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  1. That is comical and fitting given the conversation of thought. My comment about wurm=life in swedish was only in jest of poetic humor. That is even more rich that beyond jest in real translation for you it's "craze" for wurm most certainly is that and drawz in all that very crowd. For who among us is not?
  2. In keeping with the notion of is it just a game in a larger question, as well as the use of that word to trivialize something real, I witnessed an interesting conversation earlier. What is fun to one may not be fun to another. Sometimes that source of fun, is at the and about the anguish of another. Now in pvp this would be a normal behavior as part of the sport and feeding frenzy of blood lust. A point was made that it's ok on pvp servers but not on pve. While in principle that sounds about right in intention. yet have we not seen countless times where the same behaviors of one server are carried over onto another. Have we seen group mentality of their version of fun that hurts another, and the awareness of that is part of the source of the first group's fun. Yet when tables are turned, that same group does not find the humor, why is that? Amnesia? or is it in the cyberwebs nothing matters...that is of course until it happens to you. It's an interesting scapegoat conveniently deployed only when suiting the version of outcome someone doing unto another wants minimized so they don't have to feel the burden of action or own it and possibly the consequences too. But yet somehow feel that same great injustice when done unto themselves and want accountability. I surmise it is here we get closer to the reason. We've shifted in culture perhaps, globally, to where we own less of our behavior, deflect more of it onto others, scapegoat the reasons, deny until you can deny no more, then lawyer up. Don't we see this has become the norm now where it's nobody's fault..cause you can't tag down who is willing to say yes, that happened because of me. It is here I think why people trivialize situations they can't or don't want to handle down into "It's Just a game" for we also see in this very "just a game", countless examples of where the human condition is alive and well in glorious ways well beyond the game mechanics. Given some of the places roamed, conversations had, and players I have shared time alongside has had me really reflect more on this recently because I am also hearing that statement more and more and trying to discern what does that mean?
  3. ah, I guess it was confusing when you started your post with you, and if a name isn't referenced it in general understood you are referring to the original post. Thanks for clarifying, see you at the next rift.
  4. when you mention it that way, I wondered if wurm=life in swedish lingo slang perhaps. Sometimes it's played enough where it feels we live inside it. That could be scary or wonderful depending your viewpoint.
  5. I used to call this night ninja work but it gave it a sneaky connotation , so now i call it nature reclamation. I love this idea and glad to see others doing it. Something i've done in real life is leave a place better than i found it wether a job or where i actually live. timely as just finished up pruning and planting and think how much my place has transformed from a dreary emptiness to trees of differing heights, colors, textures, plants included which is now a lush oasis of ornamental border grasses, stone patio ensconced inf a variety of ever changing flowers through the season that attract humming birds, praying mantis, laydbugs, all that were absent before. Bringing nature back is a good feeling in real life and in wurm. Great post, as LL said would be good to see ongoing posts of nature reclamation.
  6. I'm not sure I even know you, so that is curious you would have such insight to me. Nor do I have this sense that people are against me unless they use words that suggest so by being antagonisitic, pejorative, or malicious. I think you missed the point about the post as a notion of Is it more than a game and reduced it to an observation of myself , from a person I don't know. This post isn't about me but about the idea of is it just a game, are the experiences in game something inconsequential, or does the game take on a life of it's own. Thank you for your opinion of me just the same from wherever that came. I do share your amusement about peoples comments, they can be very fun and do fact make my day as well for I am a person often in laughter, joke, and humor. The community is indeed great and it is what makes the game to include yes the shy ones, the funny ones, ones with problems, the tall ones, the short ones, the thin ones, the fat ones, the places from all over the world where different cultural aspects lend to new angles of seeing things, young and old, the handicapped, male, female , and some in between, we do indeed have a great community.
