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  1. I've been having some fun in this section of forums sharing different windows of thought by not choosing popular songs but a variety on the spectrum to lend ponder or exposure to something. I found this , and the sentiment is a good message to remember to not give away too much of your self or your portion in a situation.
  2. Now THIS is more my style, oh it has me remember road trips into Maine for hikes and kayaking and the fir trees roll up your windshield as you push through the back country roads. Stop at a road diner for greasy spoon laughs and fill.
  3. out saw pruning trees and prepping herb n veggie beds had me wander back to sunning at the beach with friends upon hearing this, light flight type back beat. another decent song in the cotton candy range like an easy reading beach book. entire album has this spirit if you like it.
  4. He's clearly drinking from the fountain of youth
  5. This is a bummer, another cool dude gone. May the World treat you well, I'm a loser still in wurm so i'll miss you from inside the broken code. Also good luck with the sale of your characters, they both are outstanding.
  6. The brilliance and next level art expression here is unmatched. It deserves it's praise and recognition. I only wish how it came about motives were something other, as it cheated all that shine and amazing of your work here. I love the art. with this offering i'd say you got what it takes to be lent a stab at trying to revamp freedom graphics and perhaps make freedom merch the game can sell through it's trader or shop..the bling will roll the coin in for CCAB. Hope it's all been worth, Best of Luck!
  7. I didn't really want to comment much on this thread, as it is really a bit of a port-0-potty slush mileau feeding on itself whipping up a froth in it's own energy and symbiosis. now that i got my 3cent words out for the day..oh i get tired of the flack i get for the way i speak which fits with this post, peoples tolerances are hair thin. fookin frank da tank hit this one on. Dude it's scary to see people grow, elevate, mature and beautiful too. I'm sad and proud of you all in one for how you wrote this with constraint, depth of thought , and some street honesty. I think if the team could feel less threatened by the comments, more secure that we are all here together and not an us vs them. I'm confident they'd have an ah hah moment of what you are saying here at face value and a layer underneath too. Some things i recognize in the moderation now, the inconsistency, the overstepping too quick to react. What i don't recognize anymore, is where is the training, where is the perspective required to discern the nuances of text and intent. Instead it looks like we have people at communication 101 literal level and missing all the forest for the trees. I once had big plans for this aspect to the game in changes. I admittedly tossed my hands in the air and gave up before seeing it through. However stubborn staff want to be in their belief they are right has to be compelling the feedback here that you obviously have something very very very wrong going on endemic to something larger. Hats off to you Frankthetank truly you have earned some major respect from me in this quality post..ffs it's like you transcended your own self. I dont' even know you so it's not coming from some place of personal bias or ego stroking. Yah i know of you from pvp. Again, amazing writing. Now there would be a good ballasting, put frank in there. In years past we did have those counter balances you speak of to help each other arrive at the best decisions and teach each other to think better, perform the task better. sorry for my novella..what else is new..
  8. and though the one above is just on the cusp of a bit too cotton candy for my general taste, the artist and creation inspiration behind the song has some there there. while i'm in and odd jets stream of du jour, wanted to lend a lil soup├žon de saveur this to me seems a somewhat more current day david bowie esque nuance.
  9. shifting gears again yet parlaying off of the latter in play of song title only, yet this is a fresh fun kinda put the roof down enroute to the beach type blast in a tad obnox level with deep base kickin from sub in the trunk with auxill amp. Shades a must cause no one really wanna be caught doin this..but do it to do it.. cause you always gotta let your inner freak out, and do an about face those that have you feel otherwise
  10. I love that it came with no preemptive warning. Seconds in i knew i was in for a highly quixotic mindfook range of experience. There's an excitement about her fookin cray cray range n danger! I'm betwixt as to do I run away or stay. I"m having aftershocks.
  11. double posted edit error, can remove if inclined.
  12. That way we can be wired as fook and go off the rails and teeter on the brink of the ban wagon slurping some java 8.0742e from a chipped, thick rimmed undersized cup stolen from Denny's. Sounds like a magnum gurl I knew once.
  13. i couldn't hit the coffee emoji, figs will you sponsor me peeees.
