redmyst before September comes.
  5. Yasgur, Lvl 1 Stormguard, Corbita, Whitesand, 4x Sleeping Powder
  6. Hi, just joined the server. I guess I'll ask for grapes, please.
  7. I believe the OP has Wurm confused with, or wishes it to be more like, Haven&Hearth or Salem. In those worlds, quality resources were locations to be fought over, locked away and protected 24X7. There was once a player in Salem known as darnokpl who garnered quite a poor reputation.....
  8. Thanks for bumping this. Here I thought HumidDrizzle was worthless.
  9. Isn't 4X4 m the same as 16 m²? (it's been a lifetime since I needed to know that)
  10. The more "outraged" Wurm players who click on those links, the more successful you make the ignorant author. I'll pass.
  11. Those who learn they aren't cat people often prefer dogs
  12. Schrödinger's cat - join and find out
  13. If I had 1 cotton for every time I've heard this game was "going to DIE!" since Wurmageddon, I could corner the market