  7. I've played this game for a good many a year and long hour into the day as well. I"m quite sure I've even grown longer in the tooth from the lapse of such time. It's been a winding road of adventure much like an unknown yet treacherous hiking trail. Along the way you meet some beautiful people, and you think wow this game is great but it truly is the community that makes the game. I often hear when someone expresses their feelings about something in the game, someone not wanting to care, not wanting to hear it, not having capacity to have concern for another often will say it's just a game. But is it? For those that play casually I can see that being so. For those that have played what appears daily for years, does it not become something more? Don't you build bridges into other"s worlds, share parts of yourself and others share parts in return? Have not relationships emerged like a nascent plant sprout and unfurled into a romantic relationship and beyond into marriage? Haven't players helped other players in emotional support through difficult life events whether financial, or health , or relationship related? Even the the most brutal combat hardened players , much due to the immense hours needed , teamwork required, and experiences shared in what it takes to be part of a pvp kingdom..have forged life long friends and bonded beyond the parameters of the game. It's not uncommon to hear of people within the wurm gaming community to travel about visiting other wurmians in real life beyond the computer. This surely has to be more than a game yes? How about the other side of the coin, the darker less glowing underbelly side. Sometimes the congregation of real people in a cyber world clash and result in hurt feelings. Sometimes it's easier to not care or give a .... what you say or do to another cause it's some where yonder not real, not reality..but is that true? Are the emotions the same as real life? are the negative actions committed against another not experienced the same way as in real life? It's easy to see how someone can be unhappy about a small scale scam of merchandise for coin or coin sale for real life money gone wrong. Is that not real? and more than just a game? What about accounts that have been hacked or communication systems breached used by players in game without consent, does it not leave someone with a feeling of loss and foolishness at a deep level. If just a game, are these levels of emotions unfounded or justified? Imagine also building those same connections with others mentioned above that lent to so many beautiful things beyond the lets take that portion away, lets say you build what you thought was a friendship, to then find the person used you and feels no emotion about it. As you try to reconcile that in your mind, sometimes you attempt to reconcile that with them and you get cold empty nothing back. Does that not gut a person left without closure to an unforeseen circumstance that is not part of the game play mechanics. what does the term rage quit really mean? At some level it's about some dissatisfaction where negative emotions build to a boiling point and one logs out not to log in again because the experience was so resoundingly unpleasant. Sometimes there are also personal attacks meant to diminish another as a way to make the aggressor feel better about themselves or appear smarter, better, or more cool. I've also seen where a player has run a string of bad luck and suffered loss in game, and one or a few people will readily provide an entire new setup of tools and gear, armor, weapons, animals, transportation utility carts and wagons. The entire range of emotions can be seen expressed and felt in the game. The idea of also paying it forward is another real aspect to this game. Where a random act of kindness done for you, is then done for another by you when you have the means, time, way, space to do so. Is that a game? or a way of being? I have been pondering some of these thoughts when pondering impacts players have had on me good and bad , as well as impacts I may have had on others good and bad. Is it also unreasonable then for someone to have you feel so bad through words said, unsaid, cruel actions, actions of malice or cavalier , that you'd quit the game? It's just a game right? Now because we are a mix of people with differing opinions, capacities, nature, personalities I know this can lend to troll postings that lack regard for a cheap laugh, that I can't stop. Aside, it'd be interesting to hear others thoughts on It's Just a game.
  8. you are such a well versed music officionado that it'd be a blast to go into one of those music shops that let you listen to things before buying and sample. That would be a fun day of amazing music and richness. It's clear it's a side hobby of yours. Hey ms. Dj, put another record on so i can dance for...... I always find it interesting when someone has such depth in an area, yuh wanna tap into that vast knowledge and usurp some to be a better self.
  9. wait, did the bid requirements just get added?
  10. Ritual of the Sun

    Nice i have my toons online and realized so much time passed when i first posted i march i forgot i listed my priests back then hehehe look foward to see you all there
  11. I was happy to read the event will be month long, i was concerned i would miss it due to it coinciding with the new map elevation event. No i won't be the one to whine i didn't get an oompa loompa cause i was not on when are just that expected surprises not entitled. That said hope i can participate and succeed enough to get this lil gem, I Love the graphic and all the lore and symbol of what it represents beyond the physical.
  12. I was passed this from an indispensable friend in wurm who knows I like blues, as well as lyrics that possess some there there along with a soup├žon of other subject matters of traversing emotions along with transcending the literal with figurative word play. I thank you dude, not just for this but for all the other album links..a treasure trove of savory and chicory! You possess the understated anonymity the artist does so you shall be of no name but know of who I speak of/address.