  14. Ooooof this is some smexy aszz swagger elixer and reminds me why i love the hypnotica of the blues. The peppery burn of a good cigar, offset played with by grand marnier: a cognac base distilled with essence of orange bitters, some wind chimes in the distance, drifting bellowing cotton scrim drapes, lavender incense wafting about....dat be some baby makin music on a july/august sleeping porch or simple chill time by a fire pit with furtive glances over at a secret trysts whilst among friends. This is crazy creole blackened crawfish and some ice cold malt.
  15. What i'd rather see is something built into the journal levels where you can make a basic banner, then shield then tall banner etc and as your skill in certain milestones are achieved the greater the preset embellishment choices you can choose from to design custom parts like tabbards and banners etc. This gives some goals to work towards that is intrinsic in the wurm spirit of earned value achievement. It would also being to build a social aspect to the pve side currently missing completely in that perhaps at journal milestones you get a title change that upgrades you to perhaps a special meal from the refreshment dude at spawn, a gifted saber from an earl, or say an eel pond from a viscount etc. maybe as your social rank increases , other options unlock. Both these aspects can help shape a more social aspect to wurm in terms of where you are in a social hierarchy in a kingdom of freedom, as well as new journal tasks, and abililty to have some customized shields, tabbards, banners/flags within a preset amt of choice based on social rank.
  16. i'd like an irish wolfhound, seems fitting for this game
  17. awe i just stumbled upon these photos. This makes me miss you fizzie..i recall you , much like fairyshine had super colorful deed, lights, and personality. You're name alone is awesome and spirited. Love seeing these skins, the dapple grey is one i really wanted ingame. makes me miss you around if you are around i've not seen you about. Keep up the good work!! The rainbow unicorn is particularly over the top in an awesome way...that should be someone's pmk emblem with all kinds of glitter and shine and sparkle and glint coming off the fabric as you ride along like glitterdust.
  18. Um hadn't noticed it yours, nor do I see why I should feel shame. Take it as a compliment of flattery you posted a funny video other day and i chose to reuse it. That day it was you that resembled the cat..for a brief moment I thought i saw niki in there but i realize the lighting is poor in here and it is indeed you. Disclaimer: Everyone please know i'm not cool enough to find dank memes content like this video and all the credit goes to the amazing efforts of Oblivionreaver from which I had appropriated it from. and thank you for deflating the fun and funny of my post to ensure we all know you are cooler.
  19. I worry when you start making sense again and I find myself agreeing with you. becomes hard to recognize you, I find ease in predictability of when you are off the hook and untethered like this.... It makes me uneasy as if the earth is about to go off tilt or some calibration is off or about to be. Recent comments in the last week or so have been on point. is this proof we really are heading to the apocalypse/armageddon Hope you have your sense of humor hat on as that's how it's meant.
  20. @Gofs, When you asked me for help via characters , that you wanted to start a pmk, my first question to you was this about true pvp or wagon profiteering. You expressly told me it was a means to make money. I then told you I did not support that type of activity on a pvp server yet it won't affect my feeling of friendship towards you that sorry i just can't help you. Had you even said I have this huge creative streak in me and want to in legacy put my graphic expression in the game even though means is a bit obtuse, I likely would have supported that. I do find it dubious for you to now talk about it as a graphic art interest. This is nothing more than what you were honest about to me initially , to make money. It is only my opinion, yet when I think about all the time i've spent in wurm, the root of most disputes, drama, griefing..come down to money..someone more motivated by money than humanity or acts of kindness or sharing or...hey it's a game, like..just having fun in it playing using all the features of the game. There are those , they do not care of the game intent and spirit but instead spend vast time just spinning actions to generate coin to transfer to RL currency. I've not every seen a scenario where that ends well or doesn't put a self interest ahead of the interest of others in a community sandbox game. Laissez faire n all that, for i don't want to condemn a play style , there are endless ways to play wurm. Some ways to play are detrimental to others and the game itself.
  21. don't forget slayer of damsels @votip wow look at the guns he still has..stronk bunyan ox man
  22. He could be there, lets go n look..but will we even recognize him now...can you do a composite sketch of what he may look like now in age progression..they use this in cold case investigations
  23. now you know the story of Gurn