  13. Ritual of the Sun

    i've just stumbled upon this and have a mag and sme I'd like to add to the links for the journal both 100 faith with decent channeling Aramisii, mag Rabidscab Sme I'll sail toons to border for a summon and leave priest on boat to summon them back if any slots are even left? please let me know before i make arrangements
  14. @ammarhelpe me with russian, need to write to my russian bride ie supra ^
  15. I think commentary is very much part of the spirit of the thread. It's also why i'm doing it. ever look at art unexplained..has one impact..having someone along that shares either a back story or feeling about it, adds totally more to the experience. that's my thinking. yes I loved the work in that in the way i loved hannibal lecter not cause i love pscyho killers but because he was so masterful at what he did. The illustrations are so disturbingly accurate I love the genius behind the work, but scared outta me pants about the truth of it all. I get you. I think others enjoy the comments too , so don't hold back. I'll look at your link as well. keep sharing great music and great thoughts..after all music is and expression of feelings and thoughts through sound..this is what they are communicating to us..just different medium.
  16. rare open helm iron, 1.5s if you accept, COD to mobius
  17. I would like to add some merely to link for journal although i have a vyn with 99 channeling i'd not mind getting the mind logic bump from casting with Following need journal quest done. Ritual of Sun Rabidscab: smeagain 100 faith need link only Aramisii : Magranon 100 faith need link only Holey Crop, Bhuta: Nahjo 100 faith need link only Forestmonk: Fo 100 faith can be supplied if numbers insufficient to cast right goals already met Sassypants: Fo 100 faith can be supplied if numbers insufficient to cast right goals already met Rite of Spring mossfauna: paaweelr 100 faith need link only silky: vyn 100 faith 99channeling Rite of Death Xsuccubusx: libila 100 faith need link only mondain: Tosiek 100 Faith need link only Glasse: Nathan 100 faith need link only please pm if these are being hosted, as i'm quite busy playing all over the place if rl is not attacking me
  18. @AmalunaAye that gut ripping pain of that poem and performance. It had me remember a very obscure yet highly creative way to express love poems, a true story from one love who lost another and lost in the desert. It's set to somewhat Bhangra style yet each portion of the poems are read by different celebrities. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but it certainly is very unique and deeply inspirational beautiful. This is the wrong setting, and daring risk as such to post it here, but perhaps a silent few will listen to it and be taken by it. Admittedly you have to be in right state of mind. I tend to think of incense , heavy warm air filled with herbal and floral fragrance mixed with the creosote in the telephone poles, heated motor oil , tire rubber, and detritus from nearby roads in the dark of the night. Lights off a must, flowing diaphanous drapes flicking like a candle light in the shift of the breeze flooding in from outside. If you have a sleeping porch or screened porch with daybed or lounge even better. could be a nice offering for those newly in love when the passion is all consuming and gripping and enrapturing.
  19. Well now this, i've found to be likely the most provocative of illustrative work in a very long seems a nod to the devastation of capitalism and or over consumption or greed and it's fall out. not that i'm subscribing to the thinking , yet hailing the artwork..for that all really should watch this a few times..each illustration is great. the very first one had me think of @Votipand his lust for micky D's at the cost of premm in wurm.
  20. @Amalunathis is crazy, like everyone has stepped up the game of choice and editorial. goods strings and cello or base. oh wow hypnotic, and such a fiesty carnivorous vocal on the lead..truly could listen to this in a I crazy, it makes me feel in love!! oof call me Geike Arnaert i'll try my best to learn dutuch and flemish dammit!! I listened 4 times and i feel all giddy and ardent! She has an authentic believable sexiness to her voice, looks, music. I better call upon my friends potatoeonstick, alyeska, and chlodevech for language finesse. @Amadeemmmm a great hip swivel back beat to this I love this..there's some jamaican, zydeco fusion with one of my favor obscure groups of a deep forest sound. I LOVE THIS @Prideso rich like the a rangpur vodka tonic and lil later small cordial of grand marnier. great horns strings n keys and her voice is luscious the way velvet cake is, thank you for that offering.
  21. unable to download in my country, video unavailable message. I"m in